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Andre Drummond and hope, in video form

Yet another highlight video of Andre Drummond has popped up this preseason, but this one has the added bonus of starting with some of the more depressing aspects of recent Pistons basketball (hint: Charlie Villanueva is involved) only to be heroically saved by a bevy of Drummond highlights. Zach Harper of CBS Sports provides a play-by-play of the video:

He gave them so much hope that one guy decided to capture his first magical six preseason games.

The beauty of this video is it starts out by reminding you that Charlie Villanueva is really bad at his job. Since signing a five-year, $35 million contract in 2009, Villanueva has been less than exciting for Pistons fans. He hasn’t lived up to the expectations that come with a long-term contract like that and he’s left fans calling for his head on an amnesty-clause platter.

You get to see Vllanueva throwing up terrible shots in preseason action before showing Rodney Stuckey in pain and glory. There are even a couple of shots of Ben Gordon with the lyrics playing, “when you love someone and it goes to waste.” That’s followed by more bad Villanueva.

And then the turning point. The music starts becoming more hopeful as Drummond enters the game and Pistons fans’ lives.

“I will try to fix you …”

Just use this for your Sunday afternoon viewing pleasure, or feel free to discuss last night’s big James Harden trade to the Houston Rockets for Kevin Martin, Jeremy Lamb and picks. I like the trade all-around — the Rockets get a guy with star potential, the Thunder get a replacement who will be a good fit with that team (albeit not as good in Harden), a player with upside in Lamb, who at one time was considered a lottery talent, and picks so that Sam Presti can pursue other deals down the road. The downside? Since Harden will likely get a max extension from Houston, he won’t be a restricted free agent next summer, meaning the Pistons, one of few teams potentially with cap space to make a max offer to free agents, won’t be in the running for his services.


  • Oct 28, 20121:18 pm
    by Domnick


    if im gonna talk the shocking trade between houston and OKC.. then i think okc won this one…
    james harden may have a star potential but he will be on a different team.. not the same as okc… while okc gets two scoring punch off the bench.. the downside of kevin martin is injury prone.. but jeremy lamb shows some promise…
    i think hou gave up so much on this trade… its a big gamble.. good luck!

  • Oct 28, 20121:56 pm
    by DJxNVxME


    Thanks for posting my video. Glad you enjoyed it. At least we get to see Harden on the 31st :P Thats what I like about the trade, since im going to the game,.. Other than that, OKC got better for the future, thats for sure.

  • Oct 28, 20122:32 pm
    by Bryan


    More and more this is reminding me of the last time the Pistons cleared a bunch of cap space without good players available.  I am one of the fewer and fewer people who still has confidence in Joe, but there are big question marks for this summer.

    I like this trade for OKC.  They couldn’t afford Harden and got a bunch of assets for him.  This is what Toronto should have done with Bosh, Cleveland with James, etc.

    Houston is a wait-and-see.  What else do you got? Can you build a team around Harden?

    • Oct 28, 20126:36 pm
      by tarsier


      In what world could OKC not afford Harden? They may be in a small market, but with all their team’s success and the rabid fan base who have no other major sports, they are raking in money hand over fist. They just wanted to up their profit margins. Which is fair, and totally their right. But it’s not like they couldn’t afford to keep Harden around if they were actually willing to pay him close to what he is worth.

      • Oct 28, 20128:42 pm
        by D_S_V


        via Windhorst’s article on espn:

        “The Thunder maintain a philosophy that the individual sacrifices for the whole. In this case, that would have meant Harden agreeing to accept less than the maximum amount for a four-year extension, which was $60 million. Reportedly the Thunder’s final offer was in the range of $55 million for four years.”

        Seems they were willing to pay pretty close to the max to me. I would guess it was a difference of opinions between the two – what the Thunder wanted from Harden and what Harden wanted from the NBA. I just selfishly wish they could’ve tried one more season first and then parted ways if that was what came of it.

