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Brandon Knight, Rodney Stuckey, Kyle Singler stand out in otherwise underwhelming Pistons performance

76  Recap | Box Score  95
Jason Maxiell, PF 24 MIN | 1-2 FG | 0-0 FT | 4 REB | 1 AST | 2 PTS | +6

Maxiell had another OK game. For a reserve. But he’s still the starter.

Tayshaun Prince, SF 23 MIN | 3-10 FG | 2-3 FT | 3 REB | 2 AST | 8 PTS | +1

Prince continued to struggle this preseason. He is shooting just 17-for-50 this preseason.

Greg Monroe, C 28 MIN | 4-12 FG | 3-5 FT | 4 REB | 2 AST | 11 PTS | -6

Monroe shot poorly and was man-handled both offensively and defensively by Nikola Pekovic.

Brandon Knight, PG 33 MIN | 2-8 FG | 2-3 FT | 6 REB | 3 AST | 8 PTS | -5

Good – Knight had just one turnover in 33 minutes. Also good – he’s been an effective rebounder this preseason. He had six tonight and is averaging 4.3 per game for the preseason. Knight wasn’t great tonight, but he took care of the ball, and in a game where most of the team looked awful, that gets him a fairly high grade.

Rodney Stuckey, PG 25 MIN | 6-13 FG | 8-8 FT | 4 REB | 1 AST | 21 PTS | -1

Stuckey was the best player on the court for Detroit. That wasn’t saying much tonight, but he would’ve been even if his teammates had played better. He looked like the Stuckey we were accustomed to when he was healthy last season, getting 21 points on just 13 shots. If he’s that efficient once the season starts, the Pistons have a great chance of getting off to a better start.

Austin Daye, PF 8 MIN | 1-3 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 1 AST | 2 PTS | 0

Daye got some cursory minutes in this game, but if Lawrence Frank is indeed tightening his rotation these last two preseason games, Daye is not in it. He shot 1-for-3 tonight, and that actually raised his preseason percentage.

Jonas Jerebko, PF 14 MIN | 0-4 FG | 1-2 FT | 0 REB | 1 AST | 1 PTS | -22

Jerebko was active as always, but he didn’t play well. With Prince struggling, it would’ve been nice to see Jerebko excel in a game like this to put some actual pressure on the incumbent small forward. Didn’t happen though.

Andre Drummond, PF 9 MIN | 0-3 FG | 0-0 FT | 2 REB | 0 AST | 0 PTS | -9

It’s hard to grade Drummond tonight because he inexplicably only played nine minutes. He didn’t do any better against Minnesota’s front line in the first half than Detroit’s starters, but he certainly wasn’t doing any worse either.

Kyle Singler, SF 25 MIN | 3-4 FG | 3-5 FT | 4 REB | 0 AST | 11 PTS | -20

Singler continues to show that he’s a smart, fundamentally sound player. More importantly, he’s now 4-for-9 from 3-point range this season. If he continues to shoot the three, he’ll make a strong case for a rotation spot.

Viacheslav Kravtsov, C 13 MIN | 2-2 FG | 4-8 FT | 2 REB | 0 AST | 8 PTS | -7

Kravtsov didn’t get minutes until the second half, giving the impression that he might not start the season in the regular rotation either, but he got a few garbage baskets and was active. He still is what he is … big, mobile and physical. He’s not skilled on offense, but he’ll finish if he gets the ball around the basket.

Will Bynum, PG 22 MIN | 1-5 FG | 2-2 FT | 3 REB | 2 AST | 4 PTS | -24

Bynum didn’t shoot well, turned it over twice and didn’t play as well tonight as he has in other preseason games this season.

Kim English, SG 15 MIN | 0-4 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 0 AST | 0 PTS | -8

English had his worst game of the preseason, missing all four of his shots. I’d guess that he and Khris Middleton, who didn’t play, are probably competing for one rotation spot, so we’ll probably see Middleton get his chance to make a final impression on Friday.

