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Corey Maggette-Ben Gordon trade came together quickly

Keith Langlois of Pistons.com:

Often, those conversations lay the groundwork for deals that can be agreed to overnight. The June trade with Charlotte that brought Maggette for Ben Gordon came together remarkably fast.

These details about how trades come together always intrigue me. The most likely impetus here: The Bobcats hired Rich Cho as their general manager shortly a year before the trade. I wonder what spurred this deal so suddenly.


  • Aug 22, 201212:42 pm
    by Otis


    I noticed that too, and it bothered me. I’m not a fan of the trade. I think, in a best-case scenario it has no real impact if the pick doesn’t amount to much (like, let’s say the Pistons end up crappy enough that it’s protected for the next two years, and they pick up two more good young pieces, then the third year they’re picking somewhere in the 20s; or maybe it’s an obvious pick who ends up a bust, like Darko or Oden), or if the Pistons are actually able to do something truly impactful with the cap space next summer (which I think is doubtful). In a worst-case scenario, the pick ends up amounting to another Monroe/Knight/Drummond type.
    We all know how bad this trade could turn out. That’s the risk Dumars took. But the thing is, I just don’t see the upside here. I don’t see what the team has to gain. I touched on this in the last thread, but I’ll restate it here since there’s not much discussion going on and it’s to the point.
    What are we planning on doing with this cap space? It offers flexibility, sure, but what’s going to come of it? There isn’t much in the way of free agents (and one of our potential targets, Ibaka, just re-upped), and there’s no shortage of teams with cap space (and we’re one of the worst free agent destinations this side of the Turkish league). We have all the role players we need. Too many role players to fit into a rotation. We need decisive upgrades, centerpiece type players, guys to put those role players around. And I don’t see that happening. If the Thunder re-signs Harden next, that leaves a maximum of maybe two or three free agents who could really help this team, and I think there’s at least ten teams with cap space. There’s also not going to be a tremendous amount of player movement like there was this summer, at least I don’t think. So we’ll have cap space a year too late to capitalize on that.
    Guys like Knight, Monroe, Stuckey, Jerebko, Singler, hopefully Drummond and English, are all rotation-quality players, but they’re not good enough to form a team that’s going to be a factor in the league. At best they’ll be respectable. Drummond has to become truly dominant to make us anything more, and we can’t bank on that. If we’re taking the long, slow, painful route to rebuild, the goal must be to have a contender. And we need to add at least a player or two who is significantly better than the guys who are our top players today. I don’t see it happening.
    I’m wondering what you Piston Powered commentators think? I don’t want to be too negative, but I really don’t see the upside of this trade. I think Dumars did it for reasons that benefit himself and not the team. He gives himself a chance to keep his job a little longer probably, but what do you see happening realistically with this one year advance on our cap space? (Sorry if I went on too long.)

  • Aug 22, 20122:31 pm
    by Scott


    look at the nuggets–they added iguodala as a side-effect of the dwight/bynum trade.  

    I wish that had been the pistons…and the expiring contracts of maggette, bynum, daye, and maxiell could allow them to be the beneficiary next time an excellent player is auctioned off for financial reasons.  

    I think this is the best-case scenario for using cap space, expiring contracts, and ‘flexibility’ to your advantage despite not being a desirable free-agent destination. 

    • Aug 22, 20122:44 pm
      by Otis


      Right. That’s what the Pistons should have done with cap space the last time they had it. But there were also a lot of moving parts leading up to the summer of Lebron. That was a wasted opportunity.
      My point is that Joe burned a pick in order to have cap space one summer too late for it to be worth it. I don’t think there’s going to be NEARLY the same kinds of opportunities out there next summer, not as many moving pieces. Ya feel me?
      If he could have done this a year ago, burned a pick to be rid of TWO extra years of Gordon instead of one, and helped facilitate a trade this summer, they could have gotten an Iguodala or something. I just don’t think it’s going to happen next year.

  • Aug 22, 20122:40 pm
    by rick


    Guess you don’t pay attention to how The Piston’s win Championships. They surely don’t rely on unproven commodities such as future draft picks. Don’t be pessimistic and read what Espn has to say about our team and trust what the front office has in store. If you don’t truly believe we have a core then you must not really believe in Joe D and what the future holds. I believe we are better than 14 other team lottery bound teams so the pick was worth trading in my opinion.

