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Jonas Jerebko, Hall of Famer?

We’ve debated a lot in the comments the last week or so what the Hall of Fame chances are for several current and former Pistons players entering the twilight of their careers. Ryan Hegedus of Life On Dumars throws another name into the mix of a player yet to come up in conversations in the comments here:

Jerebko is a unique example of a possible Hall of Famer on Detroit’s current roster. He is a former second-round pick who has been in the league for just three seasons, sporting career averages of 9.0 points on 47.5% shooting and 5.5 rebounds. His ticket to Springfield might not be his statistical achievements, but moreso his cultural influence.

When the Pistons selected him in 2009, the 6’10” forward became just the second Swedish-born basketball player ever drafted; Miles Simon is the first, but he played in just five total games with the Orlando Magic in 1998. He should be an integral part of the Pistons future, giving him plenty of opportunities to accumulate stats. He has also become a focal point for the Swedish national team, with which he has already earned 10 caps (appearances) despite playing professionally for just seven years.

If basketball continues to spread around the world, especially into Sweden, Jerebko could very well be the reason why. Much like Drazen Petrovic in the early 1990s, younger players could see Jerebko in the NBA and strive to follow in his footsteps, turning him into an ambassador of basketball in Sweden.

Something that is occasionally overlooked in Hall of Fame discussions is the fact that the Naismith Hall of Fame is a basketball hall of fame, not just a NBA hall of fame. That’s why players like Grant Hill, whose peak didn’t last long because of major injuries, or even Christian Laettner might get some consideration when they otherwise wouldn’t have — they were elite college basketball players, and that counts. The Hall also has an international committee, and although Jerebko has several more years as a professional player before such conversations are warranted, his rock star status in Sweden makes him a name who will certainly merit some consideration when his playing days are over.


  • Sep 13, 20123:56 pm
    by Crispus


    Haha it’s been a long offseason.

    • Sep 13, 20125:53 pm
      by MNM


      Usually, no news is good news… Unless your the Pistons.

  • Sep 13, 20124:25 pm
    by MNM


    we might have “jumped the shark” today fellas..

    • Sep 13, 20124:45 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Today? I was writing about Dana Barros and Ced Ceballos rapping like two weeks ago. That shark has been jumped several times.

  • Sep 13, 20127:13 pm
    by RyanK


    Wouldn’t be a shame if Jonas makes it to the hall ahead of the long list of NBA allstars who don’t.  Bill Laimbeer probably won’t make it, but Jonas does…  I understand it’s not about NBA impact, it’s about basketball impact.  Still, there isn’t a team in the history of the world that would take Jonas over Laimbeer or the long list of good (almost great) players who aren’t good enough for the hall.

  • Sep 13, 20127:26 pm
    by Max


    I see the international argument but while players like Sabonis and Divac (Divac is in, right?) have gotten in, players like Dino Radja and Sauranus Marcioulonis (spelling) have not and they were pretty good players who Jerebko would still have a ways to go to overtake.    Also, Sabonis and Divac were party of powerhouse Olympic squads and will Sweden ever sniff a medal?   I don’t think Jerebko gets in.   
    BTW:  I really wish Laimbeer could be inducted. 

  • Sep 14, 20129:40 am
    by Scott Free


    I’m really disappointed that Dumars’ only off-season move was to trade Gordon.  For years I’ve listened to the excuses “there weren’t any trades that could benefit the team…” “Dumars cant make any blockbuster moves until the ownership issue is addressed…” “No one’s trading until after Dwight gets moved…” “He cant’ trade during the lockout…” And I believed them.

    I’ve been his defender for YEARS, but now that all the blockages are away, it seems like he’s still waiting for the PERFECT deal.  Meanwhile, the team is only verging on middling after years in the gutter, they have an entire squad of small forwards and their only backup point guard is WILL BYNUM.  

  • Sep 14, 201211:13 am
    by Michelob Mike


    we’ll talk when basketball actually takes off in Sweden

  • Sep 15, 201212:06 am
    by Brandow


    i play alot of nba 2k12 in association when im not the pistons, they go off on trades i mean in the future drafts they propose like 4 trades in a row. i dont know about u guys but i think video games can be better general managers than dumars

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