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Greg Monroe comes in at No. 40 in CBS Sports top 100 rankings

ESPN is not the only outlet unveiling a ranking of NBA players right now. Although Greg Monroe‘s ranking isn’t yet known in ESPN’s rankings, he came in at No. 40 in the CBS Sports top 100. Matt Moore on Monroe:

No. 40: Greg Monroe, C, Age 22, Detroit Pistons

2012 Stats: 15.4 ppg, 9.7 rpg, 1.3 spg, 0.7 bpg, .521 eFG%, 22.0 PER

Ranking: 42, 36, 51

Monroe has a better-than-decent chance of making the All-Star Game this season. He’s shown considerable development in his early seasons, and with a better Pistons club could be primed for a breakout, especially if rookieAndre Drummond can give Detroit a big man to pair with him. Monroe has a nifty lefty hook, a good combination of moves and terrific footwork. Defense is the real question mark with him, but even that showed signs last season.

The biggest plus is his consistency. He manages to make an impact in nearly every game, and even when he doesn’t contribute to the scoreboard, it’s usually the defense’s focus on him that’s opening things for the other players. The Pistons are Monroe’s team for the foreseeable future.

Monroe came in just one spot behind Bulls center Joakim Noah and he ranked ahead of players like Nene, David West and Al Jefferson. I think it’s safe to say the national media, after not paying much attention to his rookie season, is starting to realize how good Monroe is and what he’s capable of becoming.



  • Sep 12, 20122:34 pm
    by Mark


    I guessed 30-40 for Greg on one of the other posts about the espn ranking. 40 is fair.

  • Sep 12, 20124:24 pm


    Greg Monroe will be an all star this season, most guys that come from established programs get supreme coaching. John Thompson taught his son coaching and execution it is transfered to players.
    Docter Coffee

  • Sep 12, 20128:20 pm
    by Max


    He said Monroe has a nifty left hand hook but he left out Monroe’s nifty right hand hook. 

    • Sep 13, 201211:26 am
      by apa8ren9


      The ability to use both hands is the single most underrated aspect of basketball there is, I believe.  For years I joked about how Lindsay hunter could never pass the basketball to the left on the break.  Notice how many times Stuckey gets his shot blocked, (most guards in the league the same thing happens) simply because on the left side of the basket he doesnt use his left hand.  Its a difficult skill to acquire but those who possess it stand out.  For the life of me I cant figure out why more guards are unable to shoot left handed layups.   My two cents.

  • Sep 13, 201211:33 am
    by danny


    stuck has used his left hand plenty of times.  i think what stuck tries to do is what billups taught him.  draw the foul first and foremost.  This gets the starts in foul trouble and frees ppl from trying to block him.  obviously its not as effective as it could be.  i think the problem with stuck is that he never had an athletic guy that could finish off lobs.  stuck does not have the vision that most of us would like.  Now that moose is coming a long and you have some bigs that can move and dont just camp out on the 3 it wont happen as much.  moose and stuck pick in roll DEVELOP THAT SHIT.

  • Sep 13, 20125:55 pm
    by Cliff


    one thing i just love about this list, which in my eyes makes it legit, is that moose is ahead of demarcus cousins. which is a mistake the espn rankings that will definitely happen.

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