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Darko Milicic somehow sticking in NBA, signs with Celtics

Chad Ford and Marc Stein of ESPN:

Free-agent center Darko Milicic has decided to stay in the NBA and continue his career with the Boston Celtics, Milicic’s agent, Marc Cornstein, confirmed to ESPN.com.

Milicic, after weighing strong interest from teams abroad trying to lure him back to Europe — such as perennial Spanish power Real Madrid — has committed to join the Celtics and is scheduled to be in Boston by week’s end to make the deal official.

Rasheed Wallace, Chris Wilcox and, now Darko – apparently, Boston is becoming home for former Pistons big men on the downside of their careers.


  • Sep 20, 20122:13 pm
    by Jodi Jezz



  • Sep 20, 20123:12 pm
    by labatts


    Celtics are back, baby!!

  • Sep 20, 20123:52 pm
    by Leo


    “Rasheed Wallace, Chris Wilcox and, now Darko – apparently, Boston is becoming home for former Pistons big men on the downside of their careers.”

    When was Darko’s career ever on the upside? 

  • Sep 20, 20124:56 pm
    by mkd monroe knight drummond


    and when has rasheed career ever been on the donw side

    • Sep 20, 20126:39 pm
      by Otis


      uh… his last several years with the Pistons and his entire time with the Celtics… You do know who Rasheed Wallace is, right?

  • Sep 20, 20129:31 pm
    by Reaction


    Since when was there ever an upside to Darko’s career 

  • Sep 21, 20129:43 am
    by ryan


    I wonder if it might actually work out for Darko to grow into a player there? They have a role for him and you know Kevin Garnett will ride his ass unless he performs. Perhaps foolishly I’m still hoping Darko turns it around.

  • Sep 21, 201210:32 am
    by danny


    darko had amazing upside.  no one groomed him the way an 18 yr old needed to be groomed.  do you realize he is a mobile 7 footer that is really strong.  he has really good defense and foot work for someone as big as him.  wish he worked out but he didnt.  i thinkt he celtics will make him look better than any team as at the moment.

  • Sep 21, 20122:45 pm
    by Slap Dog Hoops


    I’m so happy for Darko.  He is probably one of the NBA’s greatest survivors.  no matter how many times he gets knocked down, he still manages to pull himself up.  Hoping for the best in his time as a Celtic

  • Sep 23, 201211:00 am
    by Jameson Draper


    DARKO MILICIC: The Human Victory Cigar

    He’s back again.

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