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Some sources say Pistons are interested in Terrence Williams and Michael Beasley; other sources say Pistons are not interested in Terrence Williams and Michael Beasley

Rumor season is fun. After anonymous sources said the Pistons might have some interest in free agents Michael Beasley and Terrence Williams, Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News talked to other anonymous sources who say otherwise:

Knuckleheads? Wow, those anonymous sources are mean. I tend to believe Goodwill’s sources here, though. Beasley and Williams are obviously both young guys with upside whose careers have been stuck because of a myriad of other factors within their control. Both guys have flaws that would give teams wanting to sign them reservations, hence both agents have reason to float it out there anonymously that there is interest, however minor, to help create a market.

I love July. It’s the best.


  • Jul 3, 20122:10 pm
    by Todd


    . . . and suddenly the cramps in my chest have disappeared!  (Hope Goodwill’s right.)

  • Jul 3, 20122:16 pm
    by jake


    good for joe. williams could’ve been interesting, but he’s sticking to his guns when he talks about filling the team with talent AND character. i like that.

  • Jul 3, 20122:23 pm
    by HockeyCenter15


    I am personally glad to hear the great news. Honestly I’d prefer to roll with Maggette, Daye, and Jerebko and Singler getting PT too as well at the SF. I just don’t see the fits for either really long term. If Bealey had leadership skills or wasn’t a knucklehead, I think things would be different. Heres to hopin they can move TayShaun!

  • Jul 3, 20122:27 pm
    by Mark


    I usually don’t believe much that Goodwill says, but when one of the Pistons main beatwriters basically implies that the Pistons called these players knuckleheads, its a good chance we aren’t courting these players in FA, lol. Not the best compliment to give a guy if you are trying to wine and dine him.

  • Jul 3, 20122:30 pm
    by XstreamINsanity


    I agree with Todd, I really hope Goodwill is right.  I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately on the Pistons, their intentions (I’m a huge Joe D fan and love the fact that he weighs character as much as talent), our draft picks, our potential roster, etc.  I so can’t wait for this season to start.  Wish I had the money to get NBATV so I could watch summer league.

    Here’s my hope (with the current roster):

    Starter Unit:

    Knight – PG
    Stuckey – SG
    Prince – SF
    Monroe – PF
    Drummond – C

    Going Big:

    Stuckey – PG
    Maggette – SG
    Jerebko – SF
    Kravstov (sp?) – PF
    Drummond – C

    Going Small:

    Bynum – PG
    Knight – SG
    English – SF
    Maxiel – PF
    Monroe – C 

    Obviously, Singler and Middleton will get in there somewhere. I would love to see us package CV and Daye for a second round pick and cash, I’d be happy with that.  :)

  • Jul 3, 20122:32 pm
    by brandow


    i say trade tayshaun, he is getting older and older by the minute and he lost his mojo. hopefully they’ll trade him to a contender so he won’t be stuck as a piston

  • Jul 3, 20123:41 pm
    by Carl


    Winning teams need veterans, i say keep tay. 

    • Jul 3, 20125:44 pm
      by tarsier


      a) no they don’t
      b) they all have at least some because every team in the league has some
      c) without Prince, this team would not be devoid of veterans
      d) even if it were, it would be easy to get some more for a lot less money

      • Jul 3, 20129:19 pm
        by Dave


        Yes they do need vets to win championships…. the last 28 years of NBA titles and only 8 different teams have won it….and every team was an old veteran laden team….Keep Tay!
        We are not just talking about any vet, Tay is a championship vet – you try to keep these. OKC saw that they needed some  – they may realize the need for a few more in the guard and post positions.
        Minus Tay and Ben - who has championship experience, only Stuckey and Max have been to the ECF, aside from that – not much experience.  Tay is right, bring in an experienced PG that can mentor Knight – a SF and PF/C and only teach a guard so much.
        Quality vs quantity my friend…..Decision…Keep Tay!