    • Aug 22, 20122:58 pm
      by Otis


      I could not disagree with you more. I don’t use ESPN “experts” to form my analysis, but that doesn’t mean I have to eat out of Joe Dumars’s hands like a sheep either. I think for myself.
      I know how the Pistons built their championship teams: With players who are VERY good but not great. The Pistons do not have many players who fit that description. The 03-08 core basically consisted of five above average players who were generally well-rounded (with Ben Wallace’s offense being the exception, which he more than made up for with his defense). No matter who they played, none of our starters was ever completely overmatched, and there was always a mismatch we could exploit. They could post up at five positions, played great team ball, etc.
      The current Pistons have ONE “very good” player: Greg Monroe. Everyone else is a role player, including Stuckey and Knight. Knight and Drummond may or may not develop into very good players. Even if they do, that’s three, and we’re still years away from that happening. If Stuckey finally takes that leap forward we’ve been waiting five years for, that’s four, but he’s already going to be 30 by the time Drummond and Knight are ready (if they ever are). A core five of Knight, Stuckey, Singler, Monroe and Drummond, should they reach their potential, is not a championship team.
      I have no confidence in Joe Dumars. What he accomplished ten years ago means nothing today. This is the man who traded our best players for cap space so he could sign our worst players to franchise-crippling contracts. I believe the future holds a long and bland future of mediocrity and excuses from the organization and from homers like you. If you think we’re going to be the best team in the league that doesn’t make the playoffs, you should be institutionalized.

  • Aug 22, 20125:28 pm
    by rick


    Well since it means nothing then you tell me who could come in and change the dynamic. Look Im no armchair Gm who acts like he knows the in’s and out’s of an organization or how it’s ran. What I am is a fan who is patient an understand that these things go in cycles. No reason for you to overllok the good things but want to press about the negaitive. For all Joe has done we still have a pretty decent core is all I am saying. Hindsight to me is 20/20 where were you before any of these trades or scenario’s played out? We have a new owner who obviously trust Joe and what he is capable of. I guess you would rather have someone like Mark Cuban?  One last thing if Chauncey was our best player and he was all of 31 years old, why then has he been traded like three times and not won a title since he left here? You wanna say forget what Joe did ten years ago but forget in order to do that you would have to let go of your favorite player in doing so. Get over it $hit happens and Detroit was not getting better with the what they had. Again another comment based off hindsight. I loved what Joe bulit and am willing just like the new owner to give him a chance he is better than over half the gms in this league so it would be disengenous to deny all the good and only look at the negative. Alas though that is what fairweather fans do.

    • Aug 22, 20126:29 pm
      by Otis


      Where was I before all that crap happened? On Pistons message boards and other blogs, forecasting most of the misery that Joe’s shameful mismanagement was going to bring. I wish I’d found this place sooner so I could tell you “I told you so” just like I told them.
      Go ahead and sit back and watch and wait and eat up everything the organization is feeding you. Eat it with a spoon. Your patience will not be rewarded. Joe Dumars does not know what he’s doing, and the only shame is that he’s going to get fired several seasons too late and for the wrong reasons. Count on it.

  • Aug 22, 20127:23 pm
    by rick


    If you hate em so bad then why are you still posting? It is called reality. If he was as bad as you say then why did ownership extend him? So dont sit back and say you knew it was all gonna happen because who knew AI would flame out the way he did? Oh yeah it was you who told us that. Dont act like you did not watch the playoffs when we were getting put out and other teams point guards were shredding our defense. Dont act like the NBA didnt change its rules either. I for one got tired of flaming out right before the finals. Not fun as a fan but I guess you like finishing third or fourth place as long as you gotta chance to see Billups play. If you knew me then you would know that I was a Billups backer back then and still now. I just know how organizations tend to operate to a degree. Their is no winning in trying to save face and keep everyone happy. Sometimes you gotta bite the bullet in order to get better. The jury will be out on Joe and its up to Mr Gores to determine whether or not he is capable of finishing the job. So no matter how much you claim to have had imperical evidence to the facts I beg to differ. Then again that is just my opinion and Im gonna stick with it. Only about a handful of teams can say they have a title and my Pistons are one of them. They have a player/gm who was part of them all. Hate if you want to but go find me someone who could do his job better with everything that was going on in our organization. I’m waiting……………….

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