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Summer League highlights of Andre Drummond, Kyle Singler, Kim English and Austin Daye

Thanks to reader Need4Detroit, who sent along these highlight videos of Andre Drummond, Kyle Singler, Austin Daye and Kim English for anyone who may have missed last week’s Orlando Summer League and wants to see some clips.


  • Jul 18, 20126:08 pm
    by JT's Hoops Blog


    Dumars should have never resigned Tayshaun Prince because it hampered on the development of Austin Daye who could be a really good player if he actually got palying time and touches.  He is such a smooth player at his size, it’s such a shame he is on a crappy team that will hold his potential back.

    Kyle Singler looks a lot like Mike Dunleavy the way he plays.  I don’t know whether he is Piston material or whether or not he will have many minutes when the NBA season starts back up again. He does have a nice shooting stroke though and from what I can see, he finds himself always in the right place.

    I like the way that Kim English attacks the rim; however, Detroit already has enough shoot first guards that attack the rim.  What the Pistons need is a playmaker.  Brandon Wright seems to have certainly improved in that aspect.

    I am also impressed with Drummond’s ability to pass in the paint.  He still needs to work on his offensive game, howver, In many instances he looked confused and did not know what to do on the court

  • Jul 18, 20126:12 pm
    by DoctorDaveT


    Thank You!
    A Few thoughts:
    1) Man, did Daye look good. But you say, “He’s supposed to! It’s his third year!” But that’s the point; he is supposed to, and he does. He didn’t look good last year on the floor, did he? But now he does. If you ask me, playing like “he’s supposed to” is real improvement.
    2) Kim English is the real deal. How did he escape the first round? He is going to see non-garbage time behind Stuckey. (Good bye Ben Gordon!)
    3) Drummond is 18 years old; but he’s already playing like he’s 21. Piston fans, just wait until he has two years under his belt, and 25 more pounds. He has the potential to be a beast in the paint.
    4) “Kyle Singler, welcome to the NBA!” If you don’t remember Grant Hill’s first televised game in Detroit, first play was an alleyoop to him for a “flush” (thank you Kelly Tripucka for that lovely metaphor). George Blaha was beside himself with those words, “Grant Hill, welcome to the NBA!” Now, Singler is no Hill; but, wow, does he look good. If he can get conditioned to play NBA speed….

    • Jul 18, 20126:52 pm
      by DasMark


      Daye was a stud in the summer league after Detroit drafted him. He’s never been able to translate that to the regular season.

      • Jul 18, 201210:49 pm
        by Crispus


        Daye looks like the Daye-rantula when he’s playing with confidence. Get him and Singler feeling big during the season and we can send Maggette and Prince and their big contracts packing.

      • Jul 18, 201211:04 pm
        by DoctorDaveT


        Crispus – exactly. It’s time for a full fledged youth movement. And it also looks like we may have the people to pull it off.

        • Jul 19, 20126:26 am
          by DasMark


          I’ll concede that Daye hasn’t truly been given a real opportunity to play during the regular season. He’s a small forward, and Prince has dominated the minutes there throughout Daye’s tenure in Detroit. 

          But, part of his problem is due to his lack of professional approach to the game and his overall maturity. Being good friends with Charlie Villanueva has likely influenced this problem.

          • Jul 19, 20121:51 pm
            by Ray

            lack of maturity? remember what prince did the year before last?

            Or how many times was he sulking? looked lazy on defense? or unmotivated unless his shot was falling…. I can take some of that from Austin Daye but from Prince? I cant

            In 2011 season Daye started 15 game at Foward …average 11plus ppg 4.5 rebs shot 48% for 3′s… the talent is there ….. people make a big deal about his rebounding Prince career average is 4.7 rebs ….

          • Jul 19, 20123:39 pm
            by DoctorDaveT

            Right, Ray.
            My whole point on Daye was that “he looked good – and should look good.” Not that he’s ready to start; just that it is progress that he looks like he’s supposed to look.

          • Jul 19, 20123:58 pm
            by George Houchens

            I think Daye’s development was also hampered by all the intrigue that was going on before the Pistons were sold and Frank became coach.  There were several Pistons with bad attitudes and a coach who had lost influence with his team.  Not a good environment for the development of young players.

  • Jul 18, 20126:48 pm
    by DasMark


    Dre Drummond’s highlight vid would lead you to believe he’s going average 20 & 10 in the NBA. No real point to it, that’s what a ‘highlight’ is supposed to be. 

    English is interesting. The talent is there, but it seems like he would pass up some good looks to put the ball on the floor and attack, which isn’t necessarily a bad play. It earned him a contract over Middleton.

    Singler can be a good rotation player. But I see him getting eaten alive for the first quarter of the season.

  • Jul 18, 20126:49 pm
    by Vince


    Always loved Need4Detroit’s youtube videos! Having not watched many of the games, these videos filled me in on what I should know.

    Biggest surprise has to be Kim English, this guy shot 46% 3PT At Mizzou and it looks like its translated to the NBA, kid has talent, he’s very solid. He’ll get some good PT at the 2, he’s been labelled as a facilitator by Bleacher Report, and have him as a combo guard, not sure I agree but he does have good hands.

    Drummond has a decent face-up game, something I was unaware of, he looks confident and established – I know its a highlight reel – at the very least he could dominate some of the starting centers in the League (See Brown, Kwame Philly 76ers – lol). He’s pretty good on defense, his blocks are perfectly timed, very high basketball IQ, he’s a very physical player, and a huge guy, I mean 250 pounds at 18, he WILL get bigger.

