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Isiah Thomas didn’t blame John Stockton for Dream Team snub

I’ll have a few posts up this weekend about “Dream Team: How Michael, Magic, Larry, Charles, and the Greatest Team of All Time Conquered the World and Changed the Game of Basketball Forever,” Jack McCallum’s new book. Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the book for review.

When his Dream Team controversy resurfaced this year, Isiah Thomas took the high road when discussing his exclusion from the squad. He did the same thing 20 years ago, too. Jack McCallum’s “Dream Team”:

Perhaps because Stockton was so sensitive to the Isiah issue, and because he also respected him as a player, Stockton never said anything remotely negative about Thomas. (Then again, Mostly Silent John never said that much anyway. And Thomas, for his part, never hung Stockton out to dry. There is no doubt that Isiah considered himself the superior player, but he never denigrated the Jazz point guard, and after the Dream Team business had finished, Isiah placed a phone call to Jack and Dan’s Bar and Grill in Spokane and asked to speak to the owner.

“I just want to let you know, Mr. Stockton,” Isiah said to John’s father, Jack, “that anything I had to say about the Dram Team had nothing to do with your son. he’s a great player.”

Neither Stockton nor his father ever forgot that call.


  • Aug 12, 20125:01 pm
    by rick


    Just another one of those stories that gets pushed under the rug when people go off about Thomas. I always enjoy reading stories like these because most people with a opinion can read it as well and eat crow also especially if they had a negative opinion about Thomas. Wish the public heard more stories about Thomas like this one. It would more than certainly help in the public opinion department.

  • Aug 12, 20127:05 pm
    by Max


    Stockton had Thomas induct him into the hall of fame so you know Stockton has the greatest respect for Isiah. 

    • Aug 12, 201210:59 pm
      by bill


      Do you think Stockton would still have chosen him after his sexual harassment antics with the Knicks? Just because Thomas didn’t yell and scream about the Dream Team snub doesn’t mean he’s a good guy, and it doesn’t change my opinion about him one bit.

  • Aug 12, 20129:48 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    Isiah is a complex, complex man. And there are more stories like this in the book … seriously, if you love the NBA, even if you really dislike some of the Dream Team players, this is a fantastic read.

  • Aug 13, 20127:53 pm
    by Drew


    Bill, where did you go?

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