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Ben Wallace reportedly not expected in Pistons camp without a roster spot

The saga of Ben Wallace and whether or not the Pistons will find a roster spot for him continues, but Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News shed some light today. Wallace could be in training camp like players Jonny Flynn and Terrence Williams, who are on training camp non-guaranteed contracts. But while those players failing to make the roster would tear at no sentimental heart strings, Wallace is another matter. From Goodwill:

I’m still hopeful the Pistons do make a roster move to clear a spot for Wallace to return. But that tweet from Goodwill also makes it seem like a longer shot the Pistons will make room for Williams or Flynn — if they can’t clear a space for Wallace, who reportedly wants to play, I would think that finding a spot for Williams and/or Flynn would be a lower priority.


  • Oct 1, 20122:46 pm
    by Oracle


    I wouldn’t assume adding Ben would be a higher priority than Flynn or Williams.  There’s a youth movement going on, and adding a vet at a position of depth doesn’t seem to be the direction the pistons are heading in.  The pistons lack point guard depth, so I could see trying to open a spot if Flynn performs well. 

  • Oct 1, 20122:58 pm
    by Mark


    idk about the Ben situation affecting TW/JF. Its sounding like the Pistons really don’t want Ben back. I think they rather give his minutes to the young guys – Drummond/Kravtsov – plus think they don’t want to be forced into making a move they may not want to, just to make room for a 1yr playing playing only 10 mpg.

    The TW/JF thing, if they made a move to open a spot for them, it would be because they see longterm potential in them.

    I will say though if they do make a move to clear a spot, and then use it on TW/JF instead of Ben, that might be aa little insulting to Ben. But I think he understands the teams goals to get younger and don’t think he’d be mad. I’m sure there are lots of contenders that would take him for the vet min if he wanted to play another year.

    • Oct 1, 20122:59 pm
      by Mark


      *1 yr player playing only 10 mpg

  • Oct 1, 20124:00 pm
    by ASwede


    Youth movement is great, but I think they will be rather lost without some vetaran presence. Not only on the court, but also in the locker room and at practice. Ben has – and would – provide just that. Just listen to the way Jonas spoke of him and how he mentored Moose.

    At this point htere are so many inexperienced, young players on this team they would greatly benefit from some veteran role models. And Ben is just that. It is well worth clearing a spot for him, if only for a year, the make the other 14 players better. 

    • Oct 1, 20124:06 pm
      by oracle


      At this point, I’d rather have another 2nd round pick.  To the rest of the league, this has to be as ridiculous as Juwan Howard trying to pick up another contract with the heat.  At some point, youth should be served.  The aged vets can’t keep taking roster spots and minutes forever for leadership.  Lead from the bench as an assistant coach.

    • Oct 2, 20128:28 am
      by tarsier


      Lost without some veteran presence? Even if that made any sense, they’ve got Prince, Maggette, and Stuckey. How many vets do you need to not be lost?

      I have nothing against the idea of bringing back Ben. But if it is to keep the rest of the team from being lost, there is a much larger problem that needs to be addressed by more than a one year band-aid. 

      • Oct 2, 20128:39 am
        by tarsier


        And I even forgot about Maxiell, Villanueva, and Bynum when discussing veterans. You may have problems with some of these guys. But nearly half the team has been in the league for 5 or more years.

  • Oct 1, 20124:03 pm
    by Talan


    I say we’ve seen the last game of Big Ben. We just have more depth at the 4-5 now. He could still help our team, but to what end? He did take over few games defensively last year and that was fun to watch, but it’s time to move on. Good luck in law school Ben!

  • Oct 1, 20124:11 pm
    by Talan


    To discuss the veteran role model view, I don’t think we have a young undisciplined team who needs any more leaders. Monroe, Maxiell, Bynum, Tayshaun, Stuckey, Magette, even Knight is very disciplined. Rookies don’t have to look far to see a solid professional example. Frank and staff and all the way up to the owner hold the players accountable and present a professional example. Big Ben had his final game sendoff, let it be. Bottom line is, I doubt the pistons make a roster spot for him.

    • Oct 1, 20124:58 pm
      by ASwede


      Agree it is not an undisciplined team. Quite the opposite – the work ethic from Monroe and Knight are impresseive. I was referring to experience that comes from having been around. You can’t teach that.
      Tay, Max and Magette are the only one on the list (along with CV on the roster) who’s played for more than 5 years. Tay and Max and Stuckey (as a rookie) are the only ones who ever been deep in the playoffs. Monroe and Knight are superb, but they’ve been in the league for 2 and 1 years respectively. My point was that I’d rather bring in an experienced veteran with a ring for a year than stock up with more rookies.

