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Will Bynum denies report he has been offered a contract by Turkish team

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News tweeted this today:

It caught me by surprise, because I hadn’t seen a report that Bynum was apparently attracting overseas interest. Apparently, though, Sportando, a website covering international basketball news, did report that Bynum received an offer:

Fenerbahce made a $1.6M offer to Will Bynum as reported to Sportando by a source close to the situation. The PG is not happy for his limited role with the Pistons, with whom he has contract for next season, and is open to return to Europe in case of good offer.

Bynum has played two years in Europe with Maccabi Tel Aviv early in his career before joining the Pistons in 2008-09. Fenerbahce made the first proposal and is ready to increase the money if the Turkish team won’t be able to sign Bo McCalebb who is the main target for the PG position.

I can buy that Bynum isn’t satisfied with his role and wants to play more. As a player who has played overseas before, it would also make sense that he’d be amenable to an offer out of the country for the right money. But Bynum is still under contract with the Pistons for one more season, slated to make just over $3 million in the final year of that deal. Plus, the Pistons have no depth at guard right now, so chances are, he could see his role expand some. Plus, as an expiring contract, he could easily be traded somewhere where the playing time situation might be more to his liking. All of that is a long-winded way of saying that, even if the reported offer did happen, it’s hard to see how it would be enticing enough for Bynum to take it.


  • Jul 11, 20123:38 pm
    by Mark


    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take Bynum from us!!!

  • Jul 11, 20125:12 pm
    by DoctorDaveT


    right now there are 3 pt guards on this roster: Bynum, Knight & Stuckey (who is really a 2, I know it). If Bynum goes, that leaves us with two. Anybody really want to play with 2 point guards on the roster?
    Bynum right now is more valuable to the Pistons than he has ever been.

    • Jul 11, 20126:24 pm
      by MNM


      Kim English is the 4th guard. He’s basically taking the place of BG. So you still have 4 guards.

    • Jul 11, 20126:39 pm
      by Mark


      2 PG’s is all you need, esp when Knight/Stuckey are likely to get 36-38 mpg next year. You’d be wasting a roster spot on a guy that would never evn play. If an injury were to occur, THEN you can go and pick up a vet PG on a 10 day contract if nec. Plus Tay is capable playing PG for stretch’s.

      If Knight were to get injured, Stuckey would take over at starting PG and Tay would become his backup for 12 min/gm. If Stuckey were to become injured, Tay would become Knights backup for 12 min.

      If they both got injured, we’d be screwed anyways. But you cab find vet PG’s better and cheaper than Bynum anytime you want. You just need a guy to come in run the offense and setup the scorers around him, like Anthony Johnson type. Bynum does none of that, just looks for his own shot and costs twice as much as a vet min guy. And now he’s taking roster space that could prevent us from retaining some of our young guys like Macklin. Get rid Bynum pronto.

      • Jul 12, 201210:03 am
        by DoctorDaveT


        This is short sighted. The 2-3 position is interchangeable, so you 4-5 guys who play these positions. The 4-5 position is also interchangeable, so you can have 4-5 guys who play these. The 3-4 can sometimes be interchangeable – depends on your personnel.
        The 1-2 position can be interchangeable – but not always. As you’ve pointed out, “shooters” make lousy point guards.
        A typical 12 man team has 3 pt guards. Now, could Tay handle the Pt? Maybe for a few minutes, but not over a few games. How about English? A rookie 2? Nope. A vet on a 10 day contract? You expect the team to be able to win any games with a guy who doesn’t know the plays, and who couldn’t make any other teams? Bad medicine.
        It wasn’t but a season ago that most on these boards were calling for Bynum to replace Stuckey as the starting PG. Bynum’s  play hasn’t gone down. It seems like the entire reason you want Bynum gone is the Pistons have too many 4-5′s.
        And that brings us to Macklin. How many of you know his age? When the season starts, he’ll be 26. (He is 7 years older than Drummond!) At this point, you know what Macklin will become, because he has become it. If he were a baseball player, he would be the classic AAAA guy; too good for the minor leagues, but not quite good enough for The Show.
        Macklin is maybe a rotation player on a bad team; but on a good team, all he provides is bench/practice depth. He never sees the floor (except garbage time) on a playoff caliber team.
        Now, back to the Pistons. If you remove the first, what, 20 games? They played .500 ball the rest of the season. And they’re on the way up – not down. As constructed right now, this is a playoff team. Not a championship team, but a playoff team. This is a 1983 Pistons team; this is a 2002 Pistons team. There is no room for AAAA guys when you have to use the minutes to grow your legitimate “stars in the waiting.” This team is ready to start winning while it is growing. The next several seasons should be quite fun to watch.
        It was fun to root for Macklin because of his perceived potential; but he’s not 19 years old. He is what he is. That’s why Joe hasn’t signed him; and it’s why Joe won’t. There is no way Macklin should get one minute that Drummond should get. No way. Their potential ceilings are so very different! Drummond has to get every minute he can.
        So, 4-5′s are (better or worse): CV (sorry), “Coach” Ben Wallace, Moose, Jonas, Max, Drummond, & “The Russian.” There’s 7 guys. Those are the 2012-2013 DP 4-5s.
        With Macklin gone, that leaves room for what every NBA team needs: a bench with 3 legit Pt guards. And Bynum is number 3.

  • Jul 12, 20121:14 am
    by Kevin P


    Never liked Bynum.  He is not a smart player.  All too often he tries to do the impossible on the court which usually turns into another turn over.  He is too small with short arms, turn over prone, and brings the ball up the court too slow.  Also, he knows absolutely nothing about being a point guard… his miniscule assist record says it all.  Trade him if we can.  He is worthless as a Piston.

  • Jul 12, 20125:52 am
    by Leonelreo


    Hey, WTF does Joe Dumars do in a OCThunder jersey????
    and, more important: Isn’t he slim? Is he doing some kind of magical fat-burning exercise?

    • Jul 12, 20129:57 am
      by XstreamINsanity


      lol.  Funny.

  • Jul 12, 20126:46 am
    by Duke


    Like any of you know anything about basketball, your memories are very short, or you’re not real Pistons fans. I can remember when Bynum was all we had to look forward to.

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