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Charlie Villanueva’s arms will look different this season

Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press noted that not only did Charlie Villanueva embrace a new offseason workout regimen, he added some body art:

After going almost his entire life without any ink, the 6-feet-11 power forward’s arms have turned into a canvas for a tattoo artist.

After getting his first, he couldn’t stop when he realized it didn’t hurt that much.

“I waited so long because I didn’t know what I want or exactly what I wanted to do,” Villanueva said at media day. “At the same time, once I did one, I thought it was going to hurt a lot more. I actually liked the pain, which is kind of weird so I was like keep going.”

Ellis reported that Villanueva looked at his tattoos partially as a ‘new beginning.’ Hey, if that works, more power to him. The Pistons certainly need some scoring off their bench and Villanueva has the ability and, in a contract year (wishful thinking on my part, sorry), should have the motivation to provide it.



  • Oct 2, 201210:45 am
    by waulie


    If only CV was in a contract year.  He’s not, though.

    Tats are one way to transform a body I suppose.  And, they do hurt less than working out.

    • Oct 2, 201210:48 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      You’re right … my fault on the contract year. Got ahead of myself.

      And yeah, tats are fine I guess. Most athletes would choose ‘muscles’ if they were looking to transform their bodies, but hey, to each their own. 

  • Oct 2, 201212:35 pm
    by RyanK


    This could be a contract year for him.  If he has a good season, he can opt out and seek a long-term deal…unlikely, but it is his option.  If he has a career year, it might represent the best time to structure a new contract instead of waiting another year which might be a disappointment.

    • Oct 2, 20125:43 pm
      by labatts


      For godsake, don’t let this happen.  Dumars will resign him for sure.

  • Oct 2, 201210:51 pm
    by gmehl


    Ha ha. I wonder if he is gonna get a Krispy Creme tattoo

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