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Andre Drummond has 30-to-1 odds of winning Rookie of the Year

Via NBC Pro Basketball Talk, sports book Bovada released its odds for NBA MVP and Rookie of the year winners today. Andre Drummond came in at 30/1 odds to win Rookie of the Year. I’m no gambling expert, but that sounds like a good bet to take. Kurt Helin at Pro Basketball talk said so as well:

I’ve said before I am picking Lillard to win this and if he does he will pay betters pretty well. But I also like Harrison Barnes’ chances and I think Andre Drummond, who has looked good in the preseason, is a great long shot bet.

Not that we recommend you bet. This is all just in good fun. For discussion. Unless you live in Las Vegas then do what you want.

Drummond is a longer shot than players like Kendall Marshall, Royce White, John Jenkins, Jeremy Lamb and Marquis Teague. If he keeps his preseason play up, he’ll easily be in the conversation with favorites Anthony Davis and Damian Lillard.

Oh, and Greg Monroe has 500/1 odds of winning MVP if you’d like to take that bet.


  • Oct 17, 20123:33 pm
    by Brandow


    to me i thnk drummond really picked up his game offensivly and we all know wat he can do defensivly. it looks to me that he actually feel comfortable coming off the bench so he could not only win ROY but could possibly be in the talks for sixth man of the year.

  • Oct 17, 20123:48 pm
    by Mark


    Drummond has looked as good as any rookie thus far. So imo he has as good of odds as anyone, talent/production-wise. However, it sounds like his biggest competition will be one Lawrence Frank, lol. If the other rookies are starting and getting big minutes, and Frank is bring AD off the bench most of the year & only getting 20-25 mpg, then he has no chance to win. Because you have to start most of the year and get big minutes in order to be considered for ROY.

    I’d put 10 bucks on that 30-1 odds though. Because if Frank does come around and decide to start him right away like Knight did, then he’s got a great chance to win it.

  • Oct 17, 20123:56 pm
    by Holy Crow


    As the Conductor of the Andre Drummand Bugle Corps Marching Band Wagon, I would like to recognize Patrick Hayes with the coveted “Blind Pig Finds Acorn” award for mediocrity in sports journalism! Yea, Patrick! You are now in the running to dot the “I” when Andre wins the ROY and you can brag to all your friends that you actually picked a winner that didn’t come out of your nose.

  • Oct 17, 20124:33 pm
    by Justin


    id throw $5 on monroe wininng MVP thats alot of bread

  • Oct 17, 20126:42 pm
    by RyanK


    If you get off on gambling, it’s probably a good bet.  Me, I can’t stand putting money on something I don’t think is a sure thing. 

  • Oct 17, 20127:27 pm
    by DasMark


    I wouldn’t take Monroe for MVP. He could average 25 and 15 and will still be overlooked. Pundits like the story, not just the numbers. Kevin Love dominated last year, and wasn’t even in real consideration for the MVP, despite the fact that he didn’t have players like Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh around him to make everything easier. 

    I can easily see why so many other players have “better” odds for ROY over Drummond. As it stands, almost all of them are almost guaranteed a better opportunity to play. We still don’t know if Drummond will get off the bench for more than 15 minutes a game. 

    • Oct 18, 20128:41 am
      by tarsier


      To be seriously in the MVP conversation, you must:
      A) Put up dominant stats
      B) Clearly be the best player on your team
      C) Lift your team to title contention

      Like Love last year, even if Monroe put up 25 and 15, he is not a legit MVP candidate because he won’t be making his team a contender. At least not his year. Which makes sense because how valuable is it really to lift a team from the dregs of the conference to almost making the playoffs?

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