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Vyacheslav Kravtsov reportedly receives two-year, $3 million contract

David Mayo of MLive:

The Pistons waved $3 million for two years at Kravtsov

That seems reasonable.


  • Jul 24, 201212:34 pm
    by tarsier


    For a totally unproven and undrafted rookie I’d expect a min contract. This is more than triple that. I don’t really understand why he was offered so much. But whatever.

  • Jul 24, 20122:06 pm
    by RyanK


    Seems like a lot of money.  That’s the going rate for pro athletes these days though.  I hope he can make an impact.  Maybe we’ll get our monies worth, but I doubt it.

  • Jul 24, 20123:51 pm
    by G


    I have no idea how good this guy is, but if he’s a solid backup center, it’s a great deal. All he has to do is play 10-15 min a night, pull 4 boards, get a couple points here & there and play some solid defense. If he can pull that off, he’s well worth it.

  • Jul 24, 20124:19 pm
    by GarageTalk


    I like the fact that Brian Hill gave go the seal of approval on this guy…at 24, athletic and legit 7ft and likes to play defense I think 3 mil for 2 years is reasonable forsure

  • Jul 24, 20124:40 pm
    by @GPMasters


    It’s $1.5m per year, decent deal if you ask me…

    • Jul 24, 20125:42 pm
      by rick


      Yea I dont know what the othe guys re talking about when speaking on his deal. They act lie he just broke the bank on Detroit. I can say from afar I bet he exceeds this contract. Maybe thats just me though.

      • Jul 24, 20126:39 pm
        by tarsier


        He might. It would hardly be surprising. But I know nothing about this guy except that he is an undrafted rookie. Why do you expect him to exceed the deal? Do you know much of anything about him except that he is big?

  • Jul 24, 20127:48 pm
    by GarageTalk


    What I do know is that Kwame Brown is making 7.5mil…Can this guy not give you a production worth more than a 1.5mil lol…I also know that yes he is big AND he moves well for a guy of that size, I can’t say that about a lot of 7 footers…I can say that he gives this team some much needed depth at center and his MO is playing a more defensive role which we are in dire need of…we picked up a 1.4 mil trade exception from the Ben Gordon trade so fill in Kravstovs money there…

  • Jul 25, 20123:41 am
    by Tom Y.


    I’m amazed by some of the responses here, this is an athletic 7-footer with several years of professional experience, who seems to be on the verge of a breakthrough (if you’ve read anything about him). Who knows if he’ll play well in the NBA, but if he does it’s a steal, and if he doesn’t, no big deal (especially considering the trade exception GarageTalk mentioned, I didn’t know about that and still thought it was a really good deal).

    • Jul 25, 20125:52 am
      by tarsier


      “If you’ve read anything about him”?
      Where do you read anything about him? I’ve googled him and looked at the first couple pages of hits. Mostly they just tell you he’s some dude who Detroit signed. Occasionally they even give a couple stats indicating that he was a mediocre player in league far inferior to the NBA. I’m glad to have another project big. And his salary likely won’t get in the way for the Pistons. But when nobody decides he is even worth the investment of a second round pick, there is usually a reason. And then, when somebody gives such a guy a shot, it is usually for a min contract. I’m not really worried about the extra million in cap hit for two seasons.

      I just find it curious that Dumars would bid against himself and pay triple the going rate for an undrafted player with no NBA experience. Is it really that amazing that people would question Dumars for that?

    • Jul 25, 20126:00 am
      by tarsier


      Also, wtf is the relevance of the trade exception?

      A) You can’t sign free agents with TEs
      B) Even if you could, obviously the Pistons didn’t need it to sign him
      C) Dumars just gave up a minimally protected first rounder to get almost $15M off the books over two seasons. This signing just ate about 20% of that. Much as I like the idea of signing a project big man, I wouldn’t trade a loosely protected first rounder for the opportunity to take chances on 5 Kravtsovs.

  • Jul 25, 20128:09 am
    by GarageTalk


    In terms on the trade exception I was simply stating that we had that extra 1.4m…As for not being able to read a decent article on the guy I have read quite a few nice peices, check them out:




    I hope these and a few others out there fill your need…Overall it is a minimal investment that will give us much needed size, a young athletic big to push Drummond and basically cut ties with the guy of he doesn’t pan out at no loss…his upside is well worth the minimal imvestment…in a day and age of grossly overpaid fringe players adding a guy that size and athletically is NBA ready (according to two former NBA coaches Brian Hill and Nick Frattelo, both of whom have coach him on his National team and league team where he has won Player of the Year for the last two years)

    Saying you wouldn’t trade 1first rounder for 5 Kravstov is your opinion but if I could get 5 athletic 7 footers, defensive minded and able to block shots I would take my chances…Not saying this guy is going to light the league on fire but for 1.5 Mil a year how is there such a beef?

    20% on the money we save? It’s 10% a season he is going to eat up…the money he makes this year is not hindering us from a major signing this season, Gordons 13.2 mil we saved for next year clears up space to sign a solid free agent or two, Kravstovs 1.5 mil will not in the slightest hold us up in making a major signing…next year we are due nearly 22mil dollars (Maggette, Daye, Bynum, Maxiell)…1.5mil of the 22mil we free up is even less than 10% of the money Kravstovs money will eat up!

  • Jul 25, 20128:18 am
    by GarageTalk


    I guess at the end of the day it’s such a small investment don’t really see a reason to make stink…maybe he had to give slightly more money to help with the move from the Ukraine haha

    • Jul 25, 201210:45 pm
      by tarsier


      I didn’t think I was raising a big stink about it. Like I said, it doesn’t really bother me. I am just trying to understand why Joe would offer him more than the minimum. I don’t se any reason for Kravtsov not to take that.

      As for the 20% of the salary removed by giving away a draft pick, i recognize it’s more complicated that that, but he is eating right around 100% of the salary removed this season and about 10% of what was removed for next season–all in all, about 20%.

      Also, all the articles you provided are pretty much the same as what I found with google. They tell me next to nothing about Kravtsov. They say he is big, he was signed by the Pistons, and maybe the mediocre stats he put up in a weak league last year. I’m all for taking a chance on a big man. I’m fine with that big man being Kravtsov even though he wasn’t good enough for any other team to show hardly any interest, but he was overpaid. It probably won’t obstruct anything, but it still seems stupid of Joe to give him $1M/yr more than it would probably take to sign him up.

  • Jul 25, 201210:10 am
    by Levi Thieman


    any chance we could acquire AK47??

  • Jul 25, 201211:01 am
    by Venice


    another forward ?HELL NO!

    • Jul 25, 20122:58 pm
      by XstreamINsanity


      Center, not forward. Though, we might see small stints with him and Drummond in, so maybe he or Drummond will play PF for a few minutes.  lol.

  • Jul 25, 20125:43 pm
    by Venice


    Im talking about AK47 not Kratsov lol. Im not an idiot.

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