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Pistons, Vernon Macklin parting ways reluctantly

Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press has a nice, albeit a little sad, read on Vernon Macklin. Macklin discusses his situation with the Pistons, but this passage was what really got to me:

“You got guys like Kyle, Khris, Kim and ‘Dre who have the opportunity to come in as rookies and get acclimated to Coach’s offense early and get a taste of NBA basketball,” Macklin said. “My first taste of NBA basketball was in training camp, and it wasn’t really a game setting. It was quick and on the move. So these guys got a chance to get a taste of it pretty early. I wish I had that chance, but it happens.”

That’s … that’s pretty depressing, honestly. A lot of second round guys from last year are in Macklin’s position. They had to play catch-up with no Summer League and an abbreviated training camp, making it harder for them to earn minutes during the season, and were forced to fight even harder for jobs this year with another crop of rookies battling for those few roster spots teams have open at the end of benches. Macklin seemed to have a good attitude, showed a few flashes in spot minutes and the Pistons seemed to have some mild interest in keeping him if they didn’t have such a full roster. Macklin also seemed like he wanted to stick around, based on the comments he gave to Ellis. Hopefully, he gets another NBA opportunity soon.


  • Jul 17, 20128:15 am
    by labatts


    Best of luck to him.

  • Jul 17, 20128:34 am
    by Vince


    Well… all is not lost. We could still sign him if Middleton doesn’t get a contract and Ben Wallace on as part of the coaching staff. One can always dream…

    I had high hope for Vernon, still do. Hopefully he’ll find himself a nice spot in the League where he’ll have a better opportunity.

    • Jul 17, 20128:35 am
      by Vince


      Ben Wallace *is signed* on as a part of the coaching staff.

      Ma bad.

      • Jul 17, 201210:58 am
        by 1298ty


        Ben DOES NOT want to coach. When he’s done, he’s done. No coaching, no broadcasting, no cheerleading. DONE. The only way he mentors Drummond is on the court, by example.

        • Jul 17, 201212:49 pm
          by Bryan


          Leading by example is still very important. Those of us who have worked in the “real world” understand how hard it is to put in the extra work it takes to be good, let alone great, when everyone else is leaving at whatever is the NBA equivalent to 5:00.

  • Jul 17, 20128:36 am
    by sop


    hate to change the subject, but…. I’d love to see the Pistons trade Villanueva and Bynum for Calderon. Toronto desperate wants to move him and he has an expiring contract. It would free up more space for next summer and Calderon is an upgrade over Bynum off the bench.

    • Jul 17, 20128:38 am
      by Vince


      Yeah, doubt Toronto would bite though. If they do it does mean there are two roster spot available, and if it does go down, I’m all for signing Macklin and Wallace.

  • Jul 17, 20128:37 am
    by @GPMasters


    Felt pretty sorry for him for a while now, it was pretty clear as last season unfolded that he would probably be in this position… Could also read his body language at Summer League – he looked genuinely distressed missing those two bunnies in (I think) the second game. Really hope someone takes a punt on him

  • Jul 17, 20128:39 am
    by @GPMasters


    Tried the Calderon / CV & Bynum trade on the ESPN machine and it works, not a bad shout.

    • Jul 17, 20129:21 am
      by gmehl


      There is no way Toronto would trade Calderon for our garbage players in CV and Bynum. Calderon’s value is not from himself as a player but his expiring contract. That deal would be a steal for us but you have to ask yourself what is the incentive for Toronto to do it. I am sure they just can’t wait to tie themselves up with CV and his huge commitment to defence and his never ending mid-game tweets. You also forget that they drafted him and know all his flaws so its not like they will think that he simply needs a change in scenery. I mentioned in an earlier post that a deal that i could see them doing with us would be trading Calderon for Maggette. They need a backup SF and we need backup PG and both guys are on 10mil expiring contracts. http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=bragm65

  • Jul 17, 20128:53 am
    by sop


    btw Scott Machado put up 10 assists in 22 min of summer league play last night. WHY DID WE DRAFT MIDDLETON????

    • Jul 17, 20129:30 am
      by vic


      my sentiments exactly.

    • Jul 17, 201210:24 am
      by Crispus


      Yeah, shameful choice. Machado will go on to be the next Andre Miller and we’ll be shaking our heads at Joe D.

