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Khris Middleton’s contract guarantees more money than Kim English’s, 15 Pistons fully guaranteed for upcoming season

ShamSports.com updated its Pistons salary page (something I plan to do here shortly, too), and I see two interesting tidbits:

1. Both Kim English and Khris Middleton signed minimum contracts, but English’s is only two years and fully unguaranteed for 2013-14. Middleton’s is three years, fully guaranteed for 2013-14 and fully unguaranteed for 2014-15. The Pistons even had to crack into their mid-level exception to give Middleton a deal longer than two years (which doesn’t matter much, because they weren’t using their full MLE this summer, anyway). Good on Middleton’s agent, Michael Lindeman.

2. All 15 Pistons have fully guaranteed contracts for 2012-13. I know many, including myself, were hoping that Terrence Williams (or, I guess, Jonny Flynn) could outperform Middleton and take his roster spot. No knock to Middleton, but if Williams (or, I guess Flynn) proved enough to bump a player the Pistons drafted No. 39, that would be a positive sign for Williams (or, I guess, Flynn). It could still happen, but it would cost Tom Gores $463,604 for Middleton’s contract plus likely $854,389 for Williams’. Sticking with Middleton would cost only the $463,604 he’s owed.


  • Sep 27, 20124:56 pm
    by Holy Crow


    Khris English?

    • Sep 27, 20124:59 pm
      by RyanK


      We all know what he meant…this looks like he wrote it on a blackberry in an airport somewhere after a rough night.  Hard to follow.

  • Sep 27, 20125:55 pm
    by ryan


    Hard to follow but even harder to understand why did we give Khris Middleton such a sweet deal? I really hope we make a couple of moves and end up with Ben Wallace on our roster along with Terrence Williams.

  • Sep 27, 20126:21 pm
    by labatts


    “Williams (or, I guess Flynn)”  Lol, I love it.  Honestly, thought, I can’t second guess any of this until I see them play.  Yeah, Middleton got a good deal for a second rounder, but it isn’t like resigning Prince or something. 

  • Sep 27, 20126:48 pm
    by apa8ren9


    I got my tickets in the mail yesterday and I havent been this excited about training camp since Lindsey Hunter and Allan Houston were drafted.  I cant wait until they get started.  Only the strong survive!.  Lets see who stays and who goes during training camp.  Lets get it going!

    • Sep 27, 20127:02 pm
      by labatts


      That’s awesome.  That’s a good recollection of Hunter and Houston.  Yeah, I am excited, too.  

  • Sep 27, 20128:32 pm
    by Vic


    Yeah that should have been a great 1 2 3 punch, Lindsey, Houston and GHill. I remember being excited about that too.
    Hopefully we can keep these young guys if they blossom and ride this core to more than just one championship

    • Sep 28, 20122:17 pm
      by Desolation Row


      “Ride this core to more than just one championship”

      I’m stealing this forever.  

  • Sep 27, 201211:08 pm
    by DasMark


    Middleton has a better contract than English? I guess Middleton’s wait for a deal was likely due him holding out for a better deal. I guess Dumars thinks he’s worth something to guarantee two years. 

  • Sep 27, 201211:14 pm
    by Oracle


    Middleton wasdrafted higher than English, so I see no reason for this to be a surprise. If he was going to be signed, it would be for a better contract than a later pick.

    • Sep 28, 201212:55 am
      by tarsier


      Not true. There is such a scale for first rounders, but not second rounders.

      • Sep 28, 20127:51 am
        by Oracle


        I didn’t say there was a scale, I said it’s not surprising he parlayed his higher draft position into a better contract. Chill out on saying things are untrue.

  • Sep 28, 20129:41 am
    by Mr.Woods


    im not sold on Flynn, considering all of his injuries.  please move daye, prince, & Magette.  Maxiell too & maybe we can keep williams & Big Ben

  • Sep 28, 201210:04 am
    by Keith


    I’m not particularly surprised by this. Middleton is still making a pittance by NBA standards, and if he can provide any value at all he’s significantly outplay his contract. English, on the other hand, has already established himself a bit more. He is a great guy to have in the locker room, and at worst he’ll be a consistent 3-pt threat off the bench. He knows he’ll get another contract, so having a shorter rookie contract is ideal. I’m more surprised the Pistons didn’t try to push for a longer contract in English, keep him below market value for more years.
    As for Flynn and Williams, there’s not much loss. Flynn has been abjectly terrible his entire career, the last thing this team needs is an inefficient scoring guard with poor court vision, especially one that was one of the worst defenders in the league. Williams I wasn’t excited about either – he’s a terrible shooter (even from the FT line), poor rebounder/defender, and overeager ballhandler. If the goal is to start picking up talent and skill, neither of those guys should make the team.

    • Sep 28, 20124:31 pm
      by Lake Side Live


      Williams true shooting percentage is better than Prince, Bynum, and Villanueva last year and his defensive rebound percentage would have him 4th on the team, defensively his steal percentage is better than Jonas Stuckey Knight and Prince.  So where do did come up with your assesment?

      • Oct 2, 20121:19 am
        by jerrific


        so he’s a better shooter than our overrated starting sf and two guys that struggle to come off the bench on a losing team? know what, you’re right, you win everything. 

        also, being good at getting steals doesn’t automatically make someone a good defender. sometimes it just means a player gambles too much, or is just good at getting steals. 

  • Sep 28, 201211:42 am
    by rbaltes


    James Jones part deux.  Worth the contract on that potential.

  • Sep 28, 20121:18 pm
    by danny


    worth every penny, remember we paid bg big bucks to be the 3 point threat.  He did shot 40 percent but  could not play well with this team.  now we have someone for pennies on the dollar that can knock down the big shots.

  • Sep 28, 20122:37 pm
    by Alan


    Like everyone on here, I’m high on Kim English.  Probably too high.  It’s unfair for us to expect a 2nd round pick who has never played a game to suddenly becom Arron Aflalo.  Also, we are all probably a little too low on Middleton. 

    • Sep 29, 201211:01 am
      by Oracle


      This is the most reasonable comment I’ve seen in a long time. We don’t see practices, most of us haven’t seen Middleton play, and have little info beyond summer league box scores. It’s way too early to declare English a super sub and Middleton worthless. As fans, we just don’t know yet.

  • Sep 29, 20128:04 am
    by sebastian


    I sense that there will be a trade in October. Signing Middleton to his wages makes it easy to through him into a trade, if some chump change is needed to balance off the trade.
    OUR small forward personnel situation has to improve, during the month of October.
    Have you guys, seen the schedule through November 30. Take a  look at it, if you haven’t already. It is brutal!

  • Sep 29, 20124:26 pm
    by Corey


    Frankly, I think the Middleton contract is better for the Pistons than the English contract is. If he turns into a  player, the pistons have him for four years at a pittance (for an NBA player) rather than only three.  And as a young player, he will have more trade value based on “potential” for longer, if he doesn’t appear to be working out. 
    $1m players never break your team’s cap.
    If the pistons need a roster spot for Flynn or Williams, they can cut Will Bynum, since those guys can play PG – at least as well as Bynum, probably.

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