  • Oct 1, 20125:39 pm
    by Lake Side Live


    When people talk about the need for another point guard I remind them that Terrence Williams was once considered a point/forward.  When he was unleashed the last two months of his rookie season he average 5.6 assists 7 rebounds and 14 points.

    Even the coach who would eventually put him in the dog house and get him traded, Avery Johnson, had this to say “Terrence’s versatility to score, post-up smaller guys, initiate our offense for us then play off the ball…you can do more things with him.”

    Some people say he’s a head case but when he started clashing with Johnson he was coming off a misdiagnosed groin injury and an injured hand.

    With regular playing minutes (20 min per game) in Sacremento he averaged 8.8 pts 4.1 bounds and 3.1 assists.  I’d like to think this showed he could be a contributor as did the fact Sacremento wanted to bring him back but had salary restrictions.

    I know I’m looking through rose colored glasses, but a super athletic point/forward on this team, i just can’t help it.  As for the salary just eat Daye’s he gonna get it anyway. If we could eat Rips salary 2 years ago for nothing lets do it for Williams.

    • Oct 1, 20126:56 pm
      by Talan


      I really like Terrence Williams too. I fear that he and Flynn will not make the cut not simply because of contract reasons, but for loyalty reasons as well. Guys like Tayshaun and Daye are “our guys.” Management has invested time and money into the incumbents and it will be near impossible for them to give up on our guys even if they are being outplayed. 

      Another problem may be that TWill doesn’t do anything particularly well. In fact, thinking about it he is pretty similar to Stuckey. If he had a good jumpshot he might stick somewhere. 

      I’d love to get both he and Flynn here on minimum deals, but we’d have to get rid of some folks on our roster and I just don’t see that happening. 

  • Oct 1, 20127:12 pm
    by Otis


    The thing that I don’t like (above all else) is that Tayshaun is supposedly here for his veteran presence more than anything, and he’s standing in the way of younger, better options, costing $8 million bucks a year and under contract well past his prime. Meanwhile, our entire future depends heavily on the development of Monroe and Drummond (and Knight). We don’t have a steady veteran presence to guide Knight (and, really, another year under Chauncey’s tutelage would have done Stuckey a world of good, for that matter), but it looks very much like we had a chance to bring back a fan favorite veteran presence who could aid tremendously in the development of two of our three biggest building blocks at a reasonable price for one season, and we’re not going to.
    And all this for a hodgepodge of mediocre talent that we couldn’t make a sensible rotation out of anyways. Maxiell is going to be our starting PF, and Ben Wallace is moving on. It doesn’t make any sense.
    The only POSSIBLE sense that could be made of this is if we were to make moves like trading a productive Maxiell at the deadline for something useful, or if Slava turns into an important part of our core, but I’ve seen too much of Dumars to believe that’s going to happen. Max is going to come off the books next summer, and Slava is going to amount to a solid backup center who stays for the two years he’s under contract and walks. Joe doesn’t know how to roll over assets.

    • Oct 2, 20127:24 am
      by gmehl


      I was about to add my 2 cents worth but then i read Otis comment and it’s all pretty much what i wanted to say. Well said my man. I am hoping that Joe will get better with rolling over assets though. Its hard to roll over assets that are spare parts but a perfect example would of been trading Prince to Dallas for that 1st rounder when they wanted him. We would’ve had his $8mil per year free and maybe and Jerebko and Daye filling the 4 spot. 

  • Oct 1, 20127:21 pm
    by Tiko


    3 spots better be made available. Buyout Magettee, send Middleton to D league, trade Daye to anyone willing to give us a 2nd 

    • Oct 1, 20128:54 pm
      by Nate


      Players in the D-League still count towards the 15 man limit. No reason to buy out Maggettee this early. At least give him a chance to show if he does or doesn’t have anything left. He could prove to be an asset if English isn’t ready to contribute at the 2 early on.

    • Oct 1, 20128:59 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      What Nate said. Sending Middleton to D-League still occupies a roster spot. Maggette, if healthy, has trade value. No reason to buy him out now. If he’s a problem in the locker room, injured or sucks by mid-season, the maybe it becomes a different story. And there might not even be a market for Daye even for a second rounder. He’s making around $3 million this year. That’s a lot of commitment for a team to take on for a player who, at this point, looks like a bust.

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