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Vincent Goodwill believes Ben Wallace wants to return

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News on Ben Wallace:

I do believe he wants to be back for one more year.

Goodwill previously reported there was a ‘pretty good chance’ Wallace returns next season, and it sounds like the Pistons signing Khris Middleton hasn’t changed that.

With 15 players already under contract, something will have to give. I have no idea what.


  • Aug 20, 20126:07 pm
    by Travis


    I have a feeling any deal is going to require the loss of Jerbreko, but on a positive it may include CV31 or Daye. 

  • Aug 20, 20126:09 pm
    by sop


    If he’s coming back then here’s the trade we should make.
    2nd Round Pick, Daye and Bynum to ORL for JJ Reddick. ORL wants to be bad and they have Afflalo to play the 2 guard spot.

    • Aug 20, 20126:33 pm
      by Desolation Row


      I’m down with that. 

      • Aug 20, 201210:30 pm
        by Talan


        Any trade would likely be to bolster our backcourt numbers, not keep them the same. Replace Will Bynum with Jason Maxiel in that trade and it makes more sense. I’d take JJ Reddick though, nice player with a  year left on contract. 

  • Aug 21, 201210:35 am
    by Holy Crow


    Is Vincent Goodwill ever right about anything? He wrote that Scott Perry would’t leave Detroit in a lateral move, and two days later he was hired by Orlando.

  • Aug 23, 20121:47 pm
    by Todd


    Saw Ben Wallace playing pickup basketball at Virginia Union University earlier this week. I would be surprised to see him retire. Don’t see guys travelling back to workout at the alma-mater just to not play the following season. 

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