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Brandon Knight ranks 177th in ESPN’s #NBARank

Brandon Knight ranks 177th in ESPN’s #NBARank – between Steve Novak and Chuck Hayes. This ranking might be a touch low, but not by much. Knight must get much more efficient – both with shooting and controlling the ball – to deserve a higher rank.

That said, with his tools, he could be one of the biggest risers in the rankings next summer.

Here’s how the Pistons’ 15 players – plus Ben Wallace – rank:

Above 176: Greg Monroe

Above 176: Rodney Stuckey

Above 176: Tayshaun Prince

177. Brandon Knight

206. Jonas Jerebko

221. Corey Maggette

241. Jason Maxiell

244. Will Bynum

245. Austin Daye

262. Charlie Villanueva

277. Andre Drummond

303. Ben Wallace

407. Kyle Singler

441. Kim English

485. Khris Middleton

Unranked: Vyacheslav Kravtsov


  • Sep 5, 20122:25 pm
    by G


    Meh. I’m ok with Knight ranked at #177. Felton’s a bit better of a PG at this point and was ranked 4 spots ahead of him. You’re hoping Knight improves quite a bit this year, but the turnovers keep him out of the top 150. I don’t think any Piston falls into the top 30, but Monroe and Stuckey should both be close, definitely in the top 50.

  • Sep 5, 20124:19 pm
    by Otis


    I question whether any Piston not named Greg Monroe cracks the top 100. Tayshaun’s on the downside of his career, and five years later we’re still waiting for a consistent stretch where Stuckey looks looks like a star. My guess is Stuckey hovers somewhere around 100, Tayshaun a little worse, Monroe around fifty if they’re being generous. But wherever Monroe falls, it’ll be pitifully low for a team’s best player.
    All-in-all, there’s a lot of work to be done on this team.

    • Sep 5, 20125:07 pm
      by G


      Greg Monroe was 15th overall in PER but should be down-graded a bit since PER doesn’t cover defensive impact (and Monroe is a liability there). Stuckey was all the way down to 74th in PER, but since he’s better at defense, he may leapfrog a few guys. Tayshaun… well, I agree, him being ranked inside the top 100 would be EXTREMELY unlikely.

    • Sep 5, 20128:46 pm
      by tarsier


      It would be a major slight if Monroe didn’t make top 50.

    • Sep 6, 20129:34 pm
      by Max


      Stuckey has that stretch last year when he averaged in the mid twenties for over a month and led the Pistons in convincing mano-a-mano fashion over Kobe Bryant and his Lakers.   The crossover Stuckey pulled at the end of the game on Kobe was the best single Pistons moment in several years in my opinion. 

    • Sep 6, 20129:46 pm
      by Max


      I’d rank Monroe ahead of anyone on these rosters and would certainly rather have him in the few cases where I have any pause–excepting New Orleans.    
      NO (unless Davis is a flat out superstar day one)
      Chi (Rose doesn’t really count this season, does he?)
      I also think it’s debatable whether he is better than anyone on these teams
      And Monroe would not have to beat out every player on every one of these rosters to not have a pitiful showing.   I for one think Monroe is a fine specimen for the Pistons best player. 

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