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Austin Daye could begin his rotation push against Heat


Due to Fox Sports Detroit feeling the need to do a special postgame show for the Detroit Tigers clinching a World Series appearance, the Pistons game will be shown on a delay on FSD. AS if that’s more important than a NBA preseason game.


  • Teams: Detroit Pistons (2-2) at Miami Heat (1-2)
  • Date: October 18, 2012
  • Time: 7:30 p.m.
  • Television: Fox Sports Detroit

What to look for

Austin Daye is shooting 3-of-14 this preseason, including 0-for-5 on 3-pointers. Not to be overly dramatic, but time is running out for Daye to prove he belongs in the rotation to begin the regular season. Lawrence Frank has said he’ll use the final two preseason games less as a chance for players to prove themselves but more for the players who’ve already proven themselves to work out the kinks. So, Daye has only two more games to show his worth, including tonight.

That said, the Miami Heat could be elixir Daye needs. He’s had a few of his best games against Miami for reasons I can’t pinpoint. I don’t think there’s anything about how the Heat match up with Daye that favors him, but perhaps it’s a self fulfilling prophecy. If he believes he’ll play well against Miami, he’ll play well against Miami.

It’s tough to see Daye making the rotation, period. It would seem nearly impossible if Daye doesn’t have a strong showing tonight.

Read about the Heat

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  • Oct 18, 20127:22 pm
    by freywagg


    Lol at headline. Daye is good in summer league, Miami, and in Detroit (but only against Miami).

  • Oct 18, 20127:55 pm
    by Vince


    So… does that mean if T-Will plays more minutes than Daye tonight we can expect him on the roster? *crosses fingers*

  • Oct 18, 20128:46 pm
    by apa8ren9


    I actually convinced my buddy who was pissed they didnt take Ty Lawson ( a sentiment by a lot of you on here) that Austin Daye was a good pick ’cause at 6″11 he would be able to rebound and cause matchup problems because he could shoot the lights out.  Boy o Boy was I wrong.   I was a fan and have been betrayed.  The sooner he is gone the better.  Just seeing him lowers my enjoyment of Pistons basketball. What a disappointment.

  • Oct 18, 20129:57 pm
    by Vince


    lol. Daye goes for 0-6 and he was +8

  • Oct 18, 201210:06 pm
    by Mark


    Frank’s now wasted 5 preseason games with these wacky experimental rotations/lineups. And if he still thinks this starting lineup gives him the best chance to win after another abysmal start tonight — basically spotting the champs 10 pts on the road — then he should be fired for ineptitude. 

    Whats going to be his excuse about not starting Drummond now? The other day he said he had only played good against bad compeition. Tonight he goes into MIA against the Big 3 and puts up 9/8 in 18 min off the bench.

    Maybe Frank’s master plan is to develop the greatest bench player of all time… 

    • Oct 19, 201212:28 am
      by freywagg


      did you catch the five fouls in less than 20 minute? I’m as into Drummond as anyone, but tonight displayed a fantastic “excuse” to not start Drummond. You don’t want him in early foul trouble caused by going against smart, talented veterans. If Drummond is subbing in early and regularly, there’s not a lot to lose from not starting him.

  • Oct 18, 201210:09 pm
    by Mark


    5 games in, the only thing we’ve learned is this rotation is a complete mess. And now only 3 games left to figure it out. No set starting lineup that works. No cohesive rotation. No chemistry.

    The bench has been the only unit that has looked halfway cohesive this preseason. It makes you wonder if Frank cares more about his 2nd unit than his starting lineup. Because he seems perfectly content with that 5 some that keeps starting, no matter how bad they continue to look.

    • Oct 18, 201210:11 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Drummond wasn’t very good tonight. His stats look OK because he did better in the second half, but he picked up five fouls in nine minutes in the first half and struggled when the Heat had their main guys on the court.

      I don’t necessarily disagree about your point that he should start. But tonight was definitely not the game that proved that argument. he looked like a raw rookie for the first time all preseason in this game.

      • Oct 19, 201212:44 am
        by Mark


        I wasn’t surprised to see Heat players get star calls over a rookie. Other than that he looked good to me, at least by comparison to the rest of garbage we put out there.

        In all honesty the whole team stunk tonight, but Drummond was the lone bright spot to me. After MIA started the game scoring in our paint at will 8-10FG, Drummond entered and I think they went 1-6 FG thereafter. He was definitely an upgrade over what Max/Moose were doing defending the paint. Once he started getting whistled for every little contact though, the refs basically eliminated him from the game defensively. As he had to play timid the rest of the way to avoid fouls.

        Regardless, there is still no case to made against Drummond NOT starting after tonight, because all you have to do is look at Maxiell’s stats for proof that AD should be starting.

        Maxiell 2 pts, 5 rebs, 1-5 FG in 20 min and terrible paint defense.

        Its not just what Drummond is or isn’t doing, you have to weigh it against what Maxiell is doing too. Maxiell doesn’t just get a free pass to stink.


        • Oct 19, 201212:52 am
          by Mark


          Lets keep in mind MIA is the best defense in the league, one of the best I’ve ever seen the last few years, tbh. They make veteran superstars look like rookies at times.

  • Oct 18, 201210:27 pm
    by Al


    Yikes!! Very hard to watch tonight. They looked confused and often somewhat frustrated. Knight had way to many turnovers smh, in fact they as a team had way to many turnovers. Few bright spots here and there. And this rotation thing is gettin out of hand it seems. The 2nd unit out playing the starters tonight should be welcomed but for this team it for some reason sends alarming jolt up my spine like ive seen this before. Did Stuckey go to the Tigers game???????? Daye’s confidence is gone again. Will somebody please tell Frank to let Slava play for the love of God, we already know what Maxiell brings to the table!!!!! AGGHGHHHHHHHH!!!

    • Oct 18, 201211:25 pm
      by gmehl


      Daye’s confidence is gone again
      I think you meant to say that “Daye’s confidence is gone still”.

  • Oct 18, 201210:49 pm
    by Ramon


    Daye needs minutes… He has a bucket load of potential… Get Maxiell out of there..

    • Oct 18, 201211:29 pm
      by gmehl


      Daye is a bitch. The only potential he has is the ability to stink it up. Joe needs to do us all a favor and cut him already. Maxiell on the other hand is at least serviceable.

  • Oct 18, 201211:25 pm
    by Mel


    Get Maxiell and Daye out of there, you can have all the potential but you have to have some fight and confidence to play with the Big Boys, Austin Daye can begin his rotation push out of Detroit.

  • Oct 20, 20123:40 pm
    by TecumsehsGhost


    Having we been waiting for his “push” for about 3 years now? GET RID OF HIM ALREADY!! Just trade him for a future 2nd round pick(if he’s even worth THAT right now) and clear are forward logjam for Middleton and Singler to get more minutes.

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