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Slava Kravstov signing is official, unless it isn’t

Via the Detroit Free Press:

Terms of the contract have not been disclosed, per team policy.

“We are pleased to add Vyacheslav Kravtsov to our roster and welcome him to the organization,” said Joe Dumars, Pistons President of Basketball Operations, in a release. “He’s a young player with good size, rebounding and shot-blocking ability. He will provide us with some quality depth at the center position.”

Well, by my count, that leaves Khris Middleton and Ben Wallace still not signed with only one open roster spot. It will be interesting to see if Dumars has more moves in the works over the next few weeks. And no, it has already been established that they are not using the amnesty provision this summer, so that’s not a plausible option.


  • Jul 16, 201211:37 pm
    by labatts


    Wouldn’t it be great if this guy ended up being a real steal?  I’m trying not to get my hopes up about this team, but I do think they will be infinitely more interesting to watch this year.

  • Jul 17, 201212:09 am
    by GarageTalk


    I think this will be a nice depth signing…I like the fact that this guy is a little older and brings that much needed size to our team…

    I don’t know about you guys but it’s days like these that are some of my favourite Pistons moments, I like seeing a team starting to build and come together…I like our young core and it’s upside, a few more moves and the true direction of this team will be seen…

    I hope this guy can work out, I remember the Rebracca days if this Kravstov can impact the team to Zjelekos level that would be huge for us…

    • Jul 17, 20122:11 pm
      by Desolation Row


      Agreed. The Goin’ to Work Pistons started off in ’02 with a lot of depth, which translated into more wins. Looks like Dumars is going back to his old bag of tricks to build this team too. The primary difference: I believe these Pistons have players in Drummond, Monroe, and Knight with considerable more upside than that 2002 roster.

      Actually going to buy NBA League Pass this year to watch year 1 in (what will hopefully be) the Pistons’ return to the pantheon of great NBA franchises.

  • Jul 17, 201212:18 am
    by Apple3


    Man the pistons should package Prince and Bynum to toronto for Caulderon and a 2nd rounder. Toronto is actively shopping him and trying to get rid of him. They also need a proven SF. This gives us a good backup pg, and opens up a roster spot.

    • Jul 17, 20123:32 am
      by gmehl


      There is no way the Raptors will trade the 10mil expiring contract of Caulderon for Prince/Bynum. The only the deal they would be interested in would be Maggette for Caulderon who are both 10mil expiring contracts. They would get the SF they need and we get the PG we need. If this took place then the only decision for Joe would be whether to bring back Ben or sign Middleton to be the 3rd string SF.

  • Jul 17, 20121:16 am
    by Mark


    I see 4 scenarios here.

    1. Middleton going to the D-League or Europe
    2. Ben NOT signing and staying retired 
    3. Bynum or Daye getting dealt for a draft pick
    4. A 2 for 1 trade of some sort to clear an extra roster spot for Ben AND Middleton. Maybe like Bynum/Daye for a veteran PG or something.

    I also think Max could get dealt before the season. He’s a $5 mil expiring contract, and he’s proven he can be a solid energy big off the bench on a contender, when he did it for us ’06-’08. So I wouldn’t be surprised if Joe shopped him over the summer. They have a long time yet to finalize the roster. If I’m not mistaken, they could even sign Middleton now, still bring Ben to training camp/pre-season without signing him, and work out making a roster spot for him in time for the season.

    • Jul 17, 201211:45 am
      by Bryan


      All those scenarios seem feasible, although 1, 2 and 4 seem the most likely.  I am personally hoping for Joe to swing some kind of multi-player trade that brings us back less players than we give out and the players we get back are young.  Since Joe seems to not mind giving up draft picks and young, proven players to drop salary, I’ll throw in the caveat that he doesn’t do that, too.

  • Jul 17, 20123:13 am
    by kaneda


    Kratsov is a good player, but we have to consider that the Ukranian league isn’t one of the most competitive/top European domestic leagues. He will need time to adjust to the NBA. This will be an interesting year for the team since we are stacked with some young players with good potential. With the right moves this year and next off season I think we will be in a very good place going forward!

    • Jul 17, 20123:38 am
      by gmehl


      Yes the Ukranian  league might not be as strong as the other Euro leagues but defence almost always translates over to whatever level of competition. We really just need Kratsov to come in and provide solid defence and use his 6 fouls wisely with anything else a bonus.