        • Jul 4, 20128:03 am
          by tarsier


          Did you even look at the rest of my points besides (a)? They were basically supporting why they don’t need vets. Of course every championship team has had them. It is very rare that a team doesn’t have any. But they have hardly all been veteran-laden. Well, depending on how you define a veteran. Take this year’s Heat. Yeah, most of the contributors had a lot of seasons under their belts. But they were hardly an unusually old and grizzled team. Look at the Lakers’ threepeat. They were carried by stars on the younger end. Look at the Bulls’ first couple championships. Again, they weren’t rookies or anything. But they were not an old team either. Ditto for Bird’s first couple rings. Heck, I can even say that about the Pistons’ 2004 ring.

          Do you have anything whatsoever to back up the idea that a championship vet is more valuable than “any vet”? Or does it just sound nice in your head? Cuz that’s the kind of rationale that lands James Posey the full MLE from the Hornets.

          Now, let me make something clear. I understand that championships are often won by teams featuring lots of old guys. And there is a very simple explanation for that. By and large, more talent tends to win out. Most of the time, the most talented team doesn’t win it all because there is a lot of chance/luck, injuries, and team matchup variables to throw a wrench in the works. But more talented teams tend to beat less talented ones.

          On the other hand, players’ value, especially in trades, are twofold. Well, threefold I guess if you include contracts, but I’ll get to that later. But, more or less, a guy is worth how much production can be expected to be left in him. This is why Jrue Holiday has way more trade value than Jason Kidd, even though I still consider Kidd the better PG of the two. Jrue will be good for longer. Furthermore, in free agency (I told you I’d get to contracts), teams often have to pay for potential on a young player. Look at the contract Asik just got. If he were 32, that wouldn’t have happened. But young players get better and someone is gonna pay based on how good they expect the player to be. So, in order to maximize talent right now, you are usually better off signing or trading for old guys than youth. Because their talent:cost ratio is much higher than young players’.

          Therefore, once the Pistons have returned to or are nearing contention, I will be all for veteran acquisition. But right now, they are unnecessary. And Prince is especially so. Because in spite of being a veteran, the Pistons do not have him for good value. And the entire point of getting the grizzled guys is to give up less for their talent. That isn’t happening with Prince.

          If there was an argument that he seemed to have some special chemistry with part or all of the team, that would be another factor. But he really doesn’t appear to. So if Dumars can get rid of him without attaching additional assets, that would be a pure win for the Pistons.

          • Jul 4, 20121:18 pm
            by apa8ren9

            I understand all of your points and agree to a certain point.  However when it comes to Tayshaun’s value to the Pistons.  It is there even though you may disagree how much it is.  To casual fans interested in buying tickets.  You have name recognition.  Prince and Ben.  As far as his contract goes.  I just cannot disagree more that it is out of line.  He will retain value in the lockeroom because we have a really young team now.  And he can be moved at any time.  Please let me reiterate that if Joe Johnson, Gilbert Arenus, and Rashard Lewis can be moved.  ANYBODY can be traded.  We just witnessed it with Ben Gordon.  It doesnt matter if you need to attach assets.  If you need to move him you have to do what you have to do.  It isnt ideal by any means but its within the rules and if it needs to be done then you do it.

          • Jul 4, 20122:32 pm
            by tarsier

            Arenas and Lewis being able to be traded is pretty much irrelevant. People like to bring it up and say no contract is unmovable. But they were traded for each other. So yeah, they were movable contracts if you wanted to bring back pretty much an identical one.

            Now, I certainly don’t consider Prince unmovable. I just think those two are bad examples for that idea. Unless there is a plan that requires his contract off the books, I would hate to see Dumars attach assets to move Prince just as I was bothered by him doing so with Gordon–unless, of course, he does have a plan that is just getting the kinks worked out.

            So it’s not that I am unilaterally opposed to the notion of keeping Tay. I just don’t believe he is necessary or contributing all that much.

  • Jul 3, 20124:10 pm
    by 1298ty


    Why is everyone complaining about these rumors? I actually hope they are looking at Williams and SuperCoolBeas because honestly, we may be deep at small forward, but we aren’t good at small forward

    • Jul 3, 20125:11 pm
      by Jodi Jezz


      Thank you, someone finally made a smart comment…

      • Jul 4, 20121:04 am
        by Jack


        I knew Jody Jezz would call that a smart comment.  What a troll.  Please go back to Cleveland or Miami or where ever you r from and stop trolling.  I hope Patrick Hayes gives u a good tongue lashing.  But just in case he does not, try eating some brain food like fish once in a while.  That stuff in between the ears has to be more than ear wax you know.

