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Good news for Greg Monroe: Age limit for 2016 Olympic basketball unlikely

Ian Thomsen of Sports Illustrated:

The NBA’s interest in pursuing an age ceiling for Olympic basketball is "unlikely” to be instituted in time for the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro, according to the source, who has direct knowledge of the talks involving the International Olympic Committee and FIBA, the international ruling body for basketball.

NBA commissioner David Stern has publicly floated the idea of establishing a maximum age for men’s basketball players of all countries at future Olympics that would mirror the rules of soccer, which requires that players in the Olympic tournament be no older than 23, with three exceptions (for players of any age) allowed per roster.

But the source stressed that quick action on an age limitation is highly unrealistic for FIBA. Passage of the new rule will require the ratification of 213 national basketball federations around the world — the sporting equivalent of the United Nations. The involvement of the IOC will further complicate the talks.

Greg Monroe is 22, so he’d be 26 by the next Olympics. It would be nearly impossible for him to deserve one of the three over-23 spots in 2016, but if there’s no age limit, he would likely be a decent contender for the roster.


  • Aug 9, 20121:39 pm
    by Keith


    It still irks me that Monroe didn’t even get an invite to the select team this year. He’s better than any of the other big men invited. Even from a fit standpoint, he’s one of the few big men out there with quality passing AND rebounding AND scoring. I’ve heard it had something to do with his agent, which sounds incredibly bogus.

    • Aug 9, 20122:35 pm
      by MoJo


      Sure Monroe deserved a spot over blake griffin. But he is not a better NBA player than all the bigs on the roster. Kevin Love is the best power forward in the NBA in my opinion consistant double doubles, great shooter and elite rebounder. But certainly Greg deserved a spot over other PF’s.

      • Aug 9, 20122:52 pm
        by Matt


        Keith was referring to the Select team when he said that Monroe was better than any of the other bigs they invited. I don’t think he was implying that Monroe was snubbed when it came to not being chosen for the Olympic team.

  • Aug 9, 201210:31 pm
    by DG


    4 years from now, Drummond may have developed enough to be a very good if not all star center in the league.  Imagine an all Pistons frontline at the Olympics!

  • Aug 10, 201210:38 am
    by G


    Never thought I’d say this, but I agree with Kobe – the age limit suggestion is ridiculous

  • Aug 10, 20126:43 pm
    by politics


    it’s all inner politics and marketing. greg monroe is not a flashy or popular player so he got shafted. let’s revel in the fact that people hate on pistons players right now, it will be sweeter to see them succeed. :)

    • Aug 12, 201211:11 am
      by BIGMARV


      yeah its kinda true what you said about monroe he’s a boring player similiar to the tim duncan school of basketball. All fundementals and not flash, as you can see they already hypig up Drummond to be the star of this team. But I think Monroe will make the USA team because of his game play and he shows good attitude and respect around the league so he will get a vote for the team. But you will see a different monroe this year that everybody will notice now that he got a true center to do the dirty work next to chris bosh I think monroe will be one of the top PF’s in the East it will be fun to watch him grow even more this season.

  • Aug 12, 201210:40 am
    by BIGMARV


    Ok if the 23 and under rule dont work how about a “one and done” rule that way everybody will have a chance to play on the team instead of worring about who will make the age limit or who will take another roster spot that already played on the usa team. Because there are some more rising stars in the league that I would like to see play and they probaly would not make the 23 and under rule.

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