    • Jul 17, 201211:45 am
      by gordbrown


      It’s a summer game. Let’s not get carried away. Machado’s ceiling is starting PG on a losing team or back up point guard on a mediocre team. That’s it.

      • Jul 17, 201212:29 pm
        by Crispus


        Well the Pistons are mediocre (for now) and we could use a backup point guard. Sounds like a perfect fit!

        What’s Middleton’s ceiling?

        • Jul 17, 20121:11 pm
          by DoctorDaveT


          Please note: you asked about Middleton’s ceiling.
          Middleton’s ceiling is rotation player on a championship caliber club. He was a projected first rounder last year. Injury and unsettled collegiate leadership hurt his play last year.
          So, his ceiling is much higher than Machado. Will he achieve it? Impossible to tell. Is Machado right now a better player? Perhaps. But with a “first rounder” still available at pick #39, I understand completely JoeD grabbing him.
          If Machado’s ceiling was so high, why did every other GM pass on drafting him?
          I think the unknown here is this: Can the ‘Stons “coach him up” to his ceiling? As has been shown here at PP on many occasions, JoeD is good at drafting talent (especially later in the draft). What the DPs have been terrible at is player development.
          Hopefully JoeD & co. has recognized that you have to develop youth while you’re winning with vets. The current youth movement certainly implies that JoeD’s focus has shifted from “win with vets only” to “win & develop youth.”
          Now, back to Middleton – can the DP’s develop him to his ceiling? Let’s all hope so – because Dixon Machado is not a Piston and Middleton probably will be (he’s not signed yet).

          • Jul 17, 20125:21 pm
            by Crispus

            I don’t see how you can place Middleton’s ceiling higher than Machado’s at this point. Pure speculation at this point. Meanwhile, Machado addresses a need and apparently has talent too. Passing point guards are a rare breed and is Machado became a decent scorer he could rotate on a high caliber team as well. Middleton isn’t going to develop much if he’s playing behind 5 other guys at his position. Meanwhile the Pistons are not particularly overstocked at guard with Gordon gone, and haven’t had a pass-first guy other than Walker Russell in a little while. Machado could be a nice change of pace from the scads of ‘combo guards’ that Joe seems to love to draft.

        • Jul 17, 20128:41 pm
          by labatts



  • Jul 17, 20129:18 am
    by Kulas Squared


    I wish Macklin the best and I know this kid will make it on a squad in the league. Or maybe he should test the European league and develop his game overseas. Darn lockout screwed up a lot for these young guys, especially those in the later rounds.

  • Jul 17, 20129:44 am
    by ryan


    The Jose Calderon deal would be beautiful but it seems very unlikely.

    It’s a shame about Vernon Macklin but my hope is that he’ll do a year in Europe like Kyle Singler and then when we clear some space next year we give him another shot.

  • Jul 17, 201211:03 am
    by jacob


    Macklin is not a game changer time to move on.

    • Jul 17, 201211:42 am
      by Chris H


      He doesn’t need to be a game changer.  Serviceable big men are a premium.  It’s always cheaper to find your own in the draft.  Macklin did what he could do last year.  Frank really should have given him more of a chance to get used to the speed the pros play at.  Could he really have made the team any worse last year?  Maybe, would that really have mattered? Probably not. 

      • Jul 17, 201212:31 pm
        by Crispus


        Macklin seems highly redundant with Jason Maxiell. Having them both on the squad doesn’t make much sense, and that’s before you even mention Ben Wallace and the two new centers.

        • Jul 17, 20121:02 pm
          by Todd


          A few major differences between Maxiell and Macklin. The most recognizable is height. Max is 6’7″ and Macklin is 6’10″ – you can’t teach height! The second is contract size…of course we would have to move Maxiell to have this as a useable point of difference. The third is hunger. Maxiell seemed hungry to beast when he first came into the league, but after years with a sour locker room seems to have started to change, while Macklin seems very much interested in working his tail off to succeed. Oh and even as an old second year player, Macklin is still 4 years younger than Max. I would take the swap for what we are looking to accomplish with the present team – just sayin!

