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CBSSports.com Pistons podcast

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News and I spoke with Matt Moore of CBSSports.com about the Pistons’ offseason. Check it out.


  • Aug 27, 20124:38 pm
    by rick


    Gotta question for the guys. Whats the book on Scott Machado? Would Dumars sign him or veteran point guard? Is he too short? I was wondering why he has not found a team and was wondering if I was off with over hyping. The games I watched he looked very solid and coacheable. Don’t understand why noone has signed him.

    • Aug 27, 20124:45 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      I would guess Machado has camp invites to multiple teams, not sure if he’s accepted one or not.

      The Pistons supposedly had a little bit of interest in him before the draft, but they don’t have a roster spot to sign him. The best they could do is offer a camp invite as well. If Machado decides to take a camp invite, he’d probably pick a team that has at least a roster spot open, so if he plays well he’d have a better chance at getting signed. Even if the Pistons liked Machado in camp, they’d have to cut someone to make room for him, not to mention they still haven’t resolved what, if anything, they are going to do if Ben Wallace wants to play.

      The downside for players like Machado waiting and taking a camp invite somewhere is that it potentially costs them opportunities overseas. Often, the spots in the best and highest paying foreign leagues dry up fast, and they won’t wait around for a player to go to NBA training camp. They’d want a quick decision. So if Machado went to camp with a team like the Pistons and was inevitably cut, he might not have as many overseas options in September/October as he probably does right now. If he does go to camp with a team and doesn’t make it, I’d guess he’d play in the D-League next season and try to earn a shot somewhere in the NBA during the season.

      • Aug 27, 20125:01 pm
        by rick


        Well glaning over at Hoopsworld they have an article that says he’s actually turning down Europen teams in hopes of invite. Seeing that it raised my eyebrow a bit which led me to the questions.

        Scott Machado Hoping to Land in NBA?
        August 27, 2012

        The dream of Juve Caserta is Scott Machado who seems not interested in joining the club. Machado hopes for a call for an NBA veteran camp where he would try to get a contract for the next NBA season.
        via E. Carchia of Sportando

        • Aug 27, 20125:03 pm
          by Patrick Hayes


          That would make me think he’s committed to playing this season in the D-League if he doesn’t get an invite or if he gets cut. Probably a smart strategy for him. I could easily see him both playing well in the D-League and landing on a roster sometime mid-season if a team has injuries at PG. I think a team like the Pistons should definitely consider him, it’s just hard to convince a team to cut guaranteed money in favor of a rookie free agent these days.

  • Aug 27, 20125:19 pm
    by rick


    Thatnks for the inoformation as well as write up. I hope Detoit would give him a look. Think he would actually fit in well to whatever offense they try to to run. If firstteam is a run and gun team Im sure he would be great fit to the second team if they are more half court. Just looking for a bit of diversity on team. Hopefully the roster will shake out in the next month or so and we will see what we are rolling with for the season.

    • Aug 27, 20125:21 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Yeah, I’m with you. I love his skillset and think he’s really underrated. I was shocked he wasn’t drafted, but he’s a guy who isn’t going to impress with measurables or at the combine — he’s small and not particularly fast. It will see teams actually seeing him live in games to understand what he does well.

  • Aug 28, 20127:23 am
    by Jesse


    Wow Dan, way to fight through (and salvage) a really misinformed and unprofessional job by the interviewer…. He had his chronology wrong (date of Jerebko signing), no idea where the what the team is going and trying to accomplish (John Henson complimenting Greg better than Drummond, really?) and he spent the whole podcast sighing, whining and complaining.
    ….And what was with that 10 second break of silence between the two interviews?

    • Aug 29, 20127:56 pm
      by Max


      Absolutely right on,  I’ve been listening to all of the teams off season reviews and the host hasn’t treated any other team with such negativity,   The funny thing was that all of those he interviewed were basically giving the Pistons a B while Moore’s tone seemed like he would have given them an F,   I don’t think the doubters have any more logic on their side regarding Drummond as those who are wildly optimistic and I don’t know how anyone on either side can be so sure.   I do think Drummond has more going for him to say he will succeed than Michael Olwokandi did when he went #1 so I don’t see how anyone can actually think it wasn’t a great pick with an acceptable amount of risk.  I remember everyone applauding the Nets pick of Yinka Dare around #9 many years ago and all he had was Drummond’s size without his shocking and nearly unprecedented athleticism.  The pick was a no brainer and I think Pistons’ fans would have been angered if Joe passed–I know I would have because I spend the entire draft process just hoping he would be available.

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