        • Jul 4, 20128:15 am
          by tarsier


          Jodi Jezz may have been somewhat inaccurate in implying that no other comments were intelligent. But 1298ty’s comment that he replied to was dead on. The Pistons have lots of SFs, but they suck. Prince plays well in a vacuum, but is mediocre at best in terms of his contributions to the Pistons. And he appears to have no chemistry with his teammates. Maggette is good at certain things but is no game changer and probably not part of the team’s future.Jerebko is a great 7th or 8th man but is not a starting caliber player for  typical good team. CV and Daye can hardly be classified as depth with any quality.

          Most likely, Beas or Williams would just join the group of subpar to mediocre SFs. But they both have at least a shot at being much better. So for the right price, I hope Dumars takes the chance.

        • Jul 4, 201211:46 am
          by Jodi Jezz


          @Jack: OK, I’ll go to Cleveland or Miami even though I’ve been posting comments on this site since you were in diapers…Get a life bro, everyone has different opinions…It’s an open forum, make you point and keep it moving…

          • Jul 4, 20129:24 pm
            by Jack

            @ Jodi Clean out all the ear wax and start using the thing in between the ear.  HAHAHA.
            The last thing we need is to over pay Beasley who is pretty much guarenteed to be the second comming of Vilanueva.  The dude plays no defense and his offence is at best mediocre.  While the Piston may not have any dominanat small forwards, neither he nor TWILL would be an upgrade.  Infact charecter wise they would be downgrades by bringing the knuckle head culture to DEETOIT BASKET BALL.  That is the last thing the Pistons need.

    • Jul 3, 20125:45 pm
      by tarsier


      Too bad Dumars didn’t manage to pull off a trade like bundling his two second rounders for the OKC pick.

      • Jul 3, 20126:56 pm
        by gmehl


        Or like trading Tay for a 1st rounder/Caron Butler and not signing him to a silly extension.

        • Jul 4, 20128:09 am
          by tarsier


          That was the most unforgivable move/non-move of the Pistons’ recent decline. Trading Billups and singing BG, while mistakes, were understandable. The same can even be said for signing CV and trading Afflalo, albeit with some reluctance. There was no reason whatsoever to not take the Prince/Butler swap.

  • Jul 3, 20125:14 pm
    by rick


    Yeah what he said. I’m laughing when they say we couldnt use these guys. smh. I forgot Rasheed was a choir boy.

  • Jul 3, 20125:17 pm
    by rick


    Be politically correct and say we ain’t $hit at small forward. All the better threes in the East love what we put out there at the 3. On top of the fact Singler and Jerebko’s game may very well be similar. Dont get why guys wouldnt’ want lottery type talent. Gotta have some grimy guys on the team.

    • Jul 4, 20121:05 am
      by Jack


      Jonas and singler are grimy.  We do not need Knuckle heads though.

  • Jul 3, 20126:04 pm
    by Victor


    I say send Prince + Bynum + Daye and get Jose Calderon. Then we think about all SFs the Pistons have on their roster or could be interested in signing.

    • Jul 3, 20126:37 pm
      by MrBlockedShot


      I’m all for it man!

      • Jul 3, 20127:42 pm
        by Victor


        A possible unit being Calderon – English – Singler – CV31 – Maxiell could very well be the worst defensive unit I’ve seen in a long time. =). Nothing against English or Singler defensively, but being rookies I assume they could struggle to adapt.

        But having an expiring pass-first Calderon coming from the bench and mentoring Knight would be ideal for the Pistons.

        • Jul 4, 20129:26 pm
          by Jack


          HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ROFL, ROFL, ROFL.  Kiss Defence goodbuy.

  • Jul 3, 20126:25 pm
    by DasMark


    There’s a reason a former #2 pick, Beasley, didn’t even receive a qualifying offer. Let alone on the Timberwolves! The guy isn’t worth his 14PPG and off court issues. Detroit still have the cancerous Villanueva to bring all his sulking into the locker room, why add more fuel to the fire? 

    There is no way “B-Eazy”, as he like to be called, wouldn’t live out his Detroit days in Frank’s doghouse. 

