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Pistons to face Knicks in international game (update: in London)

The Pistons’ 2012-13 schedule includes a Jan. 17 international game against the Knicks. Both teams have at least three days off before and after the game, so that leaves enough time to get practically anywhere in the world. Where would you like to see the Pistons play?

On the downside, it counts as a Detroit home game, so The Palace will host just 40 games this season.

Update: in London

Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News:

Lin and the Rockets will visit the Knicks on Dec. 17 and a month later, the Knicks will take on the Pistons in London.

MVP Ultimate Basketball (a British site):

The New York Knicks are set to play the Detroit Pistons in London in a regular season game at The 02 Arena, league sources have told MVP.


  • Jul 27, 20123:53 am
    by gmehl


    I hope its in Australia. If so i am there front row. It would be an a$$ kicker of a road trip though.

  • Jul 27, 20125:25 am
    by Don


    in Madrid!!
    There are many loyal Pistons fans in Spain and Madrid,
    let me talk to Kyle ;–)

  • Jul 27, 20125:50 am
    by AndreA


    I’m from Italy so obviously my answer would be Italy, but since we’re already hosting a Boston Celtics preseason game in October this would eliminate us from the potential candidates to host this game.
    I believe the game is going to be played in London or Manchester (London already lost last year’s games because of the work stoppage so this could be a made up for that).
    Another potential candidate could be Bilbao in Spain since I’ve heard there were plans to host an NBA game there. Then again, Spain is already hosting a preseason game itself next fall so probably not.
    Or maybe Australia since I’ve heard some rumors about playing a regular season game down there in the next few years.
    I’m still going to say London though.
    We’ll see.

  • Jul 27, 20125:55 am
    by Pierre


    It will probably be in London.
    I would prefer Paris because I’m French but, from what I’ve heard, it will be in London.

  • Jul 27, 20126:15 am
    by @GPMasters


    Please, please let it be here in London. I will be courtside if so!!

  • Jul 27, 20126:17 am
    by Vic


    How about actually playing a game in Detroit too?
    That’d be cool.
    Other than that I’d say Sweden for Jerebko

    • Jul 27, 20127:12 am
      by labatts


      +1.  I live on the West side.  It takes me an hour no traffic to get to the Palace.

    • Jul 27, 20129:41 am
      by MNM



  • Jul 27, 20126:55 am
    by Marcus


    Berlin, Germany! :-)

  • Jul 27, 20127:18 am
    by Vince



  • Jul 27, 20127:41 am
    by Guus


    Amsterdam! Or anywhere in northern europe, for that matter, I’ll take the drive from the Netherlands :D
    I’ll take it!


  • Jul 27, 20127:56 am
    by @GPMasters


    I have confirmation that it’s DEFINITELY in London guys.

    • Jul 27, 20128:07 am
      by Vince


      Aww thats disappointing. You know if there are any games in Sydney? Highlight of the year last year was when Dwayne Wade stopped by my rec league.

  • Jul 27, 20128:53 am
    by Jack


    Hopefully Australia

  • Jul 27, 20129:44 am
    by apa8ren9


    It should be Las Vegas, it would give me another reason to go back there this year.
    But honey I have season tickets and the Pistons are having a “home” game there.  I have to go.  LOL

  • Jul 27, 20129:44 am
    by Victor


    I1m from Brazil, so I’d like it to be in São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. Being realistic, though, I’d say that London, Paris, Sydney, they all make sense.

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