    I’ve learnt not to get my hopes up on Daye, I’ll wait to see how he plays in the NBA. Not going to lie Singler hasn’t really wowed me, maybe its just me but I don’t see more coming out of him more then a decent rotation player, he’s not strong or fast enough for the 3 and thats the only position he can play. Maybe I’m wrong, but he still seems to have the flaws he was called out for when he was in Duke.

    • Jul 19, 20121:44 pm
      by Ray


      Combine had him listed at 275

  • Jul 18, 20128:51 pm
    by Mel Crosby


    Engish is a specialist like Ray Allen.

    Singler is our glue guy he’s not going to be a star.

    AD1 lost weight purposefully so he could be a faster player ( said so in a interview) lost 20 pounds. Was heavier in college. Game is better than we think. Just needs conditioning. looked very tired during breaks. 

    Middleton might go overseas or d league.

    Knight will be our player that can create of the dribble.

    Krav will be like Drago from Rocky. Plenty of block shots and rebounds.

    • Jul 18, 201211:03 pm
      by DoctorDaveT


      He lost 20 pounds of fat; he needs to gain 25 pounds of muscle. Go Arnie Go!

  • Jul 18, 20129:21 pm
    by RyanK


    Does it looks like Drummond isn’t getting much lift when he’s trying to dunk.  Some of them he was away from the basket, but other times he just didn’t jump high enough.  Hopefully he’ll work with Kanter some and get a few more inches.

  • Jul 19, 20123:03 am
    by Mel


    So ,  AD1 (Andre Drummond)is doing some of the same things he was doing in high school against other NBA prospects. Can’t wait till preseason to see him play against other pros. All he need is confidence and a back to the basket game.

  • Jul 19, 20123:28 am
    by Lapin


    I wonder why English slipped too. I’m a casual basketball fan, but from everything I’ve read the kid has intangibles, a smooth J, high basketball IQ and can defend multiple positions. Maybe he’s just a salt of the earth kind of guy that won’t wow folks, but he seems like the kind of player I’m dying to root for on my hometown team.

    • Jul 19, 20127:33 am
      by RyanK


      They said he made a huge improvement from Junior to Senior year in his shooting.  Teams took him off their radar because he was older and they were familiar with his less effective offensive game.  Apparently Joe D watches these senior closely for signs of improvement…Macklin was an older player as well.

  • Jul 19, 20121:33 pm
    by Ray


    Drummond look alot like Amare Stoudamire on Offense…and i can deal with that…. As long as he play like Mutombo on defense…..
    The worse thing the Pistons can do is force him to become a back to the back player…he needs to have it has part of his game…but the fact that he is comfortable with putting the ball on the floor from 15-17 feet if great thing for the offense, creates more moment…
    and he looks like a willing and solid passer…

  • Jul 19, 20121:34 pm
    by Ray


    i meant back to the basket

  • Jul 19, 20121:39 pm
    by Ray


    Austin Daye caught alot of hell last year, but I will go on Record now, and say he will have a better pro career than any SF on the Pistons…. we drafted him to be an offensive player, but then you get upset when he not snagging 7-10rebs or not blocking 2-3 shots per game…its silly…

    Austin Daye came into camp under 200 lbs…. this summer he is over 210…he looked strong…and knocking down jumpers has nothing to do with 3 years experience….because thats his game

    Pistons need to Amensty Prince

    • Jul 19, 20123:41 pm
      by DoctorDaveT


      Is Prince eligible to be amnestied?

      • Jul 20, 20127:41 am
        by Ray


        Sorry i was being sarcastic

    • Jul 19, 20123:59 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Prince can’t be amnestied. He signed his contract after the new CBA came into effect, so it’s not eligible to be amnestied. The Pistons missed the window to amnesty any contracts this offseason. So next offseason, the only contract they’ll have left on their books that they can use the amnesty on is Villanueva. And by then, he’ll represent a big expiring contract, so it’s debatable whether or not it will even be worth using it on him them.

      • Jul 20, 20127:52 am
        by Ray


        Somoeone needs to do a piece on how prince, Never really developed into the kind of player the Pistons organization or fans thought he would be…

        in Prince 3rd years in the league i remember the 15ppg 5rebs very good defense and thought he is going to be an All-Star for years to comes…i was always waiting for him to have a breakout season, but all he has ever been is an Average NBA player….He is Great on Championship teams or contending teams because he can fill a role…but he has to be the only average player, he does not help a rebuilding team. Should have been traded 3 years ago when we started to rebuild, now he has no trade value, he is creating a log jam at the SF position(i doubt he is better than Daye or Singler), his attitude under Kuester was horrible when the team needed him the most, and last year he was invisible unless his jumper was falling….

        I dont wish bad on him, but if he twist an ankle and is sidelined for a month…it would be great for the Pistons (Sorry Tay is you read this stuff) 

        I appreciate you Tay, and all you did but times change..

    • Jul 19, 20124:39 pm
      by DoctorDaveT


      Thanks for the fill-in Patrick. I didn’t think so, but I didn’t want to write in ignorance.

  • Jul 19, 20121:41 pm
    by Ray


    I wish we played in the Vegas League…rather than Orlandos mini gym…. Talent is better there…and also they arent playing in a mini gym like so aau team

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