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Greg Monroe mentioned as breakout player, Pistons as surprise team by Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated compiled a list of preseason predictions from its NBA experts, and the Pistons got a couple of mentions. Lee Jenkins selected Greg Monroe as his breakout player:

The list of skilled centers in the NBA doesn’t include more than five names, and Greg Monroe should be one of them. Monroe is not enormous by league standards — 6-foot-11, 250 pounds — but he is shockingly nimble. In only his second season, Monroe led the Pistons in points, rebounds and even steals, but received little recognition because his team was such an afterthought. The Pistons won’t be much better, but they drafted 270-pound power forward Andre Drummond, who should command some attention and free up Monroe to produce even more.

Chris Mannix picked the Pistons as his surprise team:

Much of the Pistons’ success hinges on the backcourt of Brandon Knight and Rodney Stuckey, as well as Corey Maggette’s not souring the mix. But if things fall right, Detroit could sneak up on some people. The Pistons have a rising star in Greg Monroe, and rookie Andre Drummond’s strong preseason suggests that he is ready to pair with Monroe in an intimidating frontcourt.


  • Oct 29, 20122:50 pm
    by DasMark


    It’s a smart pick. They’ve consistently gotten better through the draft, Monroe had a large leap from year one to year two, and figures by many to make the jump to allstar status this year. Knight is showing promise, and Stuckey looks healthy. Then, everyone is loving Drummond and his highlight reels right now. 

    Detroit is going to break out one of these seasons. I don’t think it will be this year, but I’ll be pleasantly surprised if it happens.  

    • Oct 29, 20123:28 pm
      by TheDude


      It will happen, it might take a few weeks to get on track tho, that schedule…. Also if the team is headed in the right direction and not lottery bound, there’s a good chance a trade at the deadline could make this a playoff team.

      • Oct 29, 20129:01 pm
        by DasMark


        No question the team is heading in the right direction. But, I don’t know if they’re going to have the plucky breakout underdog season yet. 

        Knight doesn’t look quite there yet. Their entire bench hasn’t shown much consistency. And I think we’re all drinking the kool-aid for Drummond.

        Like I said, I would love it if they ended up being a surprise playoff team, but I wouldn’t bet on it being this season. If I had to bet, I would say next season is more likely, hopefully Detroit proves me wrong.  

  • Oct 29, 20124:13 pm
    by Oracle


    Interested in seeing if the Pistons try to swing assets like Maggette’s/Daye’s/Maxiell’s expiring contracts for a younger starting SF.  For instance, if Memphis underperforms and looks like they’ll miss the playoffs, will they be willing to part ways with Gay’s big contract?  The pistons have the cap space and the need.

  • Oct 29, 20124:21 pm
    by bugsygod


    HA HA Patrick more postive news for the Detroit Pistons!  I know you hate to write about the positives, look a little bit harder im sure theres some negative news for the pistons you can write about!  Continue your hate PistonPowered or should it be called Haters from PistonsPowered.  LAMES!

    • Oct 29, 20124:28 pm
      by Corey


      I rather doubt they run a Pistons fansite because they hate the Pistons. I think the most they can fairly be accused of is “tough love” or occasional pessimism. 

      And if you don’t have ANY pessimism after the last few years, you’re not a Pistons fan – or at least not one who cares.

    • Oct 29, 20125:28 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      “Continue your hate PistonPowered or should it be called Haters from PistonsPowered.  LAMES!”

      Man, your blatant trolling attempts are even more feeble than your earnest comments. You’re like the Charlie Villanueva of commenting.

      • Oct 29, 20128:27 pm
        by Holy Crow


        I have no part in this foolishness.
        You bet me that Ben Wallace would be a Piston by the trade deadline and if he isn’t, then I will be a contributing editor, or if he makes the team will disappear.

    • Oct 29, 20125:49 pm
      by tarsier


      The ultimate example of confirmation bias… when you can take a positive post as evidence that  the site aims to report on just the negatives.

  • Oct 29, 20125:01 pm
    by Al


    The Pistons test will be early on, road trip out west with all contenders! If they can win one or two of those I think it will mean alot going forward with the season confidence wise. Cant wait to see how the first couple of weeks undfold and get  better idea of the 2012-13 Pistons

  • Oct 29, 20127:20 pm
    by Gary


    Lets see here. The Pistons are a young team that could have one of those “they don’t understand exactly what they’re doing” kind of years in terms of going to the playoffs. At the end of the day Indiana is probably the favorite in the division, Milwaukee is good but not exactly consistent, Cleveland is still a player or two away from the playoffs, and Chicago will be missing Derek Rose and while they are good without him they aren’t contender good without him so they are vulnerable. The Pistons have a potentially dynamic young front court and their back court will work itself out.

    • Oct 29, 201211:59 pm
      by tarsier


      Unlike the NFL, in the NBA divisions don’t much matter. Yeah you play the others in division a little more than other teams. But not so much as to strongly affect the difficulty of you whole year’s schedule. And being division champion is not as big a deal either as there are essentially 5 wild cards instead of 2.

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