          • Jul 17, 20125:25 pm
            by Crispus

            But Maxiell came back hungry this year and serves the same in-game purpose of playing some D, grabbing rebounds and getting a little offense close to the rim. I’m not rooting against the guy, but Macklin seems more like a fan favorite than a star player and there’s just too much potential elsewhere on the roster to keep him. If he came up with a great 18-foot jumper like McDyess in the offseason though…

      • Jul 17, 201212:33 pm
        by frankie d


        chris h. is exactly right.
        macklin may not be a game changer, but he appears to have certain nba skills and he is a perfect symbol of why the team has gone through the down period of the last few years.  
        there was no rational reason why macklin should not been given a legitimate shot at regular PT last season, especially in the last 20 games or so.
        the team was going nowhere and if the team is truly going to rebuild, finding gems later in the draft is the perfect way to speed up the process.
        macklin is a legitimate big guy who looks like he can contribute a few things to a team: rebounding, low post scoring against other bench players and garbage points off the boards.   even if the team found that he ultimately was going to be excess baggage, playing him and developing him may have established some kind of market value that they could have turned into a future draft pick. 
        as it stands now, he’ll simply be another wasted pick.
        and sadly, he represents the “value” detroit got for afflalo and walter sharpe, another couple of wasted picks.
        i love ben w., but playing him consistent minutes late into the season, while you have a rookie who needs PT, for the team to make a proper evaluation is just extremely short-sighted.
        unfortunately, it is the same old story, as the team did the exact same thing, while it was contending.
        a contending team has a reason to handle young players and vets that way.
        a team like the pistons of the last few years should know better.
        sadly, they obviously don’t.

        • Jul 17, 20123:09 pm
          by rick


          Boy ole boy Frankie D always has the answers. So much that he comments on Pistons Powered and is not in an NBA GM position. Macklin is to old to waste time developing. He was a filler on Detroits teams period point blank. Those weak examples you gave were just that “weak”. You said Walter Sharpe and Arron Affalo and then nothing more. Id go on to say Yancy Gates is a better product than Macklin, and you just use your short sided argumnets to try and make valid points about nothing. If Joe made a mistake, can all but asure you that he wont make it again. Something else for thought and that is I can gurantee under new Mgt that his evaluation of players will be a lot better than you seem to want to give him credit for.

          • Jul 17, 20126:35 pm
            by frankie d

            if macklin was too old to develop why did they draft him in the first place.
            even joe d knew what his date of birth was, i imagine.  i’m sure it wasn’t a surprise that he was the age he was when he came into training camp.  
            and you obviously don’t know how sharpe and afflalo intersect with macklin.

        • Jul 17, 20128:16 pm
          by rick


          Typical is the uninformed fan who thinks he knows how to run a professional team. I never act as though I know everything but you sure can bet your last dollar when its a topic like this one you will almost assurdely jump the gun and give your two cents about what should have been done using the benefit of hindsight.( Go Figure)

          • Jul 17, 20128:45 pm
            by frankie d

            blah, blah, blah…
            nothing of substance.
            and i guess fans aren’t supposed to express opinion contrary to yours or the organization. 
            yea, you are right…go figure… 
            and you still obviously don’t get the sharpe and afflalo conection…

  • Jul 17, 201211:19 am
    by appl3


    Man if only roster spots werent an issue. The pistons could have signed Hassan Whiteside. Imagine having 3 Young 7 footers on the same roster.

  • Jul 17, 201212:32 pm
    by Vic


    We should offer to double whatever the Rockets offer him. Dude is an amazing playmaker. We need him. WYSIWYG. When will we learn?

    They didn’t learn when Isaiah Thomas from the last in draft one of the top Rookie point guards in the league. They didn’t learn when Jeremy Lynn went undrafted to $25 million.

    They don’t see how free agents are tripping over themselves to play for past first point guards in Minnesota New Jersey Phoenix and now La.

    Even as a backup Machado is worth his height in gold, but they don’t get it.

    • Jul 17, 201212:35 pm
      by Vic


      That was meant as a response to the Machado side convo above.
      Gms seems to highly undervalue playmaking and what it does for a team, not just on the court but psychologically.

      • Jul 17, 20124:33 pm
        by sop


        Most likely Machado’s draft stock plummeted in workouts due to his lack of elite athleticism and since we know Joe D has a track record of getting wowed by workouts…
        You know who else is a playmaker? Calderon. 4th highest assists last year with 8.8 and 5th the year before with 8.9. Now that is someone BK could learn from.