Five Things We Saw

  • Lawrence Frank isn’t winning any friends with his lineup choices. I don’t know why he’s been so hesitant to go with a lineup of Knight-Stuckey-Jerebko-Monroe-Drummond, but fans desperately want to see it. It seems like we’ve seen every other combination this preseason except that one. I’m sure Frank has a reason for it, but it has been a long time since the Pistons had five promising young players at once. It would be great to see them all on the court at once.
  • Stuckey got it going tonight. He came into this game shooting 36 percent for the preseason, so a 6-for-13 performance is a welcome sight. The Pistons desperately need him to get off to a good start this season.
  • The Pistons are still weak inside. I shudder to think how lopsided this would’ve been had the Pistons had to guard both Pekovic and Kevin Love if he were healthy tonight. Pekovic did whatever he wanted offensively and his physical defense flustered Detroit’s bigs, particularly Monroe.
  • Knight’s lack of turnovers is a great sign. After having a few high turnover games through the first five preseason games, Knight now has just two turnovers in his last 36 minutes. He still needs it to carry over into the regular season, but I think it’s clear he’s worked hard at his two biggest weaknesses — passing and taking care of the ball.
  • Yes, we are testing out a fancy new recap format. Don’t worry, the long-winded recaps you’ve grown accustomed to on PistonPowered won’t go away completely. But we look at this format as a way to get some quick-hitting thoughts up after the game, then we can save our longer-form stuff for the morning when it’s warranted, after we’ve had a chance to process things more and hopefully be more organized and less rambly. This also will eliminate our ‘check back for updates’ tag we inserted in our recaps after games. You can check back once after the game and everything will be there. Let us know what you think, positive or negative.


  • Oct 24, 201211:26 pm
    by gmehl


    I love the new format guys. That is about the only thing i like about today’s game though. Also i know it is far fetched but has anyone else maybe thought that Frank wants to save the Knight-Stuckey-Jerebko-Monroe-Drummond lineup for the regular season?? Or that just me hoping and praying in written a format ;-(

    • Oct 24, 201211:36 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      I share your sentiment, but I doubt that’s the case. Frank just strikes me as an overly cautious dude. Hope that changes really soon.

  • Oct 24, 201211:30 pm
    by Day and Knight


    I may or may not have asked this before (I can’t remember) but Jason Maxiell: would he start on ANY other team in the league? I think not…that is all

    • Oct 24, 201211:37 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      He might give Big Baby a run for his money in Orlando, but yeah, I can’t think of another team that would start him or even come close to starting him.

      • Oct 25, 20121:15 am
        by Day and Knight


        I understand Drummond is a rookie and still raw, but a raw rookie gives us more of a chance to win than Maxiell…hell, when Tyrus Thomas is a better player than our starting PF then you know we’re in trouble. If we were in a position to win then fine whatever but I don’t see this team as an above .500 team especially since our PF and SF are useless. The youth movement needs to start! Stuckey, Knight, Jerebko, Drummond and Monroe should be our starting 5. I think that lineup gives us the best chance to win and be more exciting.

  • Oct 24, 201211:34 pm
    by Bruce


    Love your format and insightful commentary!

  • Oct 24, 201211:38 pm
    by Vince


    I like the new format, it focuses on all the players. Kravtsov, Singler and Stuckey were the only bright spots tonight, and I agree with the general concensus, I’d love to see Knight – Stuckey – Jerebko – Monroe – Drummond together.

    Disappointing game, they need to improve a lot if they want to compete for a playoff spot. 

  • Oct 24, 201211:50 pm
    by Chabvis


    How did you watch the game?

    • Oct 24, 201211:53 pm
      by Vince


      You could find it online, espn linked it during the game’s gamecast.

    • Oct 24, 201211:53 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      I didn’t watch much. Had a feed for a bit then lost it, so had to listen to the radio broadcast and also followed some Minnesota guys on Twitter who were at the game.

