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Pistons summer league player to watch? Vernon Macklin

Scott Schroeder of Ridiculous Upside has a great preview for today’s NBA Summer League games, including why he thinks Vernon Macklin is the player to watch for the Pistons:

As far as the Pistons are concerned, I’m going to go with Vernon Macklin. Macklin wasn’t extended a qualifying offer by Detroit, making last summer’s second round pick an unrestricted free agent able to sign with any NBA team (which makes it weird that he chose to go to Summer League with the Pistons anyway). Macklin spent some time with the Fort Wayne Mad Ants this past season where I concluded the following:

Vernon had an advantage as a rookie this year considering he entered the league at the age of 25 with four years of high-level college experience already under his belt … could probably add some weight to make up for lack of size as a center in the NBA – more of a 4.5 … in 24 games split between the Pistons and Mad Ants, attempted a total of three jumpers … not a threat away from the basket … has a decent hook with his right, but otherwise limited with his back to the basket … tenacious n the offensive glass, but a fair amount of his offensive rebounds – both in the NBA and at the D-League level – came on putbacks of his own misses … has a tendency to just keep tipping the ball toward the rim hoping it’ll fall rather than controlling the offensive glass … powerful dunker … good hands for his size … already is what he’s going to be on offense.

I think Pistons fans will certainly be more interested in watching Andre Drummond, Kim English, Khris Middleton and Brandon Knight or, perhaps, seeing if Austin Daye can start to move past his season-long slump. But I do agree with Schroeder … Macklin potentially has the most to gain with a strong summer showing. It may not result in him earning a contract from the Pistons, but he could certainly land a job on another NBA bench if he plays well.


  • Jul 9, 201210:33 am
    by Alejandro


    I hope he plays well and is able to sign with another team looking for depth downlow. I was hoping he would get more PT last season (especially towards the end of the year) to see what he can do but I liked his attitude. He worked hard and played well when he was sent down to the D-League. All the best Macklin!

  • Jul 9, 201210:43 am
    by 1298ty


    We can get rid of Middleton to keep V-Mack. I haven’t seen Middleton play yet, but there’s no way he outworks Macklin today

    • Jul 9, 201211:04 am
      by Alejandro


      I know all the talk is about English but looking at it from the fact that we drafted Middleton first in the 2nd round, I would assume we are high on him. Its been said but the logjam @ SF could lead to a trade and who knows how the roster will shape up. But I guess we’ll see who outworks who by the end of this week. SUMMER LEAGUE!

  • Jul 9, 201211:15 am
    by Ray


    been doing alot of background on Middleton, he is a sneaky good athlete and all around player, something like Evan Turner or maybe a a young paul pierce being the ceiling…

    Knight has bulked up 13 pounds…. read somewhere he looks more explosive…

    Daye has bulked up 10 pounds, they he looks to be in his best shape as a piston….

    I want Daye to make the team and get minutes, i like Macklin, but we have Maxiell

  • Jul 9, 201211:25 am
    by gmehl


    I hope everyone can just keep there expectations of Drummond low. Cast your mind back to when Monroe 1st started out. He couldn’t even get his own shot off or was having it blocked so if moose is anything to go by then if Drummond can just come in and vacuum up all the rebounds in his vicinity and block a few shots then i will be happy. I want to see him hit the offensive glass and bang down low…pretty much just hope he does all the things we lacked all season. It would also be very uplifting if Middleton and English manage to shine too as it will just solidify the teams confidence going into next season. I am not holding my breath with Daye but if he can some how  breakout of his season long slump then i guess that would be the cherry on top. Heck if he comes out sporting a heavier physique i will be psyched…in a strictly hetro way of coarse :-)

  • Jul 9, 201212:26 pm
    by koz


    Middleton could be the steal of the draft, get rid of him for Macklin? Crazy. Dude looks like Durant when he shoots, super smooth, effortless release. Detroit needs shooters with size and I hope he is ready to max out his talent here with hard work because the guy has talent.

    • Jul 9, 20121:28 pm
      by 1298ty


      Plays like Durant?
      Shooter with size? 

      Sounds like Daye-ja Vu all over again

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