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Khris Middleton lowest-rated Piston on ESPN’s #NBArank

ESPN’s #NBArank – which ranks every NBA player based on "the current quality of each player" – has returned for another year, and three Pistons made the first installment of the countdown (401-500):

Middleton’s near-last ranking isn’t surprising, and even if it doesn’t actually mean anything, it is a little chuckle-worthy to see two players just ahead of him – Walker Russell (475) and Vernon Macklin (477).

A reminder: This project drastically underrated rookies last year. That’s probably perennially unavoidable, given we haven’t seen any rookie play an NBA minute yet. So, don’t fret where Detroit’s first-year players wind up. I’m much more interested to see where the team’s other 10 players rank.

Because Vyacheslav Kravtsov still isn’t listed on the Pistons’ official rosterthough he signed – he’s not included in the rankings. No need to expect him in the top 400.


  • Aug 18, 20123:02 pm
    by sop


    407. Kyle Singler: I love how he went up 40 places from last year without playing a single NBA game. Not that he didn’t get better than he was last year or that he didn’t prove anything in Spain but it shows how the guys running this usually just go with majority opinion on less well known players. 
    441. Kim English: Again, if these experts had ever watched English play they would know he shouldn’t be 30 spots lower than Sundiata Gaines. 
    485. Khis Middleton: Uhh so with a Macklin-like NBA Rank, a terrible Summer League performance and lackluster production in his Junior year I’m getting really excited about Middleton. Especially when Will Barton, Tyshawn Taylor and Doron Lamb were all still on the board. 

  • Aug 18, 20123:06 pm
    by John


    “who’s Joe Dumars, and where’s McNeese St?” tons of people have said that in the past, and look at his careeer.

  • Aug 18, 20123:50 pm
    by koz


    Middleton will be the next michael curry.

    • Aug 19, 20124:47 pm
      by Matt


      He’s going to be a crappy coach?

  • Aug 18, 20124:37 pm
    by Vic


    Will Barton was the guy so many willregret not getting. I preferred Jae Crowder, but I thought Barton was going round 1

  • Aug 25, 201211:34 am
    by Matt Brown


    The Pistons should have kept Walker Russell, Jr.   He was clearly theonly “pure” point guard they had.  

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