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Summer League Highlights: Andre Drummond’s step-back jumper makes top 10

Via NBC’s Pro Basketball Talk, here are the top 10 plays from the Orlando Summer League. The good: Andre Drummond‘s step-back jumper making the list. The not so good: Perry Dequan Jones dunking on a bunch of Pistons.


  • Jul 18, 20129:38 am
    by John


    You meant DeQuan Jones. Perry was out with an ankle injury.

  • Jul 18, 201210:46 am
    by Bryan


    Kinda boring highlights considering how many games were played.  It just goes to show that as great as these athletes are, the NBA athletes really are that incredible. 

    At the same time, I really appreciated seeing Drummond poking the ball away from the rebounder.  I noticed he did it in a couple games if you look at the highlights.  It’s those hustle plays that really make a difference at the end of the game as long as he can do it without picking up fouls.

  • Jul 18, 201212:53 pm
    by Daye and Knight


    Not trying to switch topics or anything but…Cleveland might get Bynum in a 3 team trade that sends Howard to LA…Irving and Bynum definitely makes things a lot harder for us

  • Jul 18, 20121:07 pm
    by GarageTalk


    Bynum is a great young player but his attitude Is just awful…I can see why LA is shopping him, even if your bringing in Mr.Smiley Face Howard…Howard has shown no heart, he is too nice and seems to take losing in stride…the guy has all the tools to just smash teams out but just seems to lack that killer instinct, maybe Kobe helps him find it…

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