  • Jul 3, 20129:00 pm
    by Andrew


    I liked this post – it was informative, quoted the source, was well written, and was very funny.  This is a reason why PistonPowered (IMHO) is better than the Detroit News for Pistons stuff.  They are rarely funny, even if the facts they report are the same.

  • Jul 3, 201211:41 pm
    by ryan


    I really wanted us to draft Terrence Williams a few years back and if we were/are able to make a trade to clear out some of the dead wood at the three spot I could still see him being useful. That said I don’t think a guy like him should be a priority.

    And speaking of veterans. If we somehow move Tayshaun Prince (which would make me sad even though I know it may be the best option for everyone) I think that Grant Hill could be useful it he was interested. He’s a guy you can count on as a good example and a good leader. He’s also still a good role player. I’m guessing he’ll sign somewhere else for a better shot at a title (maybe San Antonio?) but Joe Dumars should at least talk to the guy based on the positive influence he could bring along with the servicable game.

  • Jul 4, 20123:39 am
    by wbexclusive


    I’d rather have Terrence Williams than Corey Maggette =\

  • Jul 4, 20127:46 am
    by Eric


    Neither players mentioned will be an upgrade and there won’t be much playing time for either unless the Pistons make a trade.

    Tayshuan needs to go.  His main asset was defense, but his defense has been decling over the years.  I wouldn’t mind him being a backup, but not for what they are paying him.

    2013 the Pistons needs to sign James Harden and Josh Smith.

    • Jul 4, 20129:08 am
      by tarsier


      Harden seems pretty comparable to Eric Gordon. To have a shot at landing him, the Pistons would probably have to offer a max contract. Even if they get rid of Prince, I doubt that will leave room for Smoove as well. And that’s just making cap space. Then there is convincing them to come to Detroit.All well and good to go after such guys. But don’t plan around getting them.

  • Jul 4, 20128:30 am
    by anotherchris


    Beasely could potentially be a good addition. I saw him play a lot in college and he was awesome. There is still a chance he makes something of himself in the NBA. If the Pistons did sign him I would root for him (although can not say with any confidence if it is a good move- just one I would root for)…

    A FA I like is OJ Mayo. I dont know how much he would cost or if there is anyway Detroit could acquire him- but a previous high pick, lots of talent, perhaps not used as well as he could have been with Memphis. Potential reward?

  • Jul 4, 201210:14 am
    by gmehl


    Hey has anyone else read this article on mlive? I don’t know if Maggette let the cat out of the bag but by the sounds of it Big Ben could very well be coming back. The part of the article that eludes to it is: “My veteran guy when I came in (with Orlando in 1999-00) was Ben Wallace. And now I’m playing with Ben as one of the older guys on the team. That’s the way sports is”.


    • Jul 4, 201210:16 am
      by tarsier


      It’s also possible that Maggette is just making an assumption but doesn’t actually know anything about the situation.

  • Jul 4, 201210:16 am
    by gmehl


    I could be reading too much into it but it’s interesting either way

  • Jul 4, 20122:22 pm
    by shockwave2k


    I was shocked when Joey D gave Tay an extension.  Now if we could find a trade partner for him and then amniesty Charlie V, that would be a good start going forward.  Hopefully Drmmond shows alot of promise and we can attract a big FA in 2013.  Dumars track record gives me little faith but….GO PISTONS! :)

  • Jul 5, 20129:24 am
    by MNM


    Beasley is getting 34mill for 3 years with the Suns.. This topic can be put to bed now.

  • Jul 5, 20128:25 pm
    by Dom


    Personally, I don’t care for either one of these players. We have won three championships off of Defense, Built our team around defense. We need to get back to that! I want players like Josh Smith, Ibaka, ect. I know there is no shot at getting Ibaka, but Atlanta has been shopping Smith all summer, and i know that Joe D loved him a couple years ago. The Hawks loved Tayshaun Prince a couple years ago and wanted to trade Josh for him Then, Now that they have lost their shooting guard, I would throw in a player like Stuckey and a Draft Pick and snatch Josh smith up. Our front court would be Josh Smith at small, The Moose at 4, and the Blocker(HOPEFULLY) at Center. Shooting guards are a dime a dozen in the nba right now so go grab an aging one and lets let the kids play!!! DO WORK!!!!!! DEFENSE!!!!

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