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Early star of Pistons camp? Slava Kravstov

The Pistons have two young centers on the roster who are intriguing prospects. But unlike Andre Drummond, Slava Kravstov has professional experience, and that appears to be showing early in training camp. Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News pointed out Kravstov’s physicality on display:

Goodwill also listed Kravstov among his early standouts. David Mayo of MLive wrote that Kravstov is winning over teammates, despite a language barrier:

But his initial reaction, when asked who has stood out to him among the newcomers, came quickly.

“I like Slava, man,” Stuckey said.

“You watch film and, pretty much, it doesn’t lie.  And what I saw on film is actually what he’s doing,” Stuckey said.  “But he’s still got to acclimated to things, get acclimated to the NBA game and whatnot.  But he’s only going to get better and I’m happy to have him on the team.”

Perhaps the Pistons have been more sold on Kravstov’s ability to contribute immediately than they’ve led on, which could explain why they’ve been in no rush to find a roster spot for Ben Wallace.


  • Oct 3, 20128:58 pm
    by labatts


    Well, I don’t want to get too excited — yet –, but I like that our best guard likes the new big man.  Chemistry at those two positions goes a long way.

  • Oct 3, 20129:31 pm
    by Vic



    • Oct 3, 201211:12 pm
      by gmehl


      I wish Joe used WYSIWYG when he had all that cap money. When he signed BG & CV it was more hoping and praying than WYSIWYG. Actions speak louder than words especially over a sustained period of time. Not just a good playoff run (looking at you BG) or contract year (looking at you CV).

    • Oct 4, 20128:20 am
      by vic


      i agree partislly. i think he did get what he saw, but he was hopong and praying that you could win basketball games with soft 3 poinf shooters…. obviously a fail plan. soft 3 point shooters lose games

      • Oct 4, 20129:04 am
        by gmehl


        I think Joe was at the very least hoping to hit on 1 of the 2. To have both signings become busts was his worst nightmare. I remember that article where Joe was saying how the league was changing where you need stretch 4s and combo guards on your team to be successful and that your traditional no longer exist. I just think Joe put all his eggs in the one basket without considering the consequences. I could’ve understood him going after 1 of the 2 but both just showed the money was burning a hole in his pocket. Anyways enough of the past and i am just hoping that he learnt valuable lessons with those mistakes and it makes him a better GM moving forward.

        • Oct 4, 201212:56 pm
          by vic


          agreed. biggest lesson learned – just because things are trending doesn’t mean things are changing.

        • Oct 4, 20121:28 pm
          by tarsier


          And nobody reasonable would have predicted how bad BG was. I never thought he was a great player. But I did believe he was a very good shooter/scorer. For the Pistons, he wasn’t even that.

  • Oct 3, 201210:35 pm
    by Vince


    Is there any footage of Slava at camp/training or an interview? I know theres one at Pistons.com but its fairly boring.

    I’ve seen interviews and/or photos of everyone from camp except him.

  • Oct 3, 201211:21 pm
    by Mark


    As much as I want Drummond to start from Day one, Slava is likely the more ready of the two. And if Drummond isn’t ready, I’d much rather see Slava start over Maxiell opening night.

  • Oct 3, 201211:50 pm
    by Holy Crow


    My mother said there are two kinds of people in the world, Ukrainians and people who wish they were Ukrainian.

  • Oct 4, 20122:06 am
    by TANNER


     Yes Sirrrrr..!!!!!!!!! Slava will start, AD will play but slava is ready right now. I beg money on that.

  • Oct 4, 20122:11 am
    by TANNER


    I Bet money on that. lol.!!!!! not beg

    • Oct 4, 20129:41 am
      by XstreamINsanity


      Beg in one hand and you know what to do in the other.  :)

      Slava will start eventually, but I’d almost be willing to bet one of my free McDonald’s Medium Fries (from the monopoly game) that you’ll see the season start with the same starting lineup of BK, RS, TP, JM and GM.  Slava will be in the starting lineup probably within the first 20 games. 

  • Oct 4, 20129:53 am
    by Corey


    Maxy may start, and continue to get substantial burn or even start through the trade deadline. By the trade deadline, though, we’ll have Slava starting and Drummond as the backup center. Next year, those roles may reverse and Drummond may start to start starting.

    • Oct 4, 20121:24 pm
      by revken


      Rec’d for “start to start starting.”

      • Oct 4, 20123:41 pm
        by XstreamINsanity


        Come on, you know we can’t rec here.  :)  But I agree with the sentiment.

        • Oct 4, 20127:37 pm
          by freywagg


          you especially can’t phantom rec to make fun of people’s grammatical mistakes here!

  • Oct 4, 20123:38 pm
    by Keith


    Hopefully this solves two of our problems at once. Drummond needs time on the court, but he’s probably not ready for heavy minutes or to take on NBA starters right away. At the same time, we have been forced to play our non-defender big man (Monroe) at C because we literally had nothing else going on. If we can slide Slava in early next to Monroe, it gets cuts down on the minutes necessarily given to Maxiell/Villanueva while at the same time keeping C minutes open for Drummond.

    • Oct 4, 20124:52 pm
      by Scott Free


      Man I hope thats how it works out!

  • Oct 4, 20125:08 pm
    by Perpetual Pessimist


    He reminds me of a young Bill Laimbeer, but with a higher ceiling due to his defensive presence. All-star in a year?

    • Oct 4, 20125:21 pm
      by tarsier


      i’m trying to decide if you are being sarcastic. i feel like you have to be. or you’re a troll. but one never knows with commenters on the internet these days.

  • Oct 5, 20129:23 am
    by danny


    Slava will be an amazing big man, mark my words.  I do not think his offense game will get more than 4 ft bunnies but that is not what is needed from him at the moment.  I think this is joes insurance plan incase drummond doesnt pan out.  Drummond will become a freak though.  I have a feeling if motivated he can become dwight 2.0

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