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Corey Maggette, distributor of nicknames

Jeff Seidel of the Detroit Free Press has a great column on Andre Drummond — including allusions to some sort of secret go-to move Drummond has developed. But this passage stuck out to me:

Maggette has grown close to Drummond. And if you get close to Maggette, he gives you a nickname.

“His nickname is Pimp Juice,” Maggette said. “And he calls me Sea Drizzle, and then I call him Bee-Dizzle.”

Frankly, we have no idea what that means. But it sounds like a good thing and Maggette has become Drummond’s mentor: “This is a guy who is 19 and is still learning this game. He needs somebody around him. He needs a big brother, and I’m going to help anyway I can.”

I don’t think anyone’s initial reaction to the Pistons acquiring Corey Maggette had him pegged as a mentor to the team’s young players, but if it works out that way, all the better.


  • Oct 2, 20125:22 pm
    by bball4224


    Maybe Maggette will win over everyone’s hearts and we’ll keep him instead of trading him and then at the end of the season resign him for a more reasonable deal.

    But considering all of our SFs, I doubt it lol

  • Oct 2, 201211:08 pm
    by gmehl


    Pimp Juice?? Sea Drizzle?? Bee-Dizzle?? Seriously this sounds like babies talking to each other. Might as well be goo goo gah gah. I for one would of prefer that Monroe was mentoring him or if he gets signed Big Ben takes him under his wing.

    • Oct 3, 20121:39 am
      by Prof. M'Guganu


      You took the right out of my mouth on both accounts. lol An interesting story nonetheless.

  • Oct 2, 201211:33 pm
    by Keith


    I actually kind of like that guys like Maggette and English have taken Drummond under their wing. For one, both guys will probably be on the bench a good deal, and will have more time with him there and off the court. I certainly hope Monroe and Drummond can forge a friendship, but Monroe has the weight of the entire franchise on him right now, and his own shortcomings (defense) to work on.
    Coaches are around for a reason, and we shouldn’t be expecting Monroe, Wallace, or any other teammate to be the one indoctrinating Drummond with new techniques. Drummond seems coachable, so let him be coached. Of the court, when changing venues and a rich young lifestyle can create significant opportunities for making bad decision, that’s when good friends and teammates can make the biggest positive impact.

  • Oct 3, 20127:17 am
    by jae


    i love the bond there, i think that you all are a bit ignorant

    • Oct 3, 20129:40 am
      by Craig


      Exactly, its just team comradery. Its something thats done all over sports. As far as Cory Maggette being a role model/big brother thats great. Cory has the type of hard nose play you would want ANY big man to take after. If not for injury he would of had a more famed career.

  • Oct 3, 20127:26 am
    by Derek


    I like the bond.  I like the silly nicknames.  There’s a considerable age difference between Maggette and Drummond, but that hasn’t stopped Mags from condescending and communicating with Drummond in a way that makes him relatable.  Drummond seems to be playful, the silly nicknames make their relationship accessible on a big brother level.  That’s nice for chemistry. 

    I hope Drummond takes up the Maggette/Wallace work out plan.  Time to go into beastmode!!

    • Oct 3, 20128:17 am
      by tarsier


      Do you know what condescending means?
      Hint: it’s not a positive thing 

      • Oct 3, 201210:33 am
        by XstreamINsanity


        lol.  I thought the same thing when I read that.  :)

  • Oct 3, 20129:32 am
    by Brian S


    Just like to point out that Maggette shares a similar story to Drummond.  Both top-notch athletically gifted guys who played one ‘disappointing’ year of college basketball compared to expectations who were then ‘under-drafted’ because of it.  This may especially make him an effective mentor.  If Drummond makes it to the degree that Maggette did (while starting from a higher ceiling to begin with), I think we’d all take it and be happy!

  • Oct 3, 201211:34 am
    by Derek


    Good question!  Yes I know what the word condescend means.  I am also aware the word has both negative and positive denotations (“strict dictionary meanings”).  I am using the word in this sense: to put aside one’s dignity or superiority voluntarily and assume equality with one regarded as inferior.

    I could have stuck with the word accessible, but that didn’t come to mind until later in my post.  Sorry for the confusion.  I didn’t mean it from a negative sense.


    • Oct 3, 201211:52 am
      by G


      There might be positive & negative denotations, but the the connotation is purely negative. I’ve never heard it used in a positive way because everyone associates that word with the negative definition. Strictly speaking, it’s exactly the word you were looking for going by the positive definition, but unfortunately the negative definition gets in the way.

      • Oct 4, 20121:00 pm
        by Derek


        Right.  So we agree there are both positive and negative formal definitions applied to the word.  And I’ve explained my usage of it to make sure others understood I meant in the sense of being accommodating or accessible.  Beyond explaining my intent, I can’t control the frequency in which the word has been used negatively.


  • Oct 3, 20122:41 pm
    by George


    I hate Duke Basketball as much as the next, but they seem to always seem to pump out quality professionals.  As a school, they seem to be selective of the kids they recruit, in that they are not only solid ball players, but bright, well spoken guys.  I am sure a guy like Corey will be a great influence on Andre.

  • Oct 3, 20123:07 pm
    by Jonathan


    Calling someone “Pimp Juice” passes as mentoring?

  • Oct 3, 20123:35 pm
    by Holy Crow


    Actually, “Pimp Juice” is a term used by the poet Langston Hughs analogously to mean phenomenal upside, and Sea Drizzle, and Bee-Dizzle are two characters in a Zora Neale Hurston short story, used to illustrate metaphorically the passing of the torch from an elder to his usurper.
    Pretty heady stuff for media day, of course it went right over the heads of most journalists… and most sports fans as well…

    • Oct 4, 20121:02 pm
      by Derek


      Wow!  I didn’t know that.  That’s pretty cool information.  I’m a big Langston Hughes fan.

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