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Pistons’ front-office shuffle

When Scott Perry left the Detroit Pistons for the Orlando Magic and George David replaced Perry as Joe Dumars’ No. 2, I wondered whether the Pistons would make an outside hire to keep their front office at the current staffing number. Well…

Keith Langlois of Pistons.com:

David won’t relinquish all of his domain as personnel director. He’ll still be heavily involved in the scouting of both American college players and international pros and amateurs. “George is too good at it to take him out of it completely,” Dumars said.

Doug Ash, personnel director, will assume greater responsibilities to take some of the scouting onus off of David.

“Doug will be able to assist in a lot of ways – and he already has been doing that,” David said. Ash helps coordinate the scouting schedule of not only David and Ash but scouts Durand Walker and Harold Ellis. They also make certain to make the best use of Dumars’ time, getting him to see the top prospects in the right settings.

The shuffling triggered a promotion for Ryan Hoover, who moves to the front office from his prior role as director of player development – essentially, making sure the transition of young players to professional basketball goes off smoothly.

And the Pistons’ new director of player of development will be?


  • Jul 26, 20128:33 pm
    by Bugsygod


    Maybe they want to scan the league an bring in a young guy? Maybe they want to work this way to see if this works? Maybe there is a guy they want but he’s under contract this year? Maybe they want to save money? But how much would they save 150k? 250k? Lol. There that cheap of an organization after they just announced a 13mil Palace renovation? Smh. The Pistons ALWAYS have highly respected front office guys from Joe D, Hammond is a GM , Perry is one step from GM spot now, George David has solid rep, they had super international scout Tony Ronzone, Ken Cantela is the new numbers guy direct from the league office. I think the “cheap” talk is getting old.

    • Jul 26, 201211:38 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Where does it say the word ‘cheap?’

      • Jul 27, 20124:13 pm
        by bugsygod


        In prior articles you have stated that you “wondered” would the pistons replace staff in this situation or “choose to save money” and not replace the person.  An in this article at the end Dan asks “And the Pistons’ new director of player of development will be?”  What did he mean by the statement?

        • Jul 27, 20124:18 pm
          by Patrick Hayes


          But that’s different than saying they’re ‘cheap.’ I think Dan’s question is self-explanatory. The Pistons put out a convoluted release with a re-shuffling of titles, but didn’t actually replace a front office position they lost. Maybe they deemed that position unnecessary, who knows. But it’s reasonable to point out that for some reason, they seem to be going with a smaller front office staff than they previously had.

          • Jul 27, 20127:42 pm
            by Bugsygod

            That’s my point, his question is asking are they not replacing the position because of money! Duh! So he thinks they are being cheap. He said this when Scott Perry left to Orlando “curious to see if pistons will fill the position”. So Gores put 13 mil in the team this year an 3-4 mil last year on the team locker room…but he’s cheap? Smh. Maybe you guys would be happy as Knicks fans they spend alot. lol

          • Jul 27, 201210:47 pm
            by Patrick Hayes

            I’m trying to be patient with you here. I really am. But NO ONE USED THE WORD CHEAP! It is reporting a relevant news item that the Pistons ARE WILLINGLY NOT FILLING A POSITION in their front office that previously was filled. YOU are the only one using the word ‘cheap.’

          • Jul 28, 20121:20 am
            by Bugsygod

            Do you guys think that the pistons are cheap? That’s my question to you two. In Dan an Patricks opinion do you think the pistons are cheap??

          • Jul 28, 20126:14 am
            by Dan Feldman

            I have no idea whether the Pistons are cheap. Gores hasn’t owned the team long enough to establish a track record. That’s why it’s important to look now for clues, which at some point will come together to provide a reliable conclusion.

          • Jul 28, 201211:19 pm
            by Patrick Hayes

            Seconding Dan. I don’t know enough about Gores as the owner of a basketball team yet to answer whether or not he’s cheap, which is why it’s important to note when they do things like don’t fill one roster spot for the entire season in order to save a salary (as they did last year) or when they have a front office position leave and they don’t replace the position. Like I said in comments above, there could be other reasons for those things that haven’t been made public, but Gores is just barely a year into owning the team, so it’s hard to know what his motivations are just yet.

          • Jul 29, 20123:25 pm
            by Bugsygod

            But you guys look at when positions are not filled as clues that Gores doesn’t spend money etc. But from what he has done an said, he seems to be a guy that spends money to make improvements. You say they didn’t fill a roster spot last year. Are you saying that’s unusual? Many teams do this an what were we gonna put in that spot? Someone to ride the bench? Frank had a young big he didn’t play in Macklin. Now you say there is a front office position there not filling. Well maybe there just takin there time to fill it?!? Hell, maybe there hsppy with the guys expanding there roles?!? But I can SEE the money Gores is spending with the upgrades to the palace an team facilities! So Gores spends close to 20mil on palace etc. But Patrick your lookin at league minimum positions of 1mil an front office job of 450k. The “clues” I’m seeing is an owner spending MULTIMILLIONS on his basketball team. Do you guys not see that very LARGE clue?? An owner who has started community involment programs to reward ppl who help the community with free tickets! Don’t know if you guys go to games or not but the customer experience has been increased as well. Love Love an very thankful for the new owner?

          • Jul 29, 201210:37 pm
            by Patrick Hayes

            We have written about all of the upgrades that Gores has made at the Palace, including this post that even had photos of some of them.

