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Forget Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Austin Daye and Charlie Villanueva’s competition to be Pistons’ stretch four actually most important race of fall

Well, the Pistons’ stretch-four competition has come down to the wire. With only tonight’s preseason finale against the Hawks remaining, Austin Daye and Charlie Villanueva are neck and neck.

Villanueva has taken a slight lead so far, shooting a red-hot 1-of-16 on 3-pointers this preseason. However, Daye, who’s literally shooting infinitely worse from the beyond the arc than Villanueva, could still pass Villanueva by channeling his inner Reggie Miller and shooting 1-for-7 game against the Hawks.

The ending of this competition should be dramatic, even if the prize – the title of the Pistons’ stretch four – probably won’t come with a rotation spot. Before we settle in to watch the final battle between these outside-shooting  heavyweights lightweights paper weights, let’s recap how we got here:


  • Oct 26, 20121:08 pm
    by Jodi Jezz


    lol!! I love the title to this article…Go vote 2012!

  • Oct 26, 20121:17 pm
    by Keith


    Oh wait, we are voting who wins the title? I thought we were voting them off the team, a la Survivor. I was way off.

  • Oct 26, 20121:27 pm
    by omar



  • Oct 26, 20121:34 pm
    by Domnick


    who misses more.. is the WINNER :) LOL!
    i was laughing hard when i saw the graph?! WHAT THE HELL! they are the worse players in the NBA RIGHT NOW hehe

  • Oct 26, 20122:09 pm
    by sebastian


    I get the satirical vein of this thread, but truth be told this topic is no laughing matter.
    These two bums are occupying major space on the roster. One-sixth of the roster is wasted, if you consider there are only 12 players, who actually will wear warm-ups during any of the 82 games.

    • Oct 26, 20123:14 pm
      by tarsier


      Hopefully they’ll be among the 3 not suited up, not among the 12 suited up.

  • Oct 26, 20122:28 pm
    by vic


    Look at this chart

    According to wages of wins preseason data, the Pistons top 6 players are:
    Andre Drummond
    Brandon Knight
    Corey Maggette
    Viacheslav Kravtsov
    Khris Middleton
    Kyle Singler

    Then look who the last 2 players on the chart are.

    • Oct 26, 20123:20 pm
      by tarsier


      Just wow.

      And the only Pistons Tay is ahead of are those two and Kim English. 

    • Oct 26, 20123:23 pm
      by sebastian


      Didn’t Gores add some, nerdy statistician to the Executive staff. last year? You would think that Joe, Gores, and the guy who heads the Pistons analytics department would have the insight to figure out where the dead weight on the roster exist and together find a way to rid OUR roster of such ineptness.
      I bet the Nuggets, current management would find a way to flip trash into something worthwhile.

  • Oct 26, 20122:30 pm
    by vic


    This is so funny. Competing for a position that doesn’t even really exist on a good basketball team.

    • Oct 26, 20123:17 pm
      by tarsier


      It existed on the Magic team that made it to the Finals. So there is nothing about a stretch four that can’t be on a good team. It could even fit with these Pistons given their lack of three point shooting and how good the rest of the roster should be at rebounding. But the stretch fours the Pistons employ are just so, so bad.

      • Oct 26, 20124:40 pm
        by vic


        Dwight Howard is a freak of nature, and the centerpiece of their offense AND defense. Not just big, but nimble, and scores easily on offense and changes or rejects everything that comes in the paint on defense. There’s about 1 of those centers every 20-30 years. 
        That’s why I say the stretch 4 is a non-position. It was based on 1 guy, for 1 team – Dwight Howard. And they didn’t even get a championship. 

        its fine though you don’t have to agree with me, that’s just my opinion. 

        • Oct 26, 20125:38 pm
          by tarsier


          I do understand they are the exception, not the norm. And I would typically rather have a traditional four than a stretch four. But that doesn’t mean it can’t work. The best stretch fours in the league are Love and Dirk and you’re kidding yourself if you don’t think either of them could be the best player on a championship team.

          • Oct 26, 201210:29 pm
            by Vic

            True, but Dirk is a superstar, not a role player. And he won with a super mobile defensive center, if not an offensive one.
            Kevin Love is a superstar, but he hasn’t won anything yet… Until he gets a mobile highly defensive center I doubt he’ll win.

            A stretch 4 as a role in itself without a superstar – I don’t think it works.  

          • Oct 27, 20127:12 pm
            by tarsier

            I agree. but primarily because players in any role without a superstar are a long shot to win it all.

  • Oct 26, 20124:41 pm
    by Otis


    My guess is only one of them (probably CV) suits up and neither is in the rotation for any significant stretch. Our rotation right now looks like a very predictable: Knight/Bynum, Stuckey/English, Prince/Stuckey, Max/Jerebko, Monroe/Drummond.

    Calling Daye a four of any kind is a cruel joke, and the less said about CV the better. 

  • Oct 26, 201210:10 pm
    by tarsier


    And CV ends the preseason 1-17 on the one thing he’s supposed to be good at.

  • Oct 28, 20122:14 am
    by CityofKlompton


    Words cannot express how much I love this graphic.  Secondly, words cannot express how disappograde this graphic makes feel.

  • Oct 30, 20126:54 pm
    by ASwede


    Seriously, this is the funniest post I’ve ever read here – and I’ve read a few…

    The stats are so overwhelming, and yet we keep these players. Doesn’t make sense.   

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