        • Jul 17, 20125:31 pm
          by Vic


          If that was Jodi’s reasoning that it was pretty dumb.
          Macado is strong fast and he get steals that’s good enough.

          Like I said just look at how free agents and other basketball players get excited to play with these past first point guards and you understand the value. The game is played with five people not a work out, and court vision is very valuable to have especially in your point guard.
          Passing up on the chance to get someone with a natural level 10 talent in passing is not smart at all, Especially on a rookie contract with a lot to prove and the love for the game of basketball. Cal DeRon is what $10 million a year?

          • Jul 17, 20126:38 pm
            by frankie d

            joe d does not appear to like guards like macado.  i cannot think of a single pass-first guard he’s brought in and given a legit shot since he’s been the gm.  
            maybe there has been one, but i cannot recall him.  
            joe appears to like hybrid/combo guards.  
            in fact, his fondness seems to be for guards who played the game the way he played it.
            he seems to have little tolerance for non-shooting guys who look to pass first.

  • Jul 17, 20126:07 pm
    by joyce trice


    Macklin is decent and if he h gotten a chance he could make a difference. We could have used his height and strength and he can shoot free throws. I would sign him before Ben Wallace comes back because of his age. He has done good in the D-league when given minutes. It will be a mistake to let him go. Watch and see. This is Jason Maxiels last year of his contract. Vernon could really be good for the team because he has some chemestry. Get that dude back and keep him for at least another year. Ben will be out too soon if he does retire. Give Vernon a chance.

  • Jul 17, 20128:13 pm
    by rick


    He is what he is, a second round draft choice which the last time I checked don’t always pan out. So to Frankie, if we was as good as you seem to argue then why the hell all the other GM’S in the NBA pass him up? He was a late second rounder at that. So to try and validate your point to me about this dude isn’t gonna work. I saw enough (sarcasm) of him in summer league to tell me all I needed to know, which in fact wasnt enough. Scouts probably feel like I do. Has no real low post moves, doesnt rebound great defensively, and is probably no better than number 12 on the team. If you wanna argue about going in the direction of youth then why grab a grabage big man who is 25 when you have at least three or four bigs right now who are incrementally better than him and younger? In my opinion he isnt even a situational big on a good team. So why should Detroit waste their time on him when they have their own young center who needs developmental time. It was not like he was gonna get that much burn anyway so why drag on with the charade? Let the man latch on to a team thats lacking big men.

    When you say Affalo, you state that as if he isnt any good(Denver begs to differ), but on the other hand you wanna knock Joe for drafting him and not playing him as if he’s actually coaching.  Joe has a propensity to find better value for his picks in the second round, so you feel that Macklin is a gem, when in fact I think Joe just wanted to fill out his roster. If he got lucky and found that the kid was good enough I know he would have made reservations for him to be on the team. Stop questioning his every move as if youve been GM before. This is not NBA live where all big men rule. Miami just won with 6’10-11 240 pd Chris Bosh manning the center position. We do not need a big that does not seem NBA ready in my opinion. At 25 in this league either you have it or you dont. Its not really anyones fault he took the route he did coming out of high school . Things just have not panned out the way people may have thought they would. We have enough men to the man post right now and bringing back Ben Wallace as a player/coach/mentor only helps the bigs currently on teh roster. Having Macklin does none of that except slow down the growth process of guys like Drummond and the new guy. Why is everyone crying about the number 52 pick in last years draft like he is some bona find hidden gem?  Get over and only worry about players wearing that Red, White, and Blue.

  • Jul 17, 20129:39 pm
    by Venice


    Hahahaha. Yeah. Rick is the one talking about REALITY here. Macklin has no place for us here in DP. I would rather have Wallace mentor Slava and AD1 than use it on macklin where he could hamper the development of our two young bigs .

  • Jul 17, 201211:33 pm
    by Crispus


    Rick Rolled

  • Jul 18, 201212:03 am
    by jacob


    Exactly what i was saying, there is nothing special about Macklin. We just signed the dude from Ukraine who has played pro ball and is a year or two younger. NBA ready. Plus AD1. So where is there room for macklin? Plus why feel bad didn’t he make like 750k last year?

  • Jul 20, 201210:47 am
    by Kim Jong Skillz


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