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Hall of Famer Reggie Miller’s final game was against the Detroit Pistons

Because of the infamous Palace brawl in November of 2004 between the Indiana Pacers and Detroit Pistons, it’s easy to forget the incredibly classy moment between the two teams in the 2005 NBA playoffs.

With the Pistons up three games to two and seconds away from clinching the second round series in Indiana, Pacers coach Rick Carlisle took Reggie Miller out of the game for the final time so he could get one last standing ovation from the Indiana crowd. Pistons coach Larry Brown, who coached Miller with the Pacers, called a timeout to let the ovation continue and stood with Pistons players near halfcourt as they applauded Miller as well.

Miller enters the Hall of Fame this weekend. Dan Devine at Ball Don’t Lie has one of several fantastic reflections on Miller.


  • Sep 7, 20129:23 pm
    by ryan


    That was an incredible moment and a classy move but I have to say I’m so proud that we ended his career and stopped him from, potentially, reaching a championship. Reggie Miller is one of those guys who got blown up to a much, much, much larger profile than he ever deserved. He was not a great player, he was not even a complete player he was a good shooter who wasn’t afraid to take shots when the pressure was on. I respect his work and the fact that he played his whole career in Indiana but let’s remember him as he was not as the laughable myth he’s become.

    • Sep 8, 20128:35 am
      by gmehl


      I know its your opinion but i totally disagree with you. Reggie was a fantastic player and as far as i’m concerned probably the best clutch scorer that’s played in the league to Michael Jordan. Just because Reggie wasn’t the best defender shouldn’t degrade how good he was. He had the ability to put his team on his back and carry them all the way to the finish line.

  • Sep 8, 20122:21 am
    by Kerghan


    Congratulation Reggie on a wonderful career.

  • Sep 8, 201212:17 pm
    by sebastian


    This video also is visual documentation of the last time WE were winners. :-(

  • Sep 17, 20125:28 pm
    by Jameson Draper


    “What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been” was one of the signs. I enjoyed that. /Grateful Dead fans smile

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