    • Oct 25, 201212:05 am
      by Andre


      If you go to different forums usually someone will paste a working link to a feed.

  • Oct 24, 201211:52 pm
    by TTots


    Personally, I loved the rambles.  But maybe that’s just me. This new format is cool too however.

    • Oct 24, 201211:55 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      The rambles won’t go away completely … we’re just trying to be more strategic with them. For the games that warrant deeper analysis then this new format provides, we’ll do that in a separate post. This is just a way to get something up quickly with some analysis and allow all of you to comment. Also, the addition that I really like is that the stats/boxscore are all in there. That was something that was lacking in our previous recaps.

  • Oct 24, 201211:55 pm
    by MNM


    If they expect people to start driving out to the Palace, sooner rather than…much later, then at some point Drummond will have to start and Monroe won’t have to play out of position (it ain’t the lame 7minute halftime has-beens)..obviously winning games also helps, but if they play the young guys, then it will be more fun to watch..losing will continue but the young guys will grow and it will be more exciting than Maxiell and Tay playing heavy minutes. I mean, I won’t be driving out there, but watching it on tv will be more exciting.

    • Oct 24, 201211:57 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Yeah, I’m with you on this completely. I want them to do a good job developing Drummond, but at the same time, they have to realize they have an exciting player who can potentially sell tickets if you play him. That’s important too. Or maybe they’re just cool trying to entice fans with more MC Hammer concerts.

      • Oct 25, 20121:52 am
        by MNM


        Wait a second.. I thought it was just “Hammer” now..

      • Oct 25, 20124:31 pm
        by ray


        thought i said that already Patrick….its crazy

  • Oct 25, 201212:01 am
    by Andre


    Great Format!  

    This lineup is a joke.  I want to see Kyle start in place of Tay and I can’t believe Maxi is still starting.  If they think people are going to come out to watch Maxi and Tay in that starting lineup this year they are kidding themselves.  I just listened to Matt Dery jump all over Drummond and Jerebko on the radio for having bad games, but didn’t mention how bad that starting lineup is.  I know it’s preseason but I’m really tired of this same old song.

  • Oct 25, 201212:09 am
    by Holy Crow



  • Oct 25, 201212:53 am
    by frankie d


    unfortunately, it looks like we are going to be in for a replay of last year.
    with drummond adding a little bit of spice and intrigue to an otherwise dull and stolid and just less than average mix of talent.
    tay is killing the team.
    he just takes up space and minutes and shots that should go to younger, hungrier, more talented players.  and his presence prevents lots of possibly good things from happening: JJ at the small forward, singler getting regular rotation minutes, monroe sliding over to less-crowded PF spot, freeing up minutes and space for the russian and drummond.
    until tay is removed from the scene, this team is going nowhere.
    except maybe a delusional “fight” for the 8th playoff spot this year or next. 
    btw, there are a couple of sites that routinely show the pistons and all other nba games. 
    easy to find. 

    • Oct 25, 20123:57 am
      by gmehl


      There is definitely a domino effect with playing time with Prince on the roster. Deal him away and everyone gets some playing time. Speaking of Prince, does his silly one handed shot fake that he does on every shot annoy the hell out of anyone apart from me?

      I am just going to pretend that the T-Wolves game was the players just wanting the real games to begin. Yeah it sux they didn’t bring the proper effort needed but at the end of the day its the Houston game next week that really means something.

  • Oct 25, 201212:57 am
    by frankie d


    frank as an overly cautious coach?
    that has to be the understatement of the year.
    and the reason the team will continue to wallow in mediocrity – or something less than mediocrity – as long as he is the coach. 
    the fact that he continues to give such a prominent role to tay, despite what the numbers and his eyes should tell him, says everything that needs to be said about frank. 

    • Oct 25, 20121:02 am
      by Day and Knight


      Ya I’m not really feelin coach Frant. His starting lineup needs to change before I feel more confident in him as a coach…he’ll likely be fired in a couple seasons anyway at this rate

  • Oct 25, 20121:08 am
    by Oracle


    Like the new format. If the goal is to make it a quick read-friendly grade, maybe put all the grades in order? Position is fine too. Just my two cents.