  • Jul 17, 20125:06 am
    by Vince


    Read a piece on him recently about the expectations being put on him, Brian Hill coached him for the Ukranian National Team and they think that at worst he could be a decent backup Center, which is high praise for a guy who averages 10 Pts 5 Reb in 2011 and 8 Pts 4 Reb in 2012. Not convinced to be honest. Like Kaneda said, Ukraine doesn’t have the most competitive Basketball League, for him to average those numbers is a tad troubling if he’s supposed to be as good as they say. At worst I reckon he’ll provide a good defensive presence and six fouls.

    Hopefully I’m wrong and he pans out well.

  • Jul 17, 20129:27 am
    by vic


    I have a really good feeling about this guy. Yes it comes from watching his highlights… BUT they are very good highlights.
    1. He dunks with 2 hands, consistently. This means a smarter player with better footwork.
    Look at Anthony Davis highlights and you’ll see a bunch of 2 handed dunks. Look at Andre Drummond last week and you’ll see a lot of 1 handed dunks and missed dunks. Better fundamentals and footwork = better player. 
    2. Timofy Mosgov highlights – lots of fingerolls and 1 handed dunks. No comparison.
    3. He’s a beast that blocks shots and rebounds and dunks, and he’s been doing this against grown men. 
    4. Dunks are the most efficient points in basketball.

    So, just from highlights, I can ascertain some info about his fundamentals and habits that say he will start off better than Timofey Mosgov and Andre Drummond. 

    And i’m high on Drummond too – with Andre Drummond being mentored by Ben, big brothered by Monroe, and battled in practice by Kravtsov, Andre will be a top 5 center in about 3 years.

    • Jul 17, 201210:12 am
      by GarageTalk


      Drummond certainly has the chance to be a big time center in the NBA, he has the size and athleticism that very few guys possess…under the tutelage of Frank, Big Ben and Monroe I think we’re covering Dre in all aspects of what he needs to improve on…

      Big Ben can cover the defense, how to box out consistently, help side etc…anytime you can have a 4 time DPOY help your young big men your doing things the right way…I look for Ben to basically polish up Dre who already has a great knack for blocks…plus Big Ben will be able to get this kid in the gym on some sort of regular workout schedule…it has a lot to do with Dre willingness to push himself an learn…

      Monroe is young and can connect with Dre, show h the ropes, teach him how to operate in the post a bit…Monroe has such a good outlook on the game and the team that hopefully its infectious to Drummond and Kravstov…

      I can’t see Kravstov being a major game breaker but combining him with Drummond now gives us two young bigs who like to play defense and can help carry the load off Monroe

    • Jul 18, 20123:44 pm
      by HardyHar


      Just wanted to share my .02 on some of these points.

      While dunking with two hands can mean, partially, a result of good footwork, it doesn’t really showcase a players intelligence. It’s more a result of catching the ball in deep, allowing you to elevate from a position closer to the hoop. Dunking with one hand gives a player far more “range” as you can jump higher extending one hand vs two and you can also reach much further with one hand vs two. Andre’s missed his dunks, for the most part, because of where he took off from. I highly doubt SK would have even attempted jamming the ball leaving the ground where Dre did. I personally was very impressed with where Dre did attempt to dunk from though (in traffic).

      My personal theory on why Dre wasn’t able to covert on so many is that he had tired legs. I think the back to back practices and then condensed games led to some fatigue for all of the players, but especially the bigs. I’m guessing he was missing a good 2-4″ on his vert (which doesn’t sound like much, but it is), which is why he attempted jamming the ball in such spectacular fashion, dunks I think he’d normally make, and why he missed so many.

      My other speculation is that given the talent/skill increase of the defenders he was facing, he was probably getting bumped a bit more than what he’s accustomed to as he exploded to the hoop. Bumping a player as they leap is one of the best tricks to negating their vertical.
      Those two things are what I think led to the misses and also the lack of “face in the rim” type plays we’ve all seen in his highlights. 

      But to say a two handed dunk is more efficient (or better) than a one handed dunk, I think I’ll have to disagree with you on that. It’s more of a question of going for power while risking quickness/agility and overall protection of the ball (harder for defender to swat) — or range, which gives the player much more agility and explosion, but if the defender DOES manage to get even a finger on it, could result in a miss.

      For reference, look at Tay’s habits. How many dunks has he put down two handed vs one and I think his efficiency making those one-handers is very high. Vince Cater is another player to look at. I’d bet 80+% of his dunks were one handed and I’d guess that number jumped to 90+% when he was dunking on someone. You simply can get up higher and you have more options when you jam with one hand vs two.

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