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Former Piston Vernon Macklin signs with Turkish team

From Hoopshype:

Free agent center Vernon Macklin is signing with Gaziantep of Turkey, agent Greg Nunn told HoopsHype. Macklin, a Florida product, averaged 2.0 ppg and 1.5 rpg in his rookie year with the Pistons.

“Vernon decided to turn down three NBA camp invites,” Nunn said. “He feels he needs to play to showcase his talents and return to the NBA next year.”

I certainly wish the Pistons got more of a look at Macklin last season, but the best option for him pay-wise was certainly going to be overseas this season. If he took a training camp invite hoping to make a team and didn’t ultimately end up making that roster, his overseas options may have been more limited by that point. Hope it works out well for him.


  • Aug 19, 201211:00 am
    by MrBlockedShot


    I’m happy he finally found a place to play all season with minutes.
    He basically killed all his chances during the summer league with the Pistons. imho he showed no developement at all, missing uncontested dunks, and no sight of new skills. He’s too raw yet, don’t know wether he will ever develop into a much consistent player although he’s very young at this point.

  • Aug 19, 20123:52 pm
    by RyanK


    He’s not that young…what is he 25-26?  
    In the garbage time he was on the floor last season, it seemed like he was making good plays.  He put up killer stats in the D-League.  If he were a shotblocker, he probably would be on the roster this season.

  • Aug 19, 20127:38 pm
    by ryan


    Good for Vernon I hope he does well in Turkey and if he’s looking to come back I hope he gives us a call.

  • Aug 19, 20128:43 pm
    by Chris


    I like this a lot. Vernon Macklin may have had a poor summer league showing – but more importantly he looked able to hold his own as a project last year off the end of the bench and did well in the D-League. His prior experience with the Pistons will give us a little bit of an “in” should he develop overseas.

  • Aug 19, 20129:21 pm
    by gmehl


    So Macklin has basically made Kyle Singler look like a genius. At the time i was disappointed he decided to stay overseas last season but his call to do so has paid off in spades. If he’d of come over once the lockout was over then there was no guarantee that he would of played to showcase himself like he eventually ended up doing with Real Madrid. Hopefully Macklin can do the same and find a gig in the NBA sometime soon.

    • Aug 19, 201210:59 pm
      by sebastian


      Singler and Macklin are both, scrubs.

      • Aug 20, 20121:05 am
        by gmehl


        Why even waste your time commenting on an article about Macklin if you think he is a scrub?? Macklin/Singler might not be star players but they have at least both made it to the pinnacle of basketball leagues in the world. How far have you made it sebastian?? I will assume the local unisex Sunday league.

        • Aug 20, 20123:49 pm
          by sebastian


          gmehl, I respect your opinion and interest and likewise, I would like to have my opinions respected.
          My point is, why are WE wasting both wasting time talking about a guy (Singler), who may be dressed in street clothes most nights or at best have his street clothes on underneath his warm-ups (again, Singler) and Macklin, a guy who has to go play ball on another continent.
          Forgive me for repeating myself, but Kyle Singler and Vernon Macklin are both, scrubs.
          End of story …
          P.S. You should see my rec-League impersonation of Joe Dumars, circa 1986-90. I rule the courts, G!

          • Aug 20, 201210:52 pm
            by gmehl

            Sebastian the way you worded your comment just came across very arrogant. I would like to think that i am very respectful of other peoples opinions here at pistonpowered but leaving a comment like ‘Singler and Macklin are both, scrubs’ to me is a wasting your and my time. The point i was trying to make was that Singler made the very wise decision to stay in Europe last season instead of coming and riding the bench like Macklin did. I by no means think either player is ever going to be more than a useful bench warmer but that wasn’t the point i was trying to make. If you want me to respect your opinion then at least show some respect with the way you word your comments because yours sounded like you were putting my one down. Personally i love talking about everything pistons and it doesn’t matter if it is about our star player or the 15th guy on the roster. Singler is on this team whether you like it or not so you might as well just get used to it and i say that with all the respect in the world :-)

          • Aug 20, 201210:59 pm
            by Talan

            Macklin did great in the D-League and did well in spot minutes in the NBA. The only reason we didn’t keep him was because we have a glut of frontcourt players. I’m sure he could of played himself onto an NBA squad if he accepted those training camp invites. 

            Kyle Singler just signed a 3 year contract with us. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up getting 15-20 minutes a night for us this year. Not a scrub.  

            We can’t always talk about our above average players, because we don’t have many. Even Miami Heat fans talk about Dexter Pittman. 

  • Aug 20, 20123:58 am
    by Mark


    This is good news for the Pistons, as it leaves open the option of re-signing him next year perhaps, if we wanted, when we’ll likely have roster spots available. You gotta figure CV, Max, and Daye will all be gone. With only Monroe/Drummond/Kravstov/Jerebko (who’s a tweener), we’ll likely be in the market for another backup big next year. 

    Had he signed with an NBA team we’d probably not have a chance to sign him again. This way its kind of like we get an extra year of evaluating him to decide if we want to resign him. Sort of like we sent him overseas for a year to work on his game, and get to see what progress he made before deciding on him.

  • Sep 17, 20128:29 pm
    by Doggie


    Vernon Macklins girl Brooke Bailey on Basketball Wives LA is SUPER HOT!!! I hope he doesnt become known for just having a fine woman and not develop his game. Wow, he was in the league and didnt improve over the summer? He wasnt playing much so instead of hanging out he should have been working on his fundamentals for his next job. Good luck young man. If you dont work, you dont eat.

  • Jun 5, 20137:16 am
    by good topic


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