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Can Andre Drummond bounce back against the Bobcats?


  • Teams: Charlotte Bobcats (1-3) at Detroit Pistons (2-3)
  • Date: October 20, 2012
  • Time: 7:30 p.m.
  • Television: Fox Sports Detroit

What to look for

I don’t think there’s a single Piston more intriguing this preseason than Andre Drummond, the young potential star who is still very raw. He showed more of his inexperienced side in Detroit’s last preseason game, but as Patrick wrote, that present an opportunity:

I’m most interested in seeing how Drummond responds to this game. It should be said that it is great progress for Drummond that he’s raised expectations for himself already to the point that an average outing can be considered a bit sub-par for him. Sometimes, a young player struggling a bit can snowball and become a prolonged thing. Veteran players generally rebound quicker. If Drummond comes back with another strong performance in Detroit’s next game Saturday, that will be a good indication that he’s ready to seize that starting job.

There’s also the matter of Corey Maggette. Keith Langlois of Pistons.com:

Maggette played just two minutes of the first quarter Thursday when he pulled up lame near mid-court and limped to the bench. His lower leg was wrapped, wires running from the leg into his waistband likely connected to an electrical stimulation device to expedite healing, as he walked gingerly to Arnie Kander’s training room after Friday’s practice.

Lawrence Frank declared him “day to day,” though it would be an upset if Maggette is back in time for Saturday’s home preseason game with Charlotte. If it’s a typical calf muscle injury, two weeks would be about as soon as Maggette could be reasonably expected to return, with some injuries of that type lingering considerably longer than that.

If Maggette is truly day-to-day, he might play – or even just dress – today, but I doubt that happens. Any injury is potentially serious for someone Maggette’s age who has his recent history. If he somehow plays – or even dresses – tonight, that would be mighty comforting about his durability.

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Queen City Hoops


  • Oct 20, 20128:13 pm
    by Vince


    Well… Knight is torching them. Jerebko looks confident with his 3PT shot… and it goes down! He’s pretty much the “stretch 4″ the Pistons wanted, laters CV and Daye.

  • Oct 20, 20128:29 pm
    by Vince


    Oh dear lord is that a DaJuan Summers sighting?

  • Oct 20, 20129:16 pm
    by Ray


    Drummond looks so much better with starters….and the Starting Unit looks better with Drummond in there …. Its silly not to put the most productive players on the floor together … Drummond is NOT Harden … No reason to save him

    • Oct 20, 20129:19 pm
      by gmehl


      Who cares if he starts as long as he gets minutes with the starters at some point. Looking at him play we really were blessed for him to drop to 9th. Thank you lord :-)

      • Oct 20, 201211:55 pm
        by Mark


        The problem is he’s not playing with the starters at all. Maybe 8 min total this whole preseason.

        Thats why fans are angry  

  • Oct 20, 20129:49 pm
    by Day and Knight


    How in the hell did we let these scrubs comeback and tie the game 73-73? Time to sit Mr. Liability out (Charlie) and put Drummond in to close this game out!

    • Oct 20, 20129:58 pm
      by Vince


      Agreed, the minute Kravtsov went off the defensive presence dropped significantly. CV is shooting 1-16 from 3 and he’s still putting it up, he’s not playing D and I’m pretty sure a piece of chewing gum can outplay him. I’m getting frustrated with Frank’s rotations. Put Drummond/Max or Slava back out there.

  • Oct 20, 20129:56 pm
    by Ray


    Exactly …Drummond went out..Charlie went in…no defense stoppers and bobcats 11-0 run ….and out rebounding went down …

  • Oct 20, 20129:57 pm
    by Day and Knight


    Wow…even after the timeout Charlie is still in the game…Frank sucks. Preseason or not no way do I want to watch us lose to the duckin bobcats. Idk how much longer I’m gonna be able to watch this mediocre mess of a team without just sayin duck it and start watchin sports things on tv 

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