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Jonas Jerebko could see time at small forward this season

Since his successful rookie season filling in for an injured Tayshaun Prince at small forward, many have longed to see Jonas Jerebko back at the position he played so well that season. MLive’s David Mayo reports we’ll see just that this season … kind of:

The biggest factor that could prompt more opportunities for Jerebko at small forward is if a rookie center plays well enough to move Greg Monroe to power forward and Jason Maxiell to the bench.

In that setting, the option of using Jerebko at small forward could give the Pistons one of the biggest front courts in the league, particularly “in certain matchups, when he’s going against bigger threes in this league, from (Paul) Pierce to (LeBron) James to (Carmelo) Anthony,” Frank said.

Until one of the young centers emerges as a starter, Frank would have to be comfortable using Charlie Villanueva or Austin Daye as his first power forward off the bench before playing Jerebko extensively at small forward.

So basically, one more reason to root for Andre Drummond or Slava Kravstov to break into the starting lineup immediately.


  • Oct 12, 20121:48 pm
    by Otis


    This whole discussion of “Will anyone bump Maxiell to the bench?” and “How far out of position should guys be playing?” (and anything else that revolves around trying to compensate for the roster imbalance we’ve enjoyed for going on five years) reminds me of that classic sexism in the workplace quote where an executive tells a modestly-dressed secretary that she isn’t using all her assets.

    I trust that Coach Frank will, above all else, attempt to put a team on the floor that is going to win as many games as possible this season. Personally I hate that mentality, and I don’t think winning games this season should come at the cost of future growth (which it certainly will, given our roster composition and Frank’s tendency to lean heavily on veterans). But one area where I’m not too worried about is this one.

    This team just plain won’t be “using all its assets” until Maxiell is moved to the bench (or preferably traded). Apparently he can help you go almost .500 over the soft part of a schedule in a starting role, but if you pardon the pun, we’re not maximizing or assets with him in that role. Likewise with Jerebko playing full time PF. He’s always been a SF, he’s more comfortable there, and he only ever played out of position because our roster is imbalanced and full of holes. You can probably afford to mix and match him at PF, but his default position should be SF.

    Personally I’m crossing my fingers that over the course of the season the Pistons truly “use all their assets” and end up with a rotation that keeps guys in position and in the roles where their skills are put to their best use. It’s all you can really ask for this season. Including manipulating the roster to acquire more assets. A trade or two is sorely needed to maximize what we have, because there’s too much role player talent to fit into one rotation, and we sorely need an impact player or three.

    • Oct 12, 20122:24 pm
      by Crispus


      I agree with most of these sentiments. It’s pretty imperative that we unclog the roster by trading some of our unneeded players for draft pick(s). This way we can have enough room in the rotation to really evaluate our bubble guys and see if any of them really blossom. All the Singlers, Dayes, Charlie V’s Jerebkos (and to an extent T-Wills and Flynns) just kinda hang around and tantalize, but don’t get enough playing time to see if they could be stars (not superstars mind you) because they are behind Prince, Maggette and Maxiell, who have ceilinged out. I realize that we are bringing Knight, Monroe and Drummond along, but I think there might be more there. We might as well go young if we are going to rebuild.

  • Oct 12, 20122:50 pm
    by Vic


    This is going to be a good move… He’s quicker now, and can start to really be counted on to hit that 3 ptr

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