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Basketball Jones writer picks Pistons as least watchable team, obviously hasn’t seen enough Andre Drummond yet

I freely admit that, to non-Pistons fans, the team has been no picnic to watch the last few seasons. They’ve been one of the slowest teams in the league, they haven’t featured any players who provide the type of individual highlights that typically attract fans from other NBA cities to watch or at least be intrigued by lottery teams and the team has been full of pricey veterans who have either been malcontents, under-performed their big contracts or both. So I’m guessing those are the memories Andrew Unterberger had in mind when he ranked the Pistons 30th on his list of most watchable teams on League Pass this season:

30. Detroit Pistons (Last Year: #27)

Yeah, I was talking about the Pistons up there. You could probably argue that all that stuff — mostly the lottery trio of Greg Monroe, Brandon Knight and Andre Drummond –means they should be a couple slots higher, but eh. It’s still the Pistons, a team that hasn’t been relevant in five seasons and wasn’t all that much fun even when they were good. If they prove that last season’s second-half surge was legit, then they can easily climb higher, but this team has been too lousy for too long to just be “entertainingly young” anymore.

I have a feeling that if highlights like this, this and this continue into the season, the Pistons will be considered one of the more fun young teams to watch by the end of the season, even if they aren’t winning that much.


  • Oct 25, 20122:09 pm
    by RalphHau


    With due respect to coach Frank, I believe that Maxiel has no business on the starting lineup.  Andre D must start regardless on how many mistakes he makes.  He must experience every team early on so as to build up on that self confidence and experience.  We can’t win with a small lineup.  Another take is that when Prince is in the lineup, the team seems to want to play slow.  It was reported that this team will be must faster than any other team we’ve had.  If so, take out Prince (bring him off the bench) and insert Singler and move the ball quicker.  Finally, coach Slava so that he keeps the ball high.  Every time he gets the ball down low, he gets stripped.  He seems to be playing too tentative, he needs to get in there and mix it up.  I love this team and it has much more to offer than it’s showing.  DETROIT BASKETBALL!!!!

  • Oct 25, 20122:14 pm
    by RalphHau


    Oh yeah, forgot one other thing and that is to make Charlie V, the first big off the bench.  Give him playing time and he can be deadly from 3.  He can also play strong inside if you show trust in him.  Give him a chance to show what he can do, and not just for a short time.

    • Oct 25, 20122:23 pm
      by Keith


      CV has never been good here, no matter the minutes or confidence. Joe thought he would be a great 4 when he was signed, and we tried to play him that way. He failed… miserably. There’s no reason CV should even step on the court at this point. His outside shooting is wildly overrated. He has has exactly one year where he shot above league average from 3. Whereas his defensive indifference and inability probably can’t be overstated if you tried. He is a stretch 4 that doesn’t stretch the floor, doesn’t do anything a big man is expected to do, and is an abomination defensively.
      If the Pistons have any intention of winning or developing players, they should keep CV as far away as possible.

  • Oct 25, 20122:19 pm
    by Keith


    I hate to sound like such a pessimist, but this is probably the most accurate thing I’ve read about the Pistons from an outside source. We do play a maddeningly slow pace, and Drummond may not be a starter or even heavy contributor for much of the season (despite our greatest hopes). We were boring to non-fans even when we were winning.
    There has been a distinct lack of flair and seemingly active decision to play a bad offense. Part of it is a distinct lack of teambuilding and personnel, but I also think it’s part of Joe D’s supposed hard working ugly win culture. I’m not sure Joe D wants the team to be exciting. For all his greatness, he was primarily a defender, a hard worker who put the team first, who didn’t care about mucking up the game as long as it resulted in a W. That’s a fine philosophy for a bunch of veterans competing for championship, especially a bunch of veterans that all came in with a chip on their shoulder, with something to prove, who didn’t care what they had to do to prove it. It’s entirely different with a bunch of possibly exciting rookies who were lottery picks, who were expected to be great, who aren’t ready to put aside dreams of grandeur.

  • Oct 25, 20123:13 pm
    by vic


    A pass first pg would help too.

    Ball movement makes for fun basketball.

    Taking turns dribbling into multiple defenders and jacking is not fun looking basketball, especially when they miss. 

    • Oct 25, 20123:22 pm
      by Keith


      We have at least three players in any starting lineup that can move the ball well, even if not at an elite level (Knight-Stuckey-Monroe). If they weren’t coached to dribble out the clock for no friggin’ reason, and instead to pass the ball around until they actually created an opening, we might not see as much idiotic one on five play from our non-superstar players.

  • Oct 25, 20124:05 pm
    by Mark


    well, I was going to agree with him, given that you;d have to be crazy to be a non-pistons fan and choose to watch losing basktball with Maxiell/Tayshaun playing big minutes.

    But, then he said he didn’t even enjoy watching them when they were good, so he obviously just doesn’t understand or appreciate the game of bball. As the ’00′s Pistons played some of the most enjoyable bball to watch from a purist standpoint.

    This writer should just save his money and  sign up for the MSG betwoprk package so he can watch “stars” hog the ball and jack up jumpshots all night and be entertained. 

  • Oct 25, 20124:57 pm
    by danny


    Then how are the kings, warriors, or wizards ahead of us?  All these teams have been much worse for much longer.  Oh well I never take these “experts” opinions espeically SI or espn.  People need to remember what they say is not a fact its their stupid opinion. 
    With that being said I hope we pick up the pace a bit.  I think next to knicks and some other teams we have some of the best running bigs out there. 

    • Oct 25, 20127:41 pm
      by tarsier


      how exciting a team is will inevitably not be fact. it is, by definition, an opinion.

  • Oct 26, 20121:00 am
    by Otis


    I voluntarily watch this team, know the players, and freely admit it’s among the most boring teams in the league. If I lived anywhere else I fully believe I would consider it the most boring. I love the point that when we were good we were still boring! LOL But the biggest problem for me is how slow and painful the rebuild has gone, and how this team looks a whole lot like the one that put me to sleep 66 times last season. This team needs a lot of help, and too few Pistons fans seem to acknowledge that. Having ten rotation quality players doesn’t make a good team, even if they’re mostly young finally.

  • Oct 26, 20124:19 pm
    by Max


    Just another example of the media hating the Pistons.   The proof is that he says the Pistons weren’t fun to watch when they were good.    People just don’t like fundamentals and defense. 

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