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John Hollinger: Greg Monroe is one of the league’s most underrated players

John Hollinger of ESPN.com previewed the Detroit Pistons this week, and in this video segment, discusses why Greg Monroe is one of the league’s most underrated players.

Here’s Hollinger’s light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel overview of the Pistons:

Meanwhile, the roster still looks overloaded with combo forwards and shoot-first point guards who pound the shot clock into oblivion. It’s glaringly lacking in terms of shooting without Gordon, and now looks very iffy depth-wise in the backcourt.

The good news it that Detroit has a genuinely good building block in Monroe, and that the two huge seven-footers the Pistons added should allow him to play more at power forward and spare him some of the physical mismatches that gave him trouble as a center.

Hollinger also discusses the merits of the Pistons essentially replacing Vernon Macklin with Slava Kravtsov:

I didn’t agree with the decision to let Macklin walk, as he had a fairly positive rookie season for a late-second round pick. But the interest in Kravstov is understandable. He comes from a low-level European league but posted good numbers there and his size is an obvious asset. The Pistons didn’t have a true center a year ago, but between Kravstov and Drummond, they now have two seven-footers to help protect Monroe inside.



  • Oct 26, 201212:04 pm
    by frankie d


    hollinger also added these gems:
    Joe Dumars seems re-energized by this whole GM thing after a half-decade run of baffling awfulness that began with the Chauncey Billups-Allen Iverson trade and culminated in the twin disasters of Gordon and Villanueva….”
    “…Instead, veteran retread Damien Wilkins played 922 minutes off the bench for a rebuilding team, in one of the year’s more puzzling personnel developments…”
    good to see others have been as perplexed by some of the pistons’ “baffling” and “puzzling” moves over the last decade.
    i just hope that joe d is truly “re-energized” and ready to move forward.  so far, the signs have not been promising.

  • Oct 26, 20122:24 pm
    by tim


    uhm, losing ben gordon will hurt our shooting?  Am I missing something here? 

    • Oct 26, 20122:30 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Gordon made 40 and 42 percent of his threes the last two seasons. He underachieved and was nowhere near worth his contract, but he was also the Pistons only natural 3-point shooter. They have no real perimeter threat with him gone, other than Knight, who hits threes but he’s also streaky. They need a true floor spacer/spot-up shooter like Gordon, just hopefully not one they’re paying $12 million per season for.

  • Oct 26, 20122:51 pm
    by Mark


    ya know I had forgotten all about Macklin. But with all this talk about Drummond outplaying Maxiell and deserving his starting spot…Is there any question that Macklin would also have been outplaying Maxiell for the backup spot, once Drummond gets the start?

    I don’t get why they just let walk a great rebounding young big man with prototypical size. How great would a rotation of Monroe/Drummond/Macklin/Kravtsov been to watch this year?

    They would’ve owned the boards. Instead we got undersized Maxiell and undersized Jerebko, along with 6-11 SG’s Daye and CV.

    wtf are they doing over there? 

    • Oct 26, 20123:23 pm
      by tarsier


      Dumars has always felt overshadowed by Thomas. He was never able to make as much of a household name of himself as Thomas did during their playing days. And now he has seen how well known Thomas became as a result of incompetent GMing and Dumars is trying to see if he can catch his former teammate in that area at least.

  • Oct 26, 20123:43 pm
    by frankie d


    yep, they do need a legit 3 point shooter.
    i guess that means that a guy like kim english, who at least shows that he might be able to fill that role, will be glued to the bench, except for garbage time. 

    • Oct 26, 20124:17 pm
      by tarsier


      And then over the summer, Dumars throws 8 digits at OJ Mayo.

      • Oct 26, 20124:19 pm
        by Patrick Hayes


        Oh no, Mayo is the prototypical Dumars signing, isn’t he? I’d never even considered that. You just ruined my day. I know this is totally going to happen now.

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