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Detroit Pistons 18th in initial Yahoo! power rankings

I’ve commented a few times about the slightly more positive attention the Pistons have received from national media this offseason compared to years past. Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports, however, might have the most positive outlook yet, putting the Pistons at No. 18 in his initial power rankings:

18. Detroit Pistons (25-41 last season): Forward Greg Monroe and rookie center Andre Drummond give the Pistons a talented, young tandem inside – and maybe make them a surprise playoff contender in the East.

Unfortunately, fans have yet to see much of that talented young tandem actually see the court together as a tandem. Hopefully that happens as soon as the regular season opens.


  • Oct 25, 20129:51 am
    by MNM


    Im not an “insider“, but John Hollinger has a piece on espns homepage about Portland and Detroit rebuilding. Do you have access to what he said about them?

  • Oct 25, 201210:26 am
    by tarsier


    If the most positive projection by an outsider puts the Pistons at 10th in the East, that sure makes the playoffs feel like a long shot.

    • Oct 25, 201210:37 am
      by neutes


      the playoffs ARE a long shot

      • Oct 25, 201211:38 am
        by tarsier


        I agree. But perhaps I should have said that these journalists are making them sound more like a pipe dream. And I don’t believe the dds are quite that slim.

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