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You will be able to watch Andre Drummond in action next week on NBA TV

When Andre Drummond‘s Pistons career gets started next week in the Orlando Summer League, you’ll be able to watch. And he’ll get thrown right into the fire against some established NBA big men. From Keith Langlois of Pistons.com:

I have a feeling there will be a bit more interest among Pistons fans in this game than an ordinary summer league game, no?


  • Jul 1, 20129:53 pm
    by Chris


    Will there be any way to stream it live if you don’t have NBA TV?

    • Jul 1, 20129:59 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      In the past, they have had them available on live stream, but I haven’t seen anything on NBA.com yet officially saying they will be. We’ll certainly update when we find an announcement on it.

  • Jul 1, 201210:04 pm
    by Chris


    Alright thanks

  • Jul 1, 201210:09 pm
    by Travis


    Will you guys do any reviews on the games?

  • Jul 1, 201210:14 pm
    by Moe


    drummond got this

  • Jul 1, 201210:50 pm
    by Bugsygod


    Drummond will look dominant .. but we have to remember he’s 18.

  • Jul 1, 201211:17 pm
    by Travis


    I moved to CA from MI and watched the Pistons in Vegas and now that I’ve moved to FL, they are playing in Orlando for the Summer League. #winning

    • Jul 2, 201212:56 am
      by C.J


      haha…. thats great

    • Jul 2, 201212:03 pm
      by apa8ren9


      That is great. At least someone is winning. I finally setup trip to Las Vegas this year for summer league and the Pistons are in Orlando.  Bummed.  But I am going to Vegas anyway!  Is Orlando open to the public?

      • Jul 2, 20126:10 pm
        by Travis


        No, it’s not. But, being friends with the DeVos family has its perks.

  • Jul 1, 201211:42 pm
    by MNM


    Im hoping that Middleton and Singler play well enough to push Daye out.. It’s enough already..really.

  • Jul 1, 201211:48 pm
    by Faris


    theres a website to livestream games for free with no downloads its called “vipbox.tv”

  • Jul 1, 201211:54 pm
    by philsense


    I don’t expect much of Drummond stats wise in the summer league.

  • Jul 2, 201212:08 am
    by Faris


    Pistond just signed somebody named vyacheslav kravtsov… Who is he??

    • Jul 2, 201212:51 am
      by Talan


      Awesome! This bodes well for more upcoming trades. We can’t have 16 people on the roster. This also speaks to the odds of Ben Wallace returning. We now have center depth. Monroe/Drummond/krav maga 

      Also, i’m a homer but Drummond is probably going to get destroyed by favors and kanter. Favors is really good. Will be fun to watch!

  • Jul 2, 201212:19 am
    by gmehl


    Even if Drummond puts up 15pts/10reb i think it is important that we all keep a lib on it. We all remember how Daye dominated the summer league but couldn’t carry it across to the regular season. Speaking of Daye hopefully he plays (summer league) and some silly gm out there falls for it and gives up a late 1st or early 2nd rounder for him. Anyone know if Daye is suiting up for it this season?? That is he is not part of a trade before then.

  • Jul 2, 201212:37 am
    by gmehl


    lid not lib

  • Jul 2, 20121:34 am
    by anotherchris


    It’s also important if he doesnt produce too much we remember he is just 18. Favors and Kanter are both big, strong, athletic, talented, and (relatively) experienced playoff calibre guys. Even if Drummond comes off second or third best it will be a good learning experience, a significant step up from UCONN.
    Nice that there is this level of talent there this year. Welcome to the NBA part 1.

  • Jul 2, 20126:25 am
    by DasMark


    Drummond isn’t going to have it easy against Kanter and Favors. They both have a lot of experience and are legit NBA big men. 

  • Jul 2, 20127:31 am
    by ryan


    Dre will destroy those paper mache punks! (Ha, ha. I hope any way.)

    See as how we’ve added four or five players who seem like they deserve roster spots I really hope we make some moves. I would like to see Corey Maggette, Jason Maxiell, Charlie Villanueva and Austin Daye traded. My hope would be that we trade them for something of value (primarily players we can store abroad or draft picks).

    Also I want to see Ben Wallace back but in a coaching role not as a player. He and Roy Rogers could really help the young bigs if he comes back.

    Basically these are the guys I want on the roster. Guards: Brandon Knight, Rodney Stuckey, Kim “Johnny” English and Will Bynum. Forwards & Centers: Tayshaun Prince, Khris Middleton, Kyle Singler, Jonas Jerebko, Andre Drummond, Greg Monroe, Vyacheslav Kravtsov and Vernon Macklin.

    How many spots are their on an NBA roster now? 13, 15?

    • Jul 2, 201211:26 am
      by Faraz


      Ben Wallace is not interested in coaching. He wants to pursue a degree in Law.

    • Jul 2, 20123:53 pm
      by CNA5


      15 on a roster now.  The 13 is the playoff roster, I think.  Either way, only 12 dress for a game.
      My gut feeling is that Dumars is going to try to land rotation players through trades for Maggette and/or Maxiell, Bynum, and Daye.  He’s not going after projects or picks.  If he were doing that, he wouldn’t have traded that 1st round pick to Charlotte to get rid of Gordon.
      No, he’s trying to free himself up right now to make significant additions to the roster in the next calendar year.
      As far as the opening roster, I think it’ll be:
      SF/SG Maggette
      SF  Prince
      SF  Daye
      SF/PF  Jerebko
      PF  Maxiell
      PF  Villanueva
      PF/C Monroe
      PF/C Wallace (I think he comes back one more year after he thinks about it)
      C  Drummond
      G  Stuckey
      PG  Bynum
      PG  Knight
      SG  English
      The last 2 spots will be a free for all with Middleton, Singler, Kravtsov, Macklin, or if they use all or part of the MLE on someone.
      The only scenario where I see a major roster change before training camp is if the Pistons use those expiring contracts as the third or fourth team in transactions involving Dwight Howard or Deron Williams (or maybe Steve Nash).

  • Jul 2, 20129:01 am
    by Vince


    Should be interesting… Honestly don’t know what to expect.

  • Jul 2, 20129:17 am
    by MarkS


    Hope he blocks a few shots and grabs some rebounds.  Couple easy dunks would be nice.   Just looking for some assertiveness/glimpses.  Yeah, that Utah matchup is going to be tough for him.  At least you get 8 fouls in summer league, I think.

  • Jul 2, 201211:07 am
    by bugsygod


    NO FAVORS….HE IS PLAYING on US Select Team against Olympic team.

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