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Kim English keeping promise to Joe Dumars about Andre Drummond

In June, Kim English took some responsibility for Andre Drummond. David Mayo of MLive:

The Missouri guard asked Dumars on Friday how old Drummond is.

Upon reply, English said, “I got him,” and promised to make sure his fellow rookie gets to the right places at the right times.

Apparently, English is keeping that promise. English now:

I found a place to live last week, a condo, and I went furniture shopping with Dre – Andre Drummond – and we got all of our furniture, too.

Me and Dre drive to the gym together every morning.


  • Aug 8, 20124:07 pm
    by DasMark


    And English’s early cult following continues to grow! 

    I think I speak for all of Pistons Fandom, when I hope that he becomes a great player.

    • Aug 8, 20124:19 pm
      by labatts


      Yeah, I agree.  This guy is unbelievable.  And I haven’t even seen him hold a basketball yet.

      • Aug 8, 20126:25 pm
        by DasMark


        Kind of wild, eh? Has it been so cold and desolate in Detroit basketball, that we’re gravitating towards this kid? Maybe. 

    • Aug 9, 201212:43 pm
      by JT's Hoops Blog


      He certainly deserves at least a chance to start for the team.  With a professional attitude like that, he will go very far in this league.

  • Aug 8, 20124:34 pm
    by RussellC


    I hope English is half as good as his attitude. If so then Joe found another good one.

  • Aug 8, 20125:57 pm
    by Desolation Row


    He deserves a standing ovation the first time he checks into a regular season basketball game.

  • Aug 8, 20129:52 pm
    by simon


    if keeping English on the roster just for the purpose of helping drummond reach his potential, i’m more than happy with that, he seems like the ultimate proffesional, gotta love that

  • Aug 8, 201210:19 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    English isn’t just holding Drummond accountable. Check him out calling out Oakland University players for not showing up for an open gym:


  • Aug 9, 20122:58 am
    by ryan


    I wish I had Kim English looking out for me and I’m 36 years old.

  • Aug 9, 20126:54 am
    by Derek


    Yet another reason to like Kim English!  Work ethic!  Leadership skills!  Humility! Toughness!  Bad Boy Era Fan/Historian!  Deadeye Shooter!  Fellow Baltimorean!

  • Aug 9, 20129:50 am
    by Scott Free


    Wow, I wish I was half as professional as this guy.   Fart.

  • Aug 9, 201211:14 am
    by Keith


    This is exactly what the team has been missing for years. We won a championship and went to back to back Finals because Big Ben forced accountability on everyone. We stayed elite for years after with Chauncey leading the team with class and professionalism. We basically fell apart trying to rely on Sheed (hothead), AI (has he ever cared about accountability?), and Rip (petulant) to be the voice of the locker room.
    Maybe English isn’t ready to take over as a team leader right away, but the culture does finally seem to be changing and every little bit helps. We shipped out distractions (Rip) and underachievers (Gordon). We have lucked out in the draft, but as much in character (Monroe-Knight) as talent (remember when Joe was trying to move up for Cousins?). Monroe has already talked about taking Drummond under his wing and teaching. English now is creating an atmosphere of accountability and camaraderie.
    There is still a long way to go back to respectability on the court, but at least it looks like we are giving ourselves the chance off the court once again.

    • Aug 9, 20123:31 pm
      by Quin


      I love this post.  I like giving credit to Ben and Chauncey for creating a winning culture.  Tayshaun seems to be the last player with somewhat of a poor attitude, shielded by his veteran status.  We could probably benefit from moving him.  The other players are in a position to find a way to win through creativity, teamwork and effort (like Ben and Chauncey did).

    • Aug 9, 20128:20 pm
      by Vic


      True, I 2nd that emotion…
      Ben was the action leader by example, billups the vocal leader. The rest were talented, but support roles. With GMonroe and Stuck leading by example, and Knight & Kim leading vocally this team will finally have strong leadership on the floor again.

  • Aug 9, 20127:00 pm
    by Trent



    Agree with the previous statement on Tay. With our logjam at SF could we move him? Would anyone actually take on that horrible contract? To me we need to add depth at the point. What options are available at PG? Calderon has been tossed around but I think Knight will have enough TO’s for two PG’s so another turnover prone PG doesn’t excite me. Realistically we only need a 7-10min/game guy as we can rotate stuck through there as well.

    Would you rather keep Tay or Daye? Veteran + big contract VS talented youngen + small contract?

    • Aug 10, 201211:01 am
      by Keith


      I think we could move Tay if we really wanted to. Sacramento will be forced in the future to keep it’s payroll higher than they would like (new CBA salary floor), and the don’t have any good character or defensive players. Even as a backup, Tay is better than any SF on the roster besides Evan (who really isn’t a SF himself).
      I do think it would be in the team’s best interest to get a veteran PG adept at passing to keep offensive flow and teach Knight. Calderon actually seems like an ideal candidate. He annually has a huge assist rate and miniscule TO rate. A poor defender, but a smart player who Knight could learn form.
      As for Daye v Tay, I don’t think it matters. Daye doesn’t strike me as a starting caliber player (ever), but Tay doesn’t provide all that much that Maggette or Jerebko couldn’t. I’d rather draft a SF next year and not rely on either of them in the future.

  • Aug 11, 20124:02 am
    by ray


    Now if English could convince Ben to retire for sure, and cause Prince to seriously roll his ankle and be out fot at least one full month…he’d be team mvp without a doubt

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