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Magic considering Michael Curry for head-coaching vacancy (LOL)

Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel:

?#Magic? also are considering ?#76ers? associate head coach Michael Curry for head-coaching job, @orlandosentinel has learned

Maybe Curry has improved since the Pistons fired him. Or maybe he’s still the guy to whom John Kuester compares favorably.

If I ran an NBA team, I’d definitely wait to see more evidence that Curry has improved as a coach before even considering him. The fact that he failed miserably as a head coach should be a major strike against him becoming a head coach again.


  • Jul 11, 20129:45 pm
    by Corey


    Hiring Michael Curry as head couch would be an extremely advanced form of tanking. No matter how hard your team tries the next year, you’re getting a lottery pick!

  • Jul 11, 201210:13 pm
    by DasMark


    In all fairness, I’d favor him over Vinnie Del Negro.

    • Jul 11, 201211:02 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Yeah, I think they’re close. Vinny has been lucky to have incredible talent, so that has prolonged his coaching career. He’s awful though.

  • Jul 11, 201211:03 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    I actually love this as a resolution to the Dwight Howard fiasco.

    “Hey Dwight? Not only are we making you play out your contract, we’re making you do it playing for Michael Curry.”

    • Jul 12, 201212:28 am
      by Mark


      haha, the latest is they are putting the Dwight trade talk on hold to search for a coach. Dwight wants out of ORL yesterday and they are making him wait so they can interview Michael Curry. lmao

  • Jul 11, 201211:49 pm
    by Mark


    Well, looks like the curse of Scott Perry is starting to take form in ORL now. lol

    Since hiring him to VP we’ve had a terrible streak of bad luck here. The day after he leaves, we’ve had nothing but good luck since. The BG trade, getting Drummond/English, getting Singler, signing Kravstov…..

    Now that he’s in ORL they are considering hiring Curry LOL

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they gave Howard away for nothing too #CurseofScottPerry

  • Jul 12, 20121:04 am
    by Kevin P


    Lets be real, Joe D set Curry up to fail when he traded Billups and Afflalo for Iverson.  When that happened the writing was on the wall.  Curry couldn’t even sleep that night because of all the nightmares.

    • Jul 12, 20123:13 am
      by Nate


      Afflalo wasn’t traded until after Curry’s first season.

    • Jul 12, 201211:07 am
      by inigo montoya


      The Billups-Iverson transaction happened in Nov. 2008. Affalo was transacted to Denver in July 2009.

      Although these transactions appear separated by 8 months, I have always believed that both of these were really part of one trade with Affalo the “player to be named later”  (Denver really did not want Affalo in Nov. 2008, but wanted him after D. Jones was no longer on the roster)

      I won’t go into all the detailed reasons why I believe this but after studying the Denver financial situation (giving away Camby in summer 2008, … ending with Denver not renewing GM Warkentien contract in 2010, (just a year away from being named NBA Executive of the Year), it appears obvious that the Billups-Iverson trade was even more about money than people seem to appreciate.

      (The financial situation in Denver in 2008 was dire, hence the giving away of Camby and signing D. Jones to be their starting SG for just $1 million/year.  Makes one wonder where Denver came up with the $5 million to buy McDyess out)

  • Jul 12, 20129:34 am
    by ryan


    I hope that they hire Coach Curry and I hope he publishes his analysis of Dwight Howard on a blog. That’ll make Dwight reconsider his trashing of Stan Van Gundy.

  • Jul 12, 201210:34 am
    by Alan


    I always felt like Curry would make an excellent HC in the NBA.  I mean, just based on his NBA career as a hard-working, defense-first player who fought tooth & nail for a contract – players can respect that.  Perhaps a team president will be willing to overlook Curry’s debacle in Detroit to give Curry another chance as a HC. 

  • Jul 13, 201210:04 am
    by Aaron


    I thought he failed  partly is because he played with     some of  the guys he   was coaching.  The   AI/CHAUncey trade  didnt help.  remember thestarting  5 of  AI STuck RIP TAY SHEED?  That lasted  about   3 games.     

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