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Andre Drummond tooned

Natalie Sitto’s legendary toons at Need4Sheed now include another face: Andre Drummond. Click through to see the image, which qualifies as major breaking news for the Pistons this time of year. Natalie:

Excited by the Pistons youth movement, Andre was the first Rookie (and rightfully so) I tooned.

I eagerly await toons of Vyacheslav Kravtsov, Khris Middleton and especially Kim English. I’m not worried about Kyle Singler, though. He’s already been done.


  • Aug 20, 20129:22 pm
    by Moe


    take daye off he’s gonna be gone soon

  • Aug 21, 20129:03 am
    by DasMark



  • Aug 21, 20121:16 pm
    by Scott86Free


    Terrico White never even played a regular season game and he is has been tooned

  • Aug 21, 20123:46 pm
    by Scott Free


    Odd, I had low expectations for this off-season, but if you told me the only trade to go down (after the 4th losing season in a row) was a marginal Ben Gordon for Corey Magette trade, I’d have said you were off your rocker.  

    How long does Dumars think we have guaranteed contracts for Greg Monroe?  If he keeps standing pat a major market team is going to throw money at our slightly above average players and leave us with Tayshaun Prince and Austin Daye!  

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