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Three interesting things about Corey Maggette

He (maybe) developed his style because he grew up in Chicago

Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

It might just be urban legend, but Chicago-style hoops is supposedly predicated on taking it to the rack at every opportunity on street courts.

The tale goes that guys have to play that way because the winds off Lake Michigan eliminate long-range shooting.

So it isn’t surprising that one of the sons of Chicago — new Pistons acquisition Corey Maggette — has spent most of his years attacking the rim.

He bulked up because of Ben Wallace

Terry Foster of The Detroit News:

A journeyman with the Magic, the team that drafted Maggette in 1999, Wallace told the rookie to get into the gym, hit the weights and build his body.

Maggette listened.

"He was the first guy who started me in weight training," Maggette said. "He probably does not remember, but he pushed me and told me you need to get in the gym. Get a little stronger. Get your muscle game up."

He met Tayshaun Prince in high school

Brendan Savage of MLive:

"I’ve known Tayshaun since high school," Maggette said. "We played against each back when he was in California. I’m just looking forward to playing with Tay. I can still learn a lot from him. This is a guy who won a championship here and has excelled so much in Detroitl.

"I’m really working forward to playing with him, working extremely hard and challenging him."


  • Jul 4, 20125:09 pm
    by Lake Side Live


    Always nice to see fun facts.  I’ve seen some people on here who weren’t happy about the trade I don’t have a problem with it, because hopefully the first round pick we gave up will be low with the better records coming in but I came across this for all the wanna be gm’s out there. 

    http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine  Please don’t become addicted.

  • Jul 4, 20126:53 pm
    by MNM


    I hope he’s worth a draft pick at the trade deadline.

  • Jul 5, 20128:24 am
    by Vic


    Off-topic: I hope Joe is taking notes to see what a pass first point guard can do to a team. With Nash to keep Kobe from jacking up 35 shots the Lakers just changed from a broken dynasty into a redynasty contender. Imagine how excited Ron Artest Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum are this morning

    • Jul 5, 20128:33 am
      by gmehl


      I was actually reading that the Lakers and Magic were in trade talks of Bynum, World Peace and 2 future 1st rounders for Dwight Howard and parts. Also Nash is trying to coax Grant Hill to joing him at the Lakers as well. A starting line-up of Howard, Gasol, Hill, Bryant, Nash could do some damage IF they can stay healthy cause they wouldn’t have much depth.

  • Jul 5, 201211:29 am
    by Kevin P


    I do like this trade.  Lets hope his body holds up for another season or two.

  • Jul 5, 201212:49 pm
    by MNM


    Nice little aritcle from the Middletown Press about Andre. Not the point of the article, but before anyone makes anything out of it, I think Ben Gordon being mentioned is probably a typo by the author.. Or if Andre said it, maybe he meant Brandon Knight, but mispoke. But anyways… 


    • Jul 5, 20124:52 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Thanks for the link. The Gordon thing probably isn’t a typo. I assume Drummond probably knows Gordon because both are UConn guys, so he reached out to Gordon for advice, even if he was already traded.

      • Jul 5, 20126:02 pm
        by MNM


        No problem. Actually, I didn’t even think of that. I just read all the Pistons names that he mentioned and Knight wasn’t one of them, so that’s why I thought that since Gordon was already a Bobcat before the draft, but what you said makes sense. Anyway, Andre (and Kim English during the press confrence) seem to be saying all the right things, so hopefully, in time, they can “walk the walk” as well.. Im getting antsy for November.

  • Jul 5, 20127:57 pm
    by George


    Hoping beyond hope that Maggette spends the majority of his time at the two backing up Stuckey. 


    9 man rotation of Knight-Stuckey-Maggette-Prince-Singler-Jerebko-Monroe-Drummond-Kravtsov

    • Jul 5, 20128:41 pm
      by sebastian


      Your proposal reads very reasonable and I would take it as a worst case scenario.
      I would much rather see US make a trade of the following: Charlie V., Daye, and Tay for Rudy Gay. Now, before folks get all crazy this trade can be submit both, rationally player personnel-wise and salary-wise.
      This 3-for-1 trade with the Grizzs will provide them some salary relief, because Tay has the most number of years 3, CV (2), and Daye (1) remaining years, while Rudy has 4 years remaining. This trade would give them a veteran SF, who has won an NBA Title, a stretch floor to put on the floor with either Z-Bo or Gasol, and yes an unknown, but cheap quantity that could possible redefine himself in a new environment.
      We would get a guy at the SF position who would be respected by LeBron, Melo, and Durant. Also, he would end the good nights that 2nd tier SFs: Danny Granger, Iggy, Loul Deng, etc. would have against OUR guys. Rudy’s presence on the floor would create additional space and angles for other guys: Knight, Stuckey, Moose, Drummond, Jerebko. The assist total would increase, too, because there would be another finisher/scorer on the floor. And, most of ticket sales would increase, because WE would be competitive again.
      The Pistons are going to have to pay someone, why it be a SF just beginning to hit his prime. WE surely are not getting a top-shelf player via FA. May, as well do it with a trade.
      If Danny Ferry can move Marvin Williams and Joe Johnson, during his first day on the job as the Hawks new GM, then Joe should be able successfully execute the aforementioned offer to the Grizzlies.
      Come on Joe, make a splash!

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