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Kim English cleans up on NBA Rookie Survey ballot

The NBA conducts an annual survey of its rookies during the rookie symposium, asking them questions about their peers in their draft class. Kim English showed up in several of the responses in this year’s survey (note: players were not allowed to vote for themselves), Andre Drummond showed up in a couple categories and Kyle Singler showed up in one.

I think most Pistons fans have been impressed with English’s maturity and work ethic so far, and that is also noted among his fellow rookies. English received votes in the ‘Which rookie will have the best career?’ category. Here were the results of that one:

1. Anthony Davis, New Orleans — 40.6 percent

2. Harrison Barnes, Golden State — 12.5 percent

3. Damian Lillard, Portland — 9.4 percent

T-4. Thomas Robinson, Sacramento & Dion Waiters, Cleveland — 6.3 percent

Others receiving votes: Bradley Beal, Washington; Kim English, Detroit; Bernard James, Dallas; Perry Jones, Oklahoma City; Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Charlotte; Kendall Marshall, Phoenix; Fab Melo, Boston; Austin Rivers, New Orleans

English and Bernard James were the only two second round picks to receive a vote in that category. Drummond, Meyers Leonard, Terrence Ross, Dion Waiters and Jeremy Lamb were the only lottery picks who didn’t receive a vote in that category.

English also tied for third in the ‘most overlooked’ category, fourth in ‘best shooter’ and tied for fifth in ‘best defender.’

Drummond tied for fourth in ‘most athletic’ and received votes in ‘best defender.’ Singler received votes in the ‘best shooter’ category.


  • Aug 23, 20123:06 pm
    by Mark


    Its hilarious how all these bums keep getting hyped up and a top talent like Drummond gets ignored. Its like deja vu as this seems to happen every year. I personally like it this way, better to stay under the radar than have added pressure of expectations.

    • Aug 23, 201211:49 pm
      by tarsier


      “all these bums”
      Only a handful of rookies, Like Beal, got votes in several categories. By getting votes in multiple, Drummond was clearly considered in the upper echelon and not under the radar at all.

      “top talent like Drummond”
      He certainly has a ton of upside. But the reason he was available at 9 was because he has a really low floor.

      “this seems to happen every year”
      Right, another homer who thinks his team gets no respect. Poll the fans of every team. They all think their guys get overlooked. The fact of the matter is that rookies are something of a crapshoot. Every team is excited about theirs. Only a few of them are still excited four years later. I can’t be bothered to get excited about every Jan Vesely or Dion Waiters or whatever. But if I was rooting for their teams, you better believe I would be. And then it would feel like a slight when the media doesn’t seem so enthralled.

  • Aug 23, 20125:05 pm
    by ray


    Wonder who are the 3 players they thought was more athletic drummond is the first 260 plus man, I’ve ever seen do a between the legs dunk….he had a 38 inch vertical at the combine, and lane agility and speed ranked among big guards and small fowards….

    • Aug 23, 201211:41 pm
      by tarsier


      Quincy Acy, Perry Jones, Terrence Ross

  • Aug 23, 20125:47 pm
    by Vic


    Right… Good thing he has 82 games to prove how athletic he is… 

  • Aug 23, 20126:28 pm
    by Max


    It’s a travesty that Davis only got 40 percent of the vote.  Jealousy is a bitch.   For English to have a better career than Davis, Davis would have to pull an Oden or a Bias or English would have to pull a  Ray Allen or Reggie Miller.  I wonder who actually picked English.   One thing we do know, Drummond and Lamb didn’t name each other.

    • Aug 23, 201211:40 pm
      by tarsier


      Don’t forget, 6 guys weren’t allowed to pick Davis. Yeah, he should have gotten the majority of the votes. But there are a number of rookies who could easily end up better than Davis without it being a shocker. It’s just impossible to predict which of them might actually end up doing so. I’m guessing the far-fetched votes like English came from among those 6 who had limited options.

  • Aug 24, 20127:41 am
    by Brandow


    not to mention davis made it to the US olympic team without playing his first nba game, now thats not fair to the other young bigs drafted before davis such as monroe

    • Aug 24, 20125:34 pm
      by tarsier


      It doesn’t matter that he hadn’t played an NBA game. Team USA’s staff had seen him play, just like Monroe et al. And he had to play his way onto the team still after being put in the mix. Besides, Monroe’s skill set would not have been nearly as useful to Team USA. They had tons of offense. Defense was where they were lacking–somewhat.

  • Aug 24, 20129:33 am
    by RyanK


    I hope Kim English proves them right, but thus far there’s not really much to go off of.  He speaks well and says the right things: the kid’s handlers have done their job.  I just don’t see how a positive attitude is going to make him the steal of the draft.
    If Kim can become a starter, shoot for high percentages, while keeping the man he guards shooting 10% lower than his average, then we have a steal.

    • Aug 24, 20125:30 pm
      by tarsier


      If he can consistently keep his man shooting 10% below his average, English will be one of the greatest wing defenders of all time.

  • Aug 24, 201211:28 am
    by danny


    The reason why a good attitude would be a steal is how he affects others in the lockers room.  Look at AI had a lot of talent and made his teammates go to night clubs and bars all the time.  The fact that his attitude is focused on playing ball his what amazes me.  He also very well spoken which to me shows that he is smart and capable of understanding things.

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