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Pistons uniforms rank 11th in NBA

Paul Lukas of ESPN ranked the uniform sets of all 122 NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL teams, and the Pistons ranked 11th in the NBA, but just 57th overall:

So many NBA teams these days are using these round-ish lettering fonts, and they all lack punch. The chest mark feels soft, inconsequential. Not an unattractive uniform, but not a memorable one either.

That sounded a bit harsh to me – I definitely like the Pistons’ uniforms – but it’s tough to find teams Lukas undeservingly ranked higher.


  • Aug 27, 20123:19 pm
    by Scott86Free


    I feel like we should be right next to the lakers (possibly both jersey ranking about 5 and 6)the only thing different in the jerseys is the font!!! Yeah are jerseys may be a little safe but like Ford with the mustang we where trying to mix the new with the old, which is a Representative of how we tried to survive as an organization keeping our morals while adapting to change.

  • Aug 27, 20124:52 pm
    by Jack


    I’ve been a Pistons fan all my life, but seriously…our jerseys and logo are one of the worst in sports. I like the color scheme, but our logo needs a change. It is by far the worst of all Detroit sports’ logos and I agree that it is middle of the pack in the NBA.

    The Jerseys are okay. By okay I mean I’d give it a C-. Our logo gets a D. 

  • Aug 28, 201210:09 am
    by N1ck


    The logo is fine, old school, maybe can get a little tweak. Now the jerseys can be old school too… ;) Classic design as it was in the 80s, like the Celtics… That would be awesome.

  • Aug 29, 20124:09 pm
    by Scott Free


    As a graphic designer, I can say the font is atrocious.  They’d be better off rocking the daisy dukes from the 80′s, over the soulless approximation they’re running around in today.  

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