            I don’t mean this in a derogatory way, but you and the defensive way you interpret things are the problem here. If a post is not all about sunshine and rainbows, you get all bent out of shape. Our goal is to be as objective as possible. That means we write about good things happening, like spending money on facility upgrades (incidentally, here’s another team news release about upgrades that I ran on the site just a couple weeks ago, so again, we cover this aspect too), and it means we write about things that are less positive, like the team electing not to fill a position in their basketball department that was previously staffed.

            I want to respond to a few of your points:

            “You say they didn’t fill a roster spot last year. Are you saying that’s unusual?”

            No, it’s not unusual. Many teams do this. Do you know why they do this? To save money. And that doesn’t mean we’re calling the Pistons or any of those teams cheap. Salaries, even minimum ones, are expensive for players who probably won’t play a lot, so it makes financial sense sometimes not to do it. But I’m still going to call it what it is — a cost savings move.

            “Many teams do this an what were we gonna put in that spot? Someone to ride the bench?”

            Again, I didn’t call not filling that roster spot a positive or a negative. Sure, I think they could’ve used it to audition some D-League players on 10-day deals. But I’m also not bent out of shape about them not filling it. But like I just wrote, the reason they didn’t fill that spot was a financial one. It’s 100 percent OK for me to say that. It’s not a criticism. It’s just a face.

            “But I can SEE the money Gores is spending with the upgrades to the palace an team facilities!”

            So can I. We’ve written about it many times. But I think you’re forgetting an important piece of the puzzle here. Gores didn’t just buy the Pistons. He bought Palace Sports and Entertainment. For the last couple years, the ‘Entertainment’ side of that business has been lucrative. The ‘sports’ side, I.E. the Pistons, has not. Their attendance has been lousy. So yeah, facility upgrades benefit the basketball team, but they also benefit the business as a whole, particularly the aspect of the business that is by all accounts doing well financially.

            “But Patrick your lookin at league minimum positions of 1mil an front office job of 450k.”

            “So Gores spends close to 20mil on palace etc. But Patrick your lookin at league minimum positions of 1mil an front office job of 450k.”

            Upgrades are nice. Good for him for investing in keeping his facility top of the line. I actually really like that about him — too many owners see a building that is as old as the Palace and just immediately want to go build another monstrosity somewhere else. I’m really glad Gores isn’t pushing for a new build like Ilitch was reportedly going to do if he’d been the one to buy the team.

            That being said, I’m a fan of the Pistons. The actual product on the basketball court. Not halftime entertainment, not ‘fan experience’ stuff, not better chairs, etc. As a fan of the basketball team, I want them to use every resource possible for the basketball team. So if I see a front office position not filled, that means the Pistons lose a resource that could help them find talented players. If they don’t fill a roster spot, that means they won’t have a chance at being the next team that finds a useful rotation player by auditioning guys from the D-League.

            “An owner who has started community involment programs to reward ppl who help the community with free tickets!”

            Uh … you know why they give out free tickets, right? Because so few people have been buying tickets the last few seasons. The Palace was pretty empty most nights last season. Can you imagine how empty it would’ve been if they didn’t do free ticket promotions? Do you really think that if attendance perks up, if they start selling out games again, that they’re going to continue to give tickets away for free?

            “Don’t know if you guys go to games or not but the customer experience has been increased as well.”

            I’m glad. Fans who pay for a ticket deserve to have good customer service. Fans who watch the games in any capacity, though, can see that the Pistons still need to add more talent. So if they lose a resource in their front office that could help them find talent or if they can’t use a roster spot for an entire season as a way to look for talent, that’s worrisome to me. It doesn’t mean I’m convinced it will be that way forever or that I think Gores definitely isn’t going to invest in the basketball aspect of his business. But it is certainly worth paying attention to and following.

          • Jul 30, 20125:26 pm
            by bugsygod

            I dont think Gores is cheap.  I think he will spend whatever it takes to make this team a winner.  Its up to Joe and Frank, because Gores will give them whatever they need.  Thats the “clues” i have been seeing.

          • Jul 30, 20125:36 pm
            by Patrick Hayes

            Hey, good for you. It’s amazing the types of clues you can find when you only look for the type of clues that you want to find.

            For me, I prefer to have more than just a year’s worth of evidence before I declare that Gores is definitely willing to spend money on his basketball team. Honestly, the only basketball things he’s spent money on so far is paying players to go away — Hamilton’s buyout and giving up a first round pick just to get rid of Gordon. The facility upgrades are nice, but it’s possible those things will benefit his entertainment properties as much, if not more, than his basketball property.

  • Jul 26, 20129:23 pm
    by aaron


    ben wallace.

  • Aug 1, 20121:03 am
    by bugsygod


    I know I’ve seen Jordan before the Pistons drafted me. I don’t know if I’d ever played against him in AAU, but he’s a real good kid. He has a good head on his shoulders. He’s one of those good people you need in your circle to help you become a better player and a person. Just hanging around with Joe and the coaching staff has also been great. I got real close with Jason Hervey, as well – he’s our new player development director. It’s really like a family now.

    this was from pistons.com andre drummond article today…so i guess this is another clue of them spending money by filling this position!  I guess you guys missed this announcement..LOL!  what jokes

  • Aug 1, 201211:56 pm
    by Gmos


    i think Bugsygod needs to stop being a homer

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