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Michael Curry, Lindsey Hunter are among three finalists for Orlando Magic head coaching job

As reported last week, the Orlando Magic did indeed interview former Pistons player and coach Michael Curry and former Pistons player and unofficial assistant coach Lindsey Hunter for their head coaching vacancy. And apparently, those interviews went well. Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel:

Honestly, I’m pulling for Hunter or Vaughn here. I know that it’s the NBA, and coaches who do poorly get second opportunities, sometimes inexplicably (looking at you, Vinny Del Negro), but I’d just much rather see a first-timer like Hunter or Vaughn get a shot before Curry gets a second one. Vaughn has a good pedigree, too, learning on San Antonio’s staff under Gregg Popovich. Still though … just three years after one of the most uninspiring Pistons seasons ever engineered by Curry, he’s in the running for another head coaching gig. That statement would’ve seemed pretty improbable not that long ago.


  • Jul 17, 201212:49 am
    by ryan


    They’re obviously getting ready to tank.

  • Jul 17, 201212:52 am
    by Daye and Knight


    Ya…sounds like failure IS an option in Orlando. No wonder “Delight” Howard’s wants to leave

  • Jul 17, 20123:01 am
    by ryan


    Their management has been terrible for a long time now but I can’t stand Dwight Howard’s whining and vacillating. I hope they keep him and I hope the team is terrible for the duration.

    • Jul 17, 20128:38 am
      by Jeremy


      Agree with practically all of this. I kind of hope they keep him and make an example of him this year – do what the Knicks did with Mabury a few years back and make Howard ride the pine until the trade deadline. Then I start making him pay fines for every game he doesn’t show up because you know he is going to get pissed and just stay home. The guy has made it pretty clear that he doesn’t want to be in Orlando and if nothing gets done before the start of the season, he isn’t going to even half ass it – it will be a quarter assed attempt.

      As far as Macklin goes, he will land another opportunity out there. In his limited minutes here he didn’t play all that horrible. He didn’t shine, but a team with a lack of bigs may come calling to see what he has.

  • Jul 17, 201211:44 am
    by gordbrown


    Curry was thrown in over his head in a no win situation. In retrospect he was better than Kuester so there’s that. He did what he was supposed to do. He got a decent assistant job with a well-connected and successful head coach and made the most of it. I wouldn’t be surprised he gets the job (where he will be in a no win situation but oh well).

  • Jul 17, 20121:06 pm
    by Todd


    This seems to be a sign of smart and proven coaches staying away from a ship that is sinking. I like the idea of young, up and comers like Vaughn and Hunter going after the job, but didn’t we think a great deal of Curry before he fell on his face with the Pistons? Young coaches need something to work with otherwise all of their inexperience will show, whereas on a better team, with mature players these can often be covered up. Seems like a tough choice for the Magic, a team that I had a lot of respect for until recently!

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