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Report: Ben Wallace ‘changed his mind’ about retirement and ‘is looking for a deal’

As things relate to Ben Wallace in these parts, the general thinking has seemed to be either he’ll play for the Pistons next season if they find a roster spot for him or he’ll retire. Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe raises another possibility:

Veteran center Ben Wallace has indicated that he would like to return to the NBA but it likely won’t be with the Pistons, who have begun a youth movement and plan to go with Andre Drummond, Austin Daye, and Jonas Jerebko as their primary big men. Wallace said he was retiring after last season but changed his mind in July and is looking for a deal.

Practically speaking, it makes sense. Wallace is still good enough to contribute in a limited capacity and seems to still have an interest in playing, so he should play. There are numerous contending teams he’d be a fit on, too — the Miami Heat immediately come to mind. As a fan, though, I’ll be really disappointed if he wants to play and the Pistons don’t figure out a way to bring him back. There is still a role Wallace could fill on this team and there are still ways Detroit could find a spot for him to play one more season.


  • Sep 9, 201212:35 pm
    by Gus


    Big Ben… The best defensive player in the NBA history

    • Sep 9, 20126:54 pm
      by sop


      some one tried to tell me Ducan was better defensively during Ben’s prime and was quickly rebutted with the obvious stats.

    • Sep 9, 20129:01 pm
      by BOBBY ROSS


      You must not have seen Bill Russell play for the Celtics

      • Sep 10, 20123:03 am
        by Mark


        Ben was the modern day Russell, just didn’t win all the rings. But in terms of a 6’9 Center dominating like he did, no one comes closer than Ben. You even had the Ben/Shaq rivalry which was akin to Russell/Wilt, as in no one could defend Wilt but 6-9 Russell and no one could defend Shaq but 6-9 Wallace.

        As for Ben looking to play elsewhere I think its the best thing for him. He won’t get PT here and I’d rather see him play actual meaingful basketball his last year and win another ring, than sit here on our bench for a team fighting for an 8 seed.

        I’d love to see him go to MIA. One of my adopted teams after the Pistons. But my guess would be the Clippers. Chauncey will recruit him there I bet. They need a defensive vet to replace KMart in that role. I’d love to see him go there and play with Chauncey even more. 

    • Sep 10, 20126:01 am
      by Derek


      Was Ben Wallace a better defender than Dennis Rodman?  Rodman guarded Magic, Bird, Hakeem, Jordan, Karl Malone, Shaq, Pat Ewing, Nique…etc. 

      • Sep 10, 201211:37 am
        by Patrick Hayes


        I don’t know that I’d say he was ‘better’ than Rodman. They were different. Rodman could step out on the perimeter and guard little guys, but he also was nowhere near the rim protector/help defender Wallace was in his prime.

    • Sep 10, 201211:20 am
      by JT's Hoops Blog


      Ben Wallace is by far one of the most overrated players in NBA History.  He was not that athletic nor did he have any discernable basketball skills.  People credit him for his heart and hustle, but if he did not show that, he probably would not be in the league, period.    

      • Sep 10, 201211:36 am
        by Patrick Hayes


        Translation: JT knows nothing about basketball.

        • Sep 10, 20124:43 pm
          by Lake Side Live


          Agreed, thought this might be ploy to get traffic to his blog then read his “analysis” of the Pistons for the upcoming season. 

          1. On his 2 deep position by position based on “production, experience, and contributing minutes” he didn’t have Maxiell listed the guy who started 42 games and was second on the team in rebounds and blocks.

          2. Said we had exchanged Ben Gordon’s contract for “an identical one with Corey Maggette, as they both had 2 years remaining”

          Yup no clue.

      • Sep 11, 20121:41 pm
        by apa8ren9


        You forgot the /s tag.  Dont worry, Ive done it before, its all good

  • Sep 9, 20121:22 pm
    by Richard


    Get Charlie out of there now, and bring him back to teach Drummond and Moose more D.. 

  • Sep 9, 20121:47 pm
    by jake


    i think joe’s been waiting on ben to make a definitive decision. hopefully this forces joe’s hand in a move.

  • Sep 9, 20122:18 pm
    by Max


    I guess it’s possible to get over things like when Wallace signed with the Bulls but I’d have a hard time maintaining my level of respect and love for Big Ben if he joins the Heat.   I basically lost all respect for Ray Allen and Shane Battier when they did but they were never Pistons.   Any team but the Heat, Ben, please!  If not the Pistons, the goal should rather be to beat the Heat.   Mad respect for DeShawn Stevenson and those who have his attitude on this issue.   