    • Oct 28, 20128:34 pm
      by gmehl


      @Bryan are you implying that Harden might not pan out in Houston the way BG and CV didn’t in Detroit?? I must admit that i had the same thought but surely Harden could never turn out as bad as those 2 did for us. Having said that, Harden will now be seeing the other teams better defenders so i guess time will tell.
      When i first read about the trade my first thought was ‘oh well there goes one of our free agency options for next season’. I like Harden but i would pay him max money. There is only a select few guys i would pay max money to if i was an owner but unfortunately not every team gets the opportunity to sign those guys. My last thought about the Harden trade was how unhappy Durant/Westbrook were with it. Due to that trios close friendship the trade could end up having a domino effect on the other 2 pushing for trades. I know we can only dream but how good would Durant look donning a #35 pistons uniform. Knight, Stuckey, Durant, Monroe, Drummond would be one hell of an up and coming unit.

      • Oct 29, 20127:34 am
        by Bryan


        Gmehl, I’m saying Harden is really good and would have been an amazing add for Detroit next summer.  Now who is available?

        That said, Houston is going to build around Harden (who again is awesome), Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin.  Do you think that going to beat Miami in the Finals? I do not and I do not know how they will add pieces with losing those draft picks and young, talented players.

        DSV- I read that also and interpretted it as spin.  If they would pay him 55, they would pay him 60.  I’m no salary cap expert, but I think there were finacial reasons for the trade (there usually are in the NBA).  

  • Oct 28, 20123:38 pm
    by Corey


    The thing that strikes me in the Drummond video is his soft touch off the glass, and with short shots that are almost a floater. He dunks anything he can- with ferocity. But when he can’t, he has a creativity and finesse with the ball to shoot over or around people that I find shocking. That is so rare in a big man. He looks like a guard with some of those shots.  And at age 19? He could really turn into something special.


    • Oct 28, 20126:37 pm
      by tarsier


      Now if someone can just convince Frank that it is imbecilic not to start Drummond. And if he can just learn to hit free throws.

  • Oct 28, 20126:17 pm
    by Jacob


    Awesome video….

  • Oct 28, 201210:24 pm
    by RussellC


    I have followed the Pistons all my life, which means back to the Dave Bing days. The only big guy the Pistons have drafted that caused this kind of excitement was Lanier back in the day. Not saying that Drummond is going to be as good as Lanier. but if he learns to play in proportion to his athleticism he can be a top 10 player in the league for a long time. I hope they continue to add pieces around him, Monroe and Knight. This team could be really good sooner than later if they make smart moves.  

  • Oct 28, 201210:34 pm
    by gmehl


    Yeah awesome video DJxNVxME. Speaking of splicing videos with game footage did anyone ever read the book ‘Sacred Hoops’ about how Phil Jackson used to splice segments of games during the season into movies like the Wizard of Oz that had hidden messages in it to prove a point to his players? He had scenes where a player didn’t take a charge so he spliced it with the lion asking for courage, a player in the wrong place and spliced it with the straw man asking for a brain. I am sure if DJxNVxME did this it would be just a video of CV in every scene :-)

  • Oct 29, 20121:45 am
    by Justin


    I know its wayy to early, the season hasnt even started…..but Drummond reminds me alot like Andrew Bynum. Monroe has always been a great underrated power forward like Pau Gasol about five years ago. now all the pistons really NEED is a lamar odom type of player that could come of the bench and hold his own. Once the pistons get that guy and drummond and Monroe slowly get better day by day i can finally see the pistons contending for another championship.

  • Oct 29, 20122:18 am
    by RationalSportsFan


    Watching Drummond this preseason has been a treat.  He is so much more advanced than I was expecting.
    It would not shock me if he is our best player within 3 years.  I know that sentence seemed insane a mere month ago, but, now, it seems like a legit possibility to me.

  • Oct 29, 201210:47 am
    by Corey


    He may be our best player next year.

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