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New York Knicks reportedly considering bringing Rasheed Wallace out of retirement

Remember when Rasheed Wallace was working out at the Pistons practice facility a couple weeks ago, and every Wallace fan, myself included, thought, ‘Man, the NBA was a more interesting place with Rasheed Wallace in it?’ Well, everyone rooting for another Wallace appearance could get their wish according to ESPN’s Ric Bucher:

Adding ‘Sheed to what will already be a circus of a team in New York this season? Yeah, I’d watch that.


  • Sep 23, 201211:47 am
    by Travis


    Ball don’t lie!!!!

  • Sep 23, 201212:50 pm
    by Jacob


    He was working out with Marcus Camby and Kurt Thomas? Are we sure this isn’t an effort to bring back the legends game to all-star weekend?

  • Sep 23, 201212:57 pm
    by Mack


    Ric Bucher also reporting “Charles Oakley is also working out with Camby, Sheed, & Thomas”.

  • Sep 23, 20123:25 pm
    by MNM


    is he trying to shed his “moobs”?

    • Sep 26, 20129:16 am
      by G


      Nice! Hard to do that if he’s just jogging from 3pt line to 3pt line though, like he did his last year with Boston.

  • Sep 23, 20125:44 pm
    by Mark


    Woodsons there so I could see it. He’d be a good fit backing up Chandler 10-15 mpg at C.

    Would def be fun to watch!

  • Sep 23, 20125:53 pm
    by RyanK


    I read he’s been workout with the Pistons and is in great shape.  I highly doubt he’s coming back though.
    Jonny Flynn just signed with the Pistons.  Probably a good pick up except there’s no space on the roster for him.  Joe D would have to trade one for two or one for none.

  • Sep 25, 20122:30 pm
    by Ben Fridsma


    even if he does come back. we have no room for him. we have way to many players on the roster and have no clue what to do with them. to many sf. “prince, jj, maggette, daye, middleton.” really we could trash maggette daye and middleton. im fine keeping middleton. we need young blood and he fits.  have pronce and jj fight for the starting roll in pre season. or do what the tigers do with the catcher position, swap laird and avila every day/game. we all know pronce can still score, we saw that last season.  i hope Joe D makes room for ben if he wants back “which he does i think” he still helps the team. he lead the team in blocks last year so to say he doesnt do anything “which im not saying anyone has” would be like saying big bens #3 wont be “up high” in a few years.  im going to lay back and see what happens.

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