    • Sep 10, 201211:37 pm
      by tarsier


      I just don’t understand the depth of your hatred for the Heat. So you think Lebron is an ass and you think the formation of their big three was classless and unfair. Even so, why should that reflect poorly on other players who join them in a way that is not unfair or classless. It is typical end-of-career ring chasing. I would be shocked if Wallace went there, but I certainly wouldn’t hold it against him. Granted, I don’t hate the Heat, but I do hate the Celtics. They haave always been my least favorite team in the league and I hold nothing against players who ring chase there. Battier’s and Allen’s decisions do not deserve to cause any loss of respect.

      • Sep 11, 20127:08 pm
        by Max


        LeBron & Company. LLC collusion was a reckless venture that showed no care for the league itself and I view any player who doesn’t disapprove of what they did as either ignorant or too selfish to care.  Nearly every major retired player who said anything about it at the time criticized or condemned LeBron.  My personal feeling ever since is that players and general managers should be united in thwarting their unseemly assault on NBA rings and I am greatly disappointed when any player, and especially one supposedly known for having high character, not only fails to oppose them but actually helps them.   Such players don’t have a proper respect in my view for the integrity of the league and game.  They are like players rushing to join the Black Sox.

      • Sep 11, 20127:15 pm
        by Max


        And just to add; I lost respect for Allen doubly because he left Boston due to petty squabbles and resentments centering on Rondo in general and Doc Rivers starting Avery Bradley over him.  Jason Terry has real character like Manu Ginobili as they don’t care whether they start or not but just about what is best for the team.   When Allen joined the Heat, the spite of switching over to the Celtics chief rival and team that beat them in the playoffs, proved to me that he was just another big baby who can’t handle that his skills are eroding and age gracefully.    I will never say another good word about him. 

      • Sep 11, 20127:29 pm
        by Max


        One more thing:  there is nothing typical about veterans who are still in demand like Allen chasing titles and accepting less money from their own team.   The proof of this is that the Spurs have never gotten a player like him to join their team and chase a title.   Karl Malone and Gary Payton could easily have chosen the Spurs in 04 but they chose the Lakers.   No, this is just another case of selfishness and taking less money doesn’t mitigate the notion at all.   Allen could have joined several contenders and gotten more money but he chose the team that would really stick it to Rondo, Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge–as in the people responsible for helping Allen get his only title.    The hypocrite took an ad out in a Boston paper to try to soothe things over with fans–they pretty much instantly hated him in Boston to an extent that media members find hard to understand but I understand implicitly.  People aren’t stupid in Boston, he will have a better chance fooling the apathetic crowd in Miami but they won’t remember him very long after he gets another ring or two that he barely deserves. 

        • Sep 11, 20127:29 pm
          by Max


          But Boston fans will remember his betrayal forever.

  • Sep 9, 20126:33 pm
    by Gus


    Trade Out: Austin Daye or Charlie Villanueva  Trade In: Picks 1st or 2nd Round… Is a Good Trade

  • Sep 9, 20126:36 pm
    by Mr.BlockedShot


    Mr Washburn must be kind of lost regarding our roster scouting….are we seriously going with AUSTIN DAYE, Jerebko (more of a SF than a PF) and Drummond (our backup rookie)as primary big men?? Oh Man!…this guy must be kidding!. Wouldn’t it make more sense to point out Monroe, Slava and Jerebko/Drummond as our primary big men?

  • Sep 9, 20128:37 pm
    by Tiko


    theres gotta be a 2 for 1 deal Joe can pull off 

  • Sep 9, 20128:42 pm
    by RyanK


    Let Ben go back to Chicago.  It’s time to let go of the past.  Raise his number to the rafters and end this. 
    Lets not trade our stretch four options for a guy who will retire at the end of the season while stunting the experience of our younger players.  Daye and CV might not have a lot of value, but neither does Ben.  The argument he’ll mentor the younger players… he’ll also hurt them by taking their game time.

  • Sep 9, 20129:24 pm
    by Vic


    Trade somebody. Having him show Drummond the ropes is worth it. Will payoff big in the long term. Play the best players, period.