    • Oct 25, 20121:20 am
      by bobby


      I’d like to see it by minutes played. then we know who had most impact on game and their score too. knickerblogger works with this format and it has been successful!

  • Oct 25, 20121:19 am
    by BIGMARV


    I like the format fellas idk if you have a moble app but if you do let me know if not you need one. I would like to read the pregame updates at work. I think Frank is trying to save his big guns for either the last preseason game or for the season opener vs the rockets. I really think hes about to make a wow move in the roster before the first game of the season next week, as my mother would say hold your horses!

    • Oct 25, 20129:18 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      Thanks Marv, and improved mobile and commenting platforms are definitely both on our agenda this season.

  • Oct 25, 20121:24 am
    by BIGMARV


    oh and btw idk about a grade on the players every game, maybe every 10 games would be fine because you really would have to do some hard judgement on the players night in and night out. I think the stats and the written recap on the players is good enough.

  • Oct 25, 20122:59 am
    by Mark


    I like the new format a lot. I liked the in depth reviews too, maybe have both? In any event grading each player every game is a good idea. 

    I agree on the starting lineup. Its becoming a joke at this point. As bad as they’ve played this pre-season – take out the CHA/ORL games and they’ve looked awful – for them to not even consider Monroe/Drummond/JJ/Stuckey/Knight once is a complete joke. Esp when they’ve tried every other possible combo 3x over.

    Frank is quickly buying his ticket out of town. If they continue to get blown out from the start with these starters, and he refuses to put thre best lineup out there he’s not going to be here long. Dumars may tolerate it, but Gores won’t. Especially when no fans are showing up.

    • Oct 25, 20123:03 am
      by Mark


      Fans will come out to see the above said starting lineup. Gores wants fans coming out. Fans won’t come out to watch Maxiell and Tay lose. If Frank continues this and is losing with his guys, Gores will quickly put an end to that and remove Frank from the equation. 

      Gores and the two Bob’s aren’t going sit back and lose money just to appease freaking Jason Maxiell and Princess Tayshaun. 

      • Oct 25, 20123:26 am
        by Tom Y.


        I don’t think anyone’s trying to appease Max, Frank’s just afraid to take him out because they played .500 ball with him starting last season. And they’re probably too locked on to the concept of bringing Drummond in slowly, even though he’s shown he can handle much more than they said. 
        Regarding Prince though, I’m beyond disgusted. He shouldn’t even have been re-signed, and now Frank has to start him to not embarass Dumars and/or risk him stirring more discontent. What a terrible signing that was. 

        • Oct 25, 20124:13 am
          by Mark


          Think about what you just said. “Frank’s afraid to take out Maxiell because they played .500 ball with him” 

          .500!! Not even a winning record with him!!

          I’m not calling you out for that statement, I know you’re just repeating the company line that the Pistons have given out as to why he’s starting, but this is a top 5 franchise. They are starting a p;layer that wouldn’t start on any other team in the league, all because he gives them the best chance to be .500. Are they really THAT desparate?

          Where’s the desire to be a WINNING team? They are basically striving for mediocrity is basically what that statement means. 

          .500 is what franchises like CHA strive for. Franchises that are 5th on the all-time championships list and one of the most storied in history don’t strive for .500. 

          • Oct 25, 20124:15 am
            by Mark

            They should be playing the guys who give them the best chance to win, not the best chance to be average.

          • Oct 25, 201211:59 am
            by tarsier

            “but this is a top 5 franchise”

            By what metric is Detroit a top 5 franchise? They are in a 3-way tie for 5th most championships with the Warriors and 76ers. So as a tie-breaker there, the 76ers have more Finals appearances than the Pistons who in turn have more than the Warriors. If we’re looking at all time winning percentage, Detroit is sub .500, if we’re looking at the most storied, league-defining players, Zeke is the only one in Detroit’s history. And he was definitely not a top ten all-time player.

