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Brandon Knight suffers ‘mild case’ of plantar fasciitis

Keith Langlois of Pistons.com:

Brandon Knight suffered mild case of plantar fasciitis at Grgurich’s Vegas camp. Doing drill work, but won’t participate in full-court run.


  • Sep 5, 20123:28 pm
    by Al


    !!!!!!!! Hope that is really the case, ”Mild”,  guess we better get that other guard we need just in case…

  • Sep 5, 20124:24 pm
    by G


    Not sweating it. First preseason game isn’t for another month.

  • Sep 5, 20124:47 pm
    by Vic


    Better get Scott Machado quick I hear Houston’s trying to sign him soon

  • Sep 5, 20125:33 pm
    by butterscotch


    Too late Houston made a move to sign Machado.  I’m worried about not have a backup PG. I heard Minnesota is shopping Ridnour and Barea. I like Ridnour.

    • Sep 6, 20128:44 am
      by G


      Hey, I do too! Do you think Kahn would go for a Daye/Ridnour swap?

      • Sep 6, 20129:42 am
        by butterscotch


        I really do think it is too early to give up on Austin. Plus, I think that Maxiell’s contract is closer to Ridnour. Minnesota is looking for another big. Is Jason considered a big? Ridnour can run an offense and is decent defensively. He can teach Brandon a few things and not be a threat as a starter.

        • Sep 6, 201211:14 am
          by G


          I think Maxiell is considered a little-big, right? He’s a 6’6″ F/C (expiring contract!). I agree a little bit about Daye, the Pistons have given up too early in the past (Afflalo, Delfino, Ratliff, etc.), but I suspect Maxiell will be a more useful player this year than Daye.

          • Sep 6, 20123:17 pm
            by butterscotch

            What about the veteran Derek Fisher? He is a free agent.  He would be a great back up PG and mentor to B.Knight and Stuckey. Joe could probably get him for cheap.

  • Sep 6, 20123:27 am
    by Vince


    Yeah Machado got signed to a pretty lucrative deal. No way the Pistons could have signed him without dropping one of their current players. 

    On another note, mild or not, it needs to be looked after properly, we’re thin enough at guard as it is. 

  • Sep 6, 20125:35 pm
    by Max


    I think we are going to learn a lot about Knight’s pain threshold real quickly.

  • Sep 6, 20129:30 pm
    by Westen


    i blame rasheed for working out with the team

  • Sep 6, 201211:35 pm
    by Haan


    Not something that’s easily left behind altogether, in my experience.

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