  • Sep 9, 20129:31 pm
    by Sal


    Ben deserves a spot on the roster.  He can still play well defensively & give our Center a rest during the game.  He would be an invaluable mentor to our young big men.  I’d much rather see Big Ben on the team than Kris Middleton.  We are overloaded at Small Forward & could use a 3rd Center.  Ben Wallace has been the hardest working player the Pistons have ever had!! 

  • Sep 9, 20129:46 pm
    by Vince


    I’m a tad more worried the ‘Daye-at-PF-Experiment’ is still running. Surely they’ve realized his abilities are better served as a backup spot-up 2Guard.

    Wallace needs to be back on this roster, even if he doesn’t contribute he will be able to teach the Rookies a thing or two on the defensive end, he’d be a great mentor. Also, for sentimental values, it wouldn’t make sense to have Big Ben finish his career away from Detroit. Joe should deal Middleton/Max/Daye – or finally amnesty CV – Ben will be a better option than any of this guys.

  • Sep 9, 201210:57 pm
    by jprime18


    If Ben doesn’t retire in Detroit, part of me will die

  • Sep 10, 20123:03 pm
    by danny


    anyone who talks ill about ben is boarder line retarded.  ben is one of the best defensive men in history.  Who else guarded shaq without doubling?  Dikembe tried it and go pushed around.  He should have a permitted spot on the team.  He will help drummond and moose with both sides of the court.  Just because he cant shoot doesnt mean he doesnt know spacing and when to crash the boards.

  • Sep 10, 20128:23 pm
    by Nick S


    Nah, break up the band….now get rid of Prince and move on…Go Pistons!

  • Sep 10, 20129:21 pm
    by Justin


    I struggle to take this article seriously or find any credibility in the report when it states the Pistons are planning on relying on Austin Daye as a key big man. That stinks of  ”look at the depth chart and oh yeah they drafted Daye they must have plans for him even though I haven’t watched a Pistons game in 5 years” reporting. I pass on this nonsense.

    • Sep 11, 20129:08 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      The Pistons used Daye at the four in summer league and some of the comments from Frank and Dumars over the summer seem to indicate they think he’s more of a stretch four than anything else.

      • Sep 11, 20127:45 pm
        by Bugsygod


        I don’t think they consider Daye as a primary big man, like this article suggest.

        • Sep 12, 20121:00 pm
          by Patrick Hayes


          I don’t know about that. From a Keith Langlois article in July:

          “Daye is along for the whole ride, and it’s telling that he’s been working at power forward almost exclusively so far. There has been some sentiment within the organization that Daye’s best shot at a significant NBA future lies at that spot, where he can use his unusual gifts – not just deep shooting range but an assortment of mid-range shots within his arsenal – to vex traditional power forwards.”

          • Sep 12, 20124:20 pm
            by bugsygod

            U misread what i meant… The pistons org, does not consider Daye as A Primary big man on this team, meaning he is not one of there top big man they are counting on.  They will use him primarily as a big man, but not be there primary big man.  At best he is 5th big right now.  This article stated Daye, Drummond and Jerbko are the Pistons primary bigs, no mention of Monroe, Maxiel or CV.  This is a case like Justin stated of National media, not knowing this team and because of that, can hardly be taken as serious. 

  • Sep 11, 20124:29 am
    by Gus


    Porque no ofrece Dumars un puesto de asistente de Lawrence Frack a Big BEN… podria ayudar a Drummond muy bien desde el banquilo

  • Sep 11, 201211:30 am
    by CNA5


    The Pistons roster isn’t prohibiting a return of Wallace.  The big question is whether or not Wallace wants to play a 15 minute role at a place that loved and embraced him or where he’ll get a shot at playing for another ring.
    It’s pretty easy for the Pistons to clear space for Wallace. 
    As far as Daye, I think they’re looking to try to salvage him in a specific role as a stretch four off the bench.  I think the Pistons see Daye as being too slow and indecisive on the perimeter to play the two.  He can be a threat to take a PF off the dribble.  Against a SG, that doesn’t seem like an option that Daye feels comfortable with.

  • Sep 12, 201211:31 am
    by Holy Crow


    Wallace’s best defensive move last season was dodging a weapons charge. What’s he gonna teach Drummond? The ins and outs of driving drunk with a loaded gun?

  • Oct 8, 201212:17 am
    by Paul Letherer


    where is your loyalty ??????
    where ? 

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