            And I found three all-time franchise ranking articles (putting the Pistons at 15, 5, and 8). Obviously none of them are some sort of a final word on the subject. But they are evidence that you are probably somewhat off.




          • Oct 25, 201212:26 pm
            by Tom Y.

            .500 was relatively good at the time, compared to the previous year and the way that year started. Langlois really loves to mention it so they must see it as some kind of success. It’s also more or less what it would take to make the playoffs, which sounds like a measure of success to them. Therefore, I think Frank feels safest with Max in – maybe he’s afraid of slipping below .500.
            BTW, I was just trying to understand his motives, not support his decisions. I would personally move Max to the bench, ship Tay the hell out of town and go with Knight-Stuckey-JJ-Moose-Monroe. 

          • Oct 25, 20124:32 pm
            by Mark

            @tarsier -

            They are 5th all-time in wins -


            They are tied for 5th all-time in championships with PHI.

            How does that not make them a top 5 franchise? The two most important categories of judging a franchise – championships and wins – and the Pistons are among the top 5 in both. 

            GS does NOT have 3 NBA championships btw. And Philly’s last championship was 30 yrs ago. Thats like saying the Lions are a top franchise in the NFL because they won 4 championships in the 50s.

            The top 6 franchises historically are probably BOS, LA, CHI, SA, DET, and PHI.

            If you want to debate between 5 and 6 with DET/PHI, fine, but thats splitting heirs if you ask me.

            Considering DET has won multiple championships in two different eras since the 76ers last won one, DET gets the edge imo for #5. Anyone saying they are 8th or 15th is clueless and shouldn’t be writing about sports for a living.

          • Oct 25, 20124:45 pm
            by Mark

            @ Tom, no beef at all, I know were you just relaying what the Pistons explanation was for Max starting. peace

          • Oct 26, 201210:16 am
            by tarsier

            Being 5th in wins means a lot less when you’ve had more years to do it. If we could tack on 10 more 30-52 seasons onto the Pistons, would that make them a better all-time franchise? No. Winning percentage is way more important than all-time wins. And I recognize that Golden State does not have 3 championships, I never said they did. I said the Warriors do. Two of them were the San Francisco Warriors before they relocated.

            And a team that is 5th-7th or so cannot be called top 5. I would agree that the Pistons are a top 10 franchise because they are definitely in the top 10. One could make a case for 5th, but it would be a long shot. Besides Philly, you gotta include Utah, Portland, and Houston in the conversation.

            I will however give you that championships from long, long ago shouldn’t be valued as highly. That has nothing to do with the fact that they were won long ago, though. We are talking about best franchises of all-time, not best franchises now. But titles from several decades ago aren’t as impressive because the field was so much smaller once upon a time. Titles won since the ABA merger should all be valued nearly equally. The league was then at 22 teams which is fewer than the present 30, but not so much so as to make championships much easier to come by.

  • Oct 25, 20125:19 am
    by V.


    Love the new format. Much more efficient. 

  • Oct 25, 20126:43 am
    by t mitchell


    My self ,,, I would like to see, a front line of  Drumond center, monroe power forward…. daye small forward.. stuckey and  knight… prince off the bench, small forward, maxie , jonas power forward… frank coaching like he want to be out of detroit… so help him out of town … time to move forward..

  • Oct 25, 20126:52 am
    by Derek



    Two thumbs up on the format and the analysis!

    Keep up the good work!

  • Oct 25, 20127:08 am
    by @GPMasters


    Love the new format guys, as long as you promise to ramble a lot the next day! Cheers :)

  • Oct 25, 20128:01 am
    by vic


    did anyone notice that Tay and Max were the only players positive in plus/minus? did they do things defensively that othee pkayers didnt do? i didnt see much of the actual action

  • Oct 25, 20128:38 am
    by Ray


    I looked across the league on On Wednesday Night at all the Rookies…. and Out of all the rookies what will be part of the rotation….Guess who got the least ammount of minutes?

    IT MAKES NOT SENSE…. The most promising rookie we have had in almost 20 years, the coach wants to hold him back…. NOW!!! ITS STARTING TO FEEL LIKE DARKO ALL OVER AGAIN! 

  • Oct 25, 20129:17 am
    by Levi Thieman


    i like this new for mat because, if i understand correctly, this means we will have a chance to read two recaps of each Pistons game

    • Oct 25, 20129:27 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      Well, I would say some games will have multiple posts, but probably not every game … games like last night’s, for example, that don’t really require much delving into will likely just get one recap after the game. Games where interesting things happen that require deeper analysis, we’ll certainly continue to do that.

  • Oct 25, 20129:33 am
    by D. Stewart


    Personally, I thought we’d end up with the exact same starting lineup as last season even before the pre-season began.  Lawrence Frank strikes me as the kind of coach who talks a lot about spots being up for grabs, but in reality has his starters set in stone.  Not a lot different then the Pistons’ last several coaches really.  A lot of rah-rah and a lot of ”everybody starts out equil.”  Yet when the smoke of the pre-season clears, it’s the same old, same old.  For my money, you start (and rebuild around) Knight-Stuckey-Singler-Monroe-Drummond.  That’s your nucleus for the future.  With Jerebko, English, Bynum, Middleton and Kravtsov rounding out the bench-rotation.  Hopefully Max, Prince, Daye and CV still have some trade value because I don’t see any of them as being part of the Pistons’ future.  Knight-Stuckey-Singler-Monroe-Drummond.  That’s it.  Grow some balls and get on with it.

    • Oct 25, 201212:11 pm
      by Nathan


      Great lineup.  You are right on.  Singler is their future long term at SF as he is an all-around player that will always give maximum effort and can shoot the heck out of the ball.  He just needs the NBA mintues to get the NBA confidence.  Knight to me is not that good yet.  The way Brandon JEnnings just worked him in their preseason matchup was quite telling to me.  I think KNight will be a good starting NBA guard but not great.  I like you line up idea and the sooner the better.  I don’t know why they signed prince for multi year at this stage with this team.  Great work.

  • Oct 25, 201210:03 am
    by tarsier


    So in this format, are the players in any particular order?

    • Oct 25, 201210:11 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      I think it’s just organized by starters/bench, so the first five are the starters. Not sure if the bench is in the order they came into the game or not. I can play with the format and see if I can organize it in a way that makes more sense though. Still a work in progress.

  • Oct 25, 201210:33 am
    by sebastian


    There has got to be someway in this age of Social Media for US fans to present/direct OUR displeasure in mass to the Pistons brass with L. Frank’s continued insistence on starting Maxey and Tay, instead of Dre Drummond and Jerebko.
    It is a shame that empty seats at the Palace and a shitty start to season may the only way to convey OUR collective dissatisfaction.
    By the time, OUR Pistons are 5-15 after the first 20 games, it will be to damn late!
    Please excuse my profane choice of words, PistonPowered. :-<

