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Greek team reportedly wants Ben Wallace

Gazzetta.gr via Google translation (hat tip: SB Nation):

The transcription of the summer chasing Panathinaikos who, according to exclusive information gazzetta.gr, consider the case of Ben Wallace.

The "green" they want to change the balance not only in Greece but also in Europe with a resonant transfer and therefore consider the case of Ben Wallace. The 38 year old center-to 16-year career in the NBA is free and is pretty high on the list Pedoulaki Argyris. The Greek coach of the "cloverleaf" lookingboulder-player on defense … will download all the rebounds and will cover the basket of ‘green’, so it considers the case of the American Center, which seems to be the ideal as it covers everything you ask the coach of Panathinaikos.

Three thoughts that aren’t necessarily consistent with each other:

1. I’d be surprised if Ben Wallace plays for a team other than the Pistons next season.

2. Joe Dumars and Wallace talk every other day. Though the Pistons didn’t have to give Khris Middleton a contract tender until September, they signed him this week. Days later, a report emerges a Greek team is interest in Wallace. Maybe Dumars and Wallace are on the same page that Wallace won’t be a Pistons next season.

3. Perhaps, Panathinaikos realized the Pistons’ roster is now full, therefore assumed Wallace was available and hasn’t even spoken to him yet.

Also, this is far less relevant, but I really enjoyed this translated line about Wallace:

The wool reminds Josh Childress. Ben Wallace most of his career appeared to kotsidakia to … picking the hair broom available.


  • Aug 17, 20126:12 pm
    by Derek


    Panathinaikos would be using him as a third string center if they signed him. US media is making a mountain out of a mole hill.

  • Aug 17, 201210:23 pm
    by gerd


    well that’s a mountain of a news if you are a pistons fan, a mole hill if you are not.

    • Aug 20, 20126:29 am
      by tarsier


      not really. i loved the wallae era in motown. but his presence or absence on the team no longer changes much.

  • Aug 18, 20125:43 am
    by Kaneda


    Wow the translation of that article is weird. Was that google translate? If you need any help translating Greek to English let me know… I can help. I can tell you, without a doubt, that Greek sports media is full of sh*t the majority of the time. I live with it and read it on a daily basis. I wouldn’t put too much emphasis on an article by that specific website. 
    Today, gazzetta.gr wrote a new article basically saying that their original article shook up the detroit piston bloggers (haha) and have referenced mlive and pistonpowered (but for some reason they link pistonpowered through buzztap.com)
    Assuming there is any validity to this rumor, I think it would be a good choice for Ben to go to Panathinaikos and Greece (even though it would devastate me as a Greek sports fan to see him join a rival team). Instead of having a minor role with Detroit he would be able to dominate the game for a couple more years if he moved to Europe.

  • Aug 18, 20127:07 am
    by george13


    welcome ben wallace in panathinaikos

  • Aug 18, 20127:57 am
    by Vic


    Off topic; http://hoopshype.com/rumors.htm

    Pistons big man coach was offered same jOb with Portland, but refused.
    Cant blame him, why take a lateral move when you could possibly soon get credited with shaping the best piece of clay and one of the most skilled bigs in the league?

    The other side of me wishes he had taken it to make room for the more proven Laimbeer (kevin love) or danny manning (Jeff withey, Thomas Robinson) or Ben Wallace

    • Aug 18, 20128:20 am
      by Vic


      Also a good sign that he’s wanted

  • Aug 18, 20128:03 am
    by sop


    this translation is hilarious

  • Aug 18, 201211:02 am
    by Manolo Greek


    Ben Wallace come to Panathinaikos the best basketball team in Europe !!!
    6 times European champion with better players than more nba teams.
    Come to Athens and you will be a King !!! Pestons are dead , come to Panathinaikos 

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