  • Oct 25, 201210:34 am
    by Scott Free


    For a team with no incumbent starters, Tayshaun has to watch out. I’m not jumping into the chorus of “trade Tay” naysayers. He was instrumental in the Piston’s championship and showed loyalty to them during a time when so-called fans were retreating back to their lions forums. 
    With that said, I don’t think his play is indicative of a starter… and frankly, Jonas Jerebko has been playing relatively well at the 3. 
    We all know what Jonas brings to the court: energy, hustle, and extra possessions.  Jonas plays the passing lanes, runs the court, rebounds, and scraps for every loose ball.  On offense, he has a habit of disappearing, but can score reliably off of hustle plays, he finishes well in transition, and can hit the periodic 3 (at least as well as Tayshaun).  He does all of this without a single play being run for, and few run through, him.
    The biggest knock against JJ starting, was his inability to defend the leagues premier SFs (which is, unfortunately, true) … the most recent Miami game should have proven Prince isn’t any more capable in this regard, however.
    But the main reason I think Prince should step aside, is something the two of them have in common: Their ability to influence the tempo of the game.  While Tay tends to slow down play (Isolayshaun may be over, but he still lags in transition), Jerebko sets a fast pace for he and his teammates, from the moment he steps on the court.  Detroit has a tendency to start slow and play catchup against superior starting lineups.  That aggressive style tends to rub off on other players.  The Pistons can’t win on being more talented… they never have.  This team has to win through hard work, garbage buckets, and MOST importantly: EXTRA POSSESSIONS.  Thats something which Jerebko brings, which Tayshaun simply doesn’t.  
    P.S. Sorry for the novel.
    P.P.S. Love the new format. 

  • Oct 25, 201210:42 am
    by Moe


    Why did Andrea Drummond only play 7 minutes? Is there injury I am not aware of????

    • Oct 25, 20124:33 pm
      by Mark


      No, there’s a mental defect in the coach though.

  • Oct 25, 201211:19 am
    by Georgio


    I think the main case to be made for Drummond starting is that it allows Monroe to be guarded by a power forward instead of a center. Monroe struggles with long, athletic and big strong centers. Last night Pekovic would have been guarding Drummond freeing Monroe to operate against probably a smaller player. If they switch then Monroe could move out and start lobing to Drummond over a smaller player. At least you have options. On opening night against Houston, Monroe with be guarded by Asik, a long athletic defender, Prince will be guarding 6’10 Chandler Parsons and Max will be guarding 6’8 Patrick Patterson, each will be at a disadvantage. With Drummond in the lineup, that puts Asik on him and Patterson on Monroe who he should be able to have more success against. Hopefully Frank sees that Monroe will be much better with Drummond at his side than Max. 

  • Oct 25, 201211:58 am
    by koz


    Maxiel scored 2 pts, grabbed 4 rebounds in 24 minutes and thats a C? Wow! What new low standards has this team sunk to. He’s been in the league what 7 years now, has developed no reliable offensive move in the post, and he’s a starter and playing against Minnesota in the preseason and thats it? That is all you get from a guy who’s major responsibility at this point in his life is to play a game of basketball? With that size and length and strength that’s all you get? 10 points in a quarter? That’s so awful. And CV don’t even play? He’s even worse. What a pathetic competitor that guy is. He should be ashamed of himself for taking that money and taking the organization for the ride he has. These spoiled prima donna athletes want performance incentives in their contracts, guaranteed money for what? He should lose that contract for under-performing and allowing his crap to persist on this team I say humiliate and humble this guy off the team, make an example of him as what not to do, he is so lucky and takes it all for granted, talks BS every year and then sucks worse than the year before. Again 10 points in a quarter against the t-wolves. Maybe the coach is on whatever CV, Daye Maxiel and the rest of those bums are on. This team will go nowhere playing boring predictable ball like this. I wonder what a coach like Alvin Gentry could do here.

    • Oct 25, 201212:02 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      He gets a C in comparison to most of the rest of his team, which played awful. Maxiell’s defense was OK and he didn’t do much that prevented the Pistons winning, like take and miss an ungodly number of shots.

  • Oct 25, 201212:17 pm
    by Otis


    I like the new format. And ever once in a while when a game warrants it you can use the essay format.

  • Oct 25, 20124:44 pm
    by ray


    Lawrence Frank is killing me…..he has 2 players that have been clearly outplayed……his answer is “stability” PUHAHAHA!!!! Get out scored, and defend poorly but “Stability”

    • Oct 26, 201210:09 am
      by Tom Y.


      There’s also a new piece now on the Pistons’ website about how there actually may not be a steady rotation after all, which somehow seems to mean the starters are entrenched and guys like Drummond and other rookies will continue to see